UKTickling – Kitty’s Insane Tickle Workout On The Bench!

UKTickling - Kitty's Insane Tickle Workout On The Bench!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Kitty's Insane Tickle Workout On The Bench!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Kitty's Insane Tickle Workout On The Bench!UKTickling VIP Clips

Gorgeous redhead Kitty gets another tickle session, and this time she's on the bench for a very intense tickle workout all over her hot body and sexy feet! Kitty wears tight gym gear with little shorts and a top over over sheer pantyhose and legwarmers. She is cuffed to the bench with her nylon feet up and wrists overhead, leaving her totally exposed. Her feet are tickled first and Kitty laughs and struggles frantically, trying to pull away. Once again, she proves crazy-ticklish and is reduced to squeals, begging and silent laughter as she is tickled on her legs, upperbody and feet once more. The tickling is unbearable for Kitty and her violent struggling looks set to break the bench at times as she writhes and kicks! There are great views of her super-soft sheer soles, which get tickled with fingers and then the hairbrush. Poor Kitty can't cope with the brush at all as she begs not to have it and then ends up in a hysterical mess every time it is used! After focusing on her feet, it is time for her amazing body to get some crazy tickling too and it really is crazy. Tickling Kitty's tightly toned belly and sides makes her squirm and gasp but the armpit tickling drives her insane every time! Her little top is lifted up to expose her amazing boobs and Kitty struggles violently, arching her back and lifting her whole body at times to get away from the tickling. Her neck proves just as bad as the armpits and Kitty begs and pleads..we actually stop a couple of times as Kitty thinks she's about to pee! Returning to her feet, Kitty is soon going completely crazy again as her nylon feet are tickled with fingers, electric toothbrush and the hairbrush. She bucks and kicks but can't get away and the nylons are ripped to expose her beautiful bare soles too. Kitty's barefeet get some intense tickling and Kitty wriggles and writhes, doing everything she can to get away. The hairbrush is used on her bare soles and proves lethally ticklish, making her squeal and laugh desperately until the end of this one. Another long, hot and intense tickle session for the awesome Kitty! 

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Download – Kitty's Insane Tickle Workout On The Bench!

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