Clips from Clips4Sale

Clips from Clips4Sale

Using K2S


1. Buy a premium to Link or Link2 (+10% more days)*
2. Send via email: links to video clips4sale, date of purchase, your country.
3. Get a links to download the clips.

*Buy the premium only on the link in the manual!


Premium Account 90 Days = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $40 (no more 1 store)
Premium Account 365 Days = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $100 (no more 2 store)
Premium Account Life Time = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $200 (no more 4 store)

Not only do you save on the purchase of video Clips4Sale, but no limits to get access to over 1100 videos posted on the site!

Your Purchased videos will be posted on the site only with your consent!**

**The 90 Days Premium Account videos are added to the website

Using Bitcoin


20$ = Clips4Sale videos in the amount  $40 – (no more 1 store)
50$ = Clips4Sale videos in the amount  $100* – (no more 2 store)
100$ = Clips4Sale videos in the amount $200* – (no more 4 store)

Your Purchased videos will be posted on the site only with your consent!

*Price one clip no more than $39,99


1. Make the payment via BTC*.

2. Send me links to videos from clips4sale + purse from which the payment was made via email.

3. Get a links to download the clips

* instructions for payment via BTC via PayPal / credit cards, etc. below.

Register purse BTC & Buying BTC via PayPal / Credit Cards


Payment Information

Stores not available for order:

UK Tickling​

Tickle Intensive

Shy And Wild Tickling

The Laughing Gas Zone

Tickle Japan​

Tickle Japan Maniacks​

FeatherFreaks Foot Tickling​



Russian Fetish

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