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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Hogtied & Tickled

Chrissy returned from her run to find an intruder waiting for her in her house! He tied her up with rope (off screen) and took off her shoes leaving her white ankle socked feet exposed! She asks him what he wants with her as she struggles against her bonds. It doesn’t take her long to find out! He begins to tickle her socked feet and Chrissy starts to freak out! She begs him not to tickle her feet, they are very sensitive! He wonders where else she is ticklish and tests a couple more spots. Then he goes back to her feet to remove her sweaty socks and get his hands on her Chrissy’s cute little ticklish soles! She is distressed but can’t help but laugh as she is extremely ticklish and it’s way worse on her bare feet! Her laughing starts to get louder and turn to screams and he can’t be having that! So he gags her with a strip of duct tape over her mouth and continues to tickle her, but soon realizes one strip doesn’t seem to do the trick, so he has to add two more! With three strips over her mouth her laughs and screams are muffled enough for him to continue tickle torturing her to his hearts content! He decides to take a break from the tickling and pulls out her tits, fondling her aggressively as she squirms and Mmmmphhhss through her tapegag! He leaves her struggling helplessly hogtied until he figures out what else he would like to do to her next! Chrissy desperately tries to wiggle out of her bonds before he returns to tickle torture her even more!

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Bound By Her Jealous Roommate

Chrissy and Kristall are college roommates who haven’t been getting along very well lately and now Kristall has done something that really pushed Chrissy over the edge! She found out that Kristall has been liking photos of her crush online and talking to him behind her back! Kristall knows that she has had a her eye on him for months and she can’t believe she would go behind her back like that, so she confront her about it, demanding an explanation of what exactly she’s up to! But Kristall isn’t just going to sit there and take all of Chrissy’s bitching, so she breaks the news he told her he actually isn’t interested in Chrissy at all and that Kristall is more his type! Chrissy is now fuming with jealousy and decides she is going to go over to his fraternity house right now and try to win him over, but first she needs to make sure her roommate won’t be right behind her to interfere with her plans. So Chrissy grabs some rope and ball gag that she had from an ex boyfriend who was really into bondage and starts tying Kristall’s hands behind her back! Kristall is in shock and asking Chrissy if she is really seriously going to tie her up! She tells Chrissy that it won’t stop her, but Chrissy is sure by the time she is done it definitely will! She gags her with the ball gag so she doesn’t have to worry about her trying to call for help, because she really isn’t going to like what else she has in store for her!

Chrissy continues to add more rope around Kristall’s ankles, thighs and chest and then forces her onto the ground to be bound into a strict hogtie! Once tightly secured with plenty of rope she decides to have some fun teasing her helpless roommate before she leaves, making fun of her granny panties and pulling down her skirt to leave them exposed! Then she starts to tickle her feet over her white ankle socks, but realizes they are giving her feet too much protection, so she peels them off and tickle tortures her bare soles instead which really makes her squirm! She wishes her luck escaping and leaves her there struggling and mmmppphhhing helplessly through her ball gag! A minute later Chrissy returns because she forgot she wanted some photos to document the experience and also show her crush the humiliating position Kristall got herself into! Perhaps they will be good blackmail for later! She takes a couple pics as Kristall struggles and struggles, teasingly telling her she will call her later while laughing at the fact that Kristall won’t be able to answer being all bound and gagged the way she is! Chrissy leaves for good and Kristall struggles desperately to escape so that she can catch up to her jealous roommate and get her revenge!

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Two Girl Taped Tickle Torture

Ashley and Chrissy are having a sleepover and while Ashley was on the phone with her boyfriend Chrissy started to fall asleep! Ashley jumps on the bed and tries to get Chrissy to wake up, teasing her for falling asleep so early when they are supposed to be hanging out all night. Chrissy is still being lazy and refusing to get up so Ashley has another plan! She heard how ticklish Chrissy is so she is going to teach her a lesson by taping up her hands and legs and tickling her feet until she's crying and begging for mercy! It starts out all fun and games as the girls laugh and giggle but soon Chrissy is struggling and screaming from all the foot tickling and Ashley thinks she is being too loud so she takes off one of Chrissy's socks, stuffs it in her mouth and gags her with a few strips of duct tape over it so that the neighbors don't complain! She keeps tickling her socked foot then removes the other sock and violently tickles her bare soles until she thinks Chrissy has learned her lesson. She cuts off Chrissy's restraints and Chrissy removes her gag, she is definitely awake now and wants payback! She tells Ashley she bets she could never hand such a torturous tickling, not even for just three minutes of non stop tickling. Ashley is super ticklish but can't turn down the challenge with her competitive nature, so Chrissy tapes her up tight, gags her and starts mercilessly ticking Ashley's ankle socked feet, trying to get here to give up so that she will win the bet, which would be the ultimate payback!

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Trussed Up & Tickled

Chrissy has been bound into a tight hogtie with zip ties, elbows touching and her big toes also tied together with white rope (off screen). She is wearing a posture collar and is forced to remain in an uncomfortable kneeling position for Master Matt who has arrived home and wants to play a kinky game for some stress relief after a long hard day at work. We check to her bonds from all angles then Chrissy starts to speak. “Oh my, you've got me all trussed up like a pig.  How do you want me to please you today?” He goes on to tell her that after a stressful day her laughter will be his remedy. Knowing what that means, she asks if perhaps they could watch a funny movie together instead, but he tells her no he has something else planned, but first has to add one more thing. He moves to call gag Chrissy as she make puppy eyes saying “Aww but I don’t wanna be gagged”. He just tells her too bad and puts the gag in her mouth. He doesn’t want her laughter to get so loud that the neighbors complain!

Now effectively ballgagged, Master Matt get behind her and starts tickling Chrissy all over as she laughs and squeals through her gag. He finds she is especially ticklish on her sides and bare soles today, as well as her usually extremely ticklish armpits! She is lucky he let her keep her pajamas on. Chrissy tries her best not to squirm around so much that she would fall out of her kneeling position. After almost 8 straight minutes of tickling, Chrissy is starting to think she can’t possibly laugh anymore! Luckily shortly there after he finally gives her a rest and removes her ball gag. He tells herm“Well, that was some fun foreplay, you ready to finish off the night with a bang?” Chrissy responds “Oh, please, no, I am so exhausted from all the tickling.  Can I please just go to sleep?” She should have thought twice about that answer.

He tells her that’s fine, but he is going to leave her tied up for the night. She freaks out “No, please, untie me!  I changed my mind, I’ll do it!” Master Matt shows little remorse. “Sorry honey, you made your decision.” He kisses Chrissy on her forehead and leaves. Chrissy finally moves into somewhat of a lying position, and tries to get as comfortable as she can since she will be forced to sleep like this tonight.  She struggles for a minute as she starts crying due to the uncomfortable position she is in.

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – The Misleading Masseuse Pt. 2

As I lay here on the oily massage table, bounds still tied tight to the legs, exhausted from hours of struggling, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Oh no, the masseuse has returned, just as he said he would. I hope he doesn’t plan on groping me again. Maybe he had time to reconsider and he came back to let me go. He approaches me and starts to softly run his hands and fingers over my body, and then to my surprise he starts tickling my armpits! I am so ticklish that I struggle violently to get away. It seems to go on forever as he tickles my whole body, especially my bare feet and armpits. The ropes are so tight, there is no escaping his tickling fingertips, I’m stuck screaming and pleading for the tickle torture to stop. This is part two of two.

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CaptiveChrissyMarie – Tricked in to Tickle Torture

My boyfriend asks if I want to have some fun, and I’m always up for some fun, so I start to do a little strip tease for him. He tells me about something new he bought for the bed, and that he wants to tie me down. I think it sounds hot and kinky so I’m all for it. He tightly binds me spread eagle topless on the bed in my pretty pink satin panties. He tells me how hot and sexy I look all strapped down, but then he turns the tables and says he remembers how ticklish I am and think it would be more fun to tickle me! I can’t believe he tricked me! He starts tickling me furiously on my sides, underarms and groin, some of my most ticklish areas, before moving to my feet, which are also extremely ticklish. I struggle and squirm and try to get away from his tickling, but the bondage is too tight, I’m doomed to endure it! After an eternity of tickle torture, he makes me count out loud the last 60 seconds of tickling, which is nearly impossible through the uncontrollable laughing from being tickled. He is so going to pay for this!

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