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TerminalEuphoriaProductions – Vicious Schoolgirl

Mistress Kali is wearing a short scchool girl skirt, 8 inch ankle boots and a black bra. She has Echo tied to a metal bondage bed with leather shackles and a wooden leg stock. Kali uses her extremely long pink nails to tickle torture her victim. Kali torments her torso and then her feet. Kali utilizes a makeup brush as well.

Duration: 10:39.970
Size: 761,986 Mb

Download – Vicious Schoolgirl

TerminalEuphoriaProductions – The Revenge Of Tickle Me Pink

The tables are turned on Kali. She apparently at a party and wakes up to find herself spread eagled to her own bondage bed. Julie, the girl she tickle tortured in Tickle Me Pink intends to get her revenge. Julie tickles Kali mercilessly with her extremely long nails and her knuckles. Julie also utilizes her own make-up brush on the soles of Kali`s feet.

Duration: 11:05.930
Size: 800,542 Mb

Download – The Revenge Of Tickle Me Pink