UKTickling – Tillie Is Tormented By Sophia & Faye!

UKTickling - Tillie Is Tormented By Sophia & Faye!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Tillie Is Tormented By Sophia & Faye!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Tillie Is Tormented By Sophia & Faye!UKTickling VIP Clips

Gorgeous Tillie gets a truly torturous tickling in another hot custom, as she gets double-teamed by Faye and Sophia together! A while ago, Tillie and Rachelle had a lot of fun tickling Angelina as she was mummified with her arms up. Now it's time for Tillie to suffer the same fate as she will be tickled in the same position! This one starts out with a little reaction video as all three girls watch highlights of the Angelina scene and a shocked Tillie realises what she is in for. The girls chat and discuss Tillie's feelings about it and Sophia sneaks in some quick tickles on her barefeet at the same time. It's clear Tillie is dreading this one and with good reason, as Sophia tells her how mean Faye can be! Reluctantly, she puts herself at their mercy and soon a topless and barefoot Tillie is stretched and wrapped from the waist down with her arms wrapped and cuffed above her head. The girls start teasing tickling her barefeet and Tillie squirms and laughs as her their long nails torment her helpless soles. They have a lot of fun playing with her feet and soon realise just how ticklish she is as the increase the intensity and she is reduced to fits of hysterical laughter and screams! After several long minutes of tickling, Tillie's had enough but it's about to get a lot worse. Straddling her legs, Faye holds her feet still as Sophia tickles, and between them the girls turn her to jelly! She goes truly crazy though when they team up to tickle her exposed body. Tillie really can't handle the two-girl tickle assault as they run their nails over her belly, sides, armpits and neck. She thrashes so hard that she almost breaks free and the girls have to hold her down as they tickle her! Returning to her feet, Sophia holds them in place so that Faye can tickle, first with her nails and finally the brush. It's all too much, and Tillie's ankles break out of the cuffs as the two girls hold on and continue to tickle her feet until the end – crazy!

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