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BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Shell Ties & Tickles Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai puts up a valiant effort to deny the tingles and heightened sensations caused by Akira’s intense tickles, but alas, resistance is futile against her tickling expertise!

When you find yourself in a precarious position, all bound up and unable to move, with Akira Shell’s talented ten fingers looming closer and closer to you- it’s time to squirm! Jasmin’s just the same, as her hands and feet go wild with tickles, putting on a show even with the tiniest nudge. Like she’s experiencing the tickling of a lifetime, Jasmin’s got a serious case of tickle-induced squirming and shaking. Akira’s feather duster skills have her squirming like a smooth contortionist, with her chest heaving and her curling and clenching as hard as she can. Akira’s brush is like a tiny tickle device, making Jasmin whimper and moan as her poor feet get taunted and tickled mercilessly.

The uncontrollable laughter, the fits of giggling, and the screaming of Jasmin while getting tickled all the more make Akira eager to play with her sensitive body using her prepared tickle-toys to heighten her body sensitivity even more. This time she uses a wide, giant feather to tease Jasmin’s delicate armpits, the pointed end of which she reaches in to stimulate gently. Jasmin’s having so much fun from the intense tickling session, and Akira’s just too excited to get her more tickling toys to use for her extra sensitive body. This time, with the miniature rake, with its small cool metal teeth, just enough to drag and scrub on her extra squirmy pink soles. To top things off, Akira goes in for the ultimate tickle-toy – the electric toothbrush. Hearing the toothbrush turn on, Jasmin feels the toothbrush bristles automatically creating a vibrating motion brushing all over her extra-squirmy, sensitive body!

Akira finds Jasmin’s laughs and squirms far too entertaining to stop, so she tickles her relentlessly for as long as her physical sensitivity will allow, and even longer than her mouth can hold for all the irrepressible laughter!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Ama Rio Ties and Tickles Princess Natahlia

Playfully devious Ama Rio has something special planned for her best friend Natahlia- she’s going to manipulate her into falling for her scheme so she can tie her down on the bed to prevent her from escaping… moments later, Natahlia is strapped down tight to the table with her arms tied above her head! What a mistake that was! Ama Rio decides it’s time for more tickle fun together, but with her being in complete control!

Looming over Natahlia, Ama Rio tells her friend that she just couldn’t resist getting her hands on her, before pouncing in with tickles. Toes squeaking against the leather of the table as Natahlia fights off her friend’s tickling, the room is filled with her loud resistance, accompanied by Natahlia’s audible laughter. With such clean feet, wrinkled soles, and perfectly arched heels, Ama Rio finds it all the more enjoyable to try out all the intensive tickles she can give to her friend. Tickling all up and down her sensitive and exposed torso, rib by rib, hip by hip, Ama Rio discovers extremely satisfying responses as her friend gasps and laughs uncontrollably at every scrape her sharp, natural fingernails make against her delicate skin.

With her body wiggling and curling so tightly like a worm, Natahlia gives up and lets loose, as her friend’s soft touches and incredibly satisfying tickles make her so sensitive that she is rendered speechless and can only erupt in laughter! There’s nothing left for Natahlia to do but to submit to her best friend’s will at this point, which likely involves getting tickled so hard all over (neck, armpits, tummy, thighs, down to her lovely feet) that she’ll most likely feel severely overstimulated afterward!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Princess Natahlia Revenge Tickles Ama Rio

Some sweet tickle revenge payback has been long overdue, and Princess Natahlia has plenty of reasons to shackle and severely punish her bestfriend Ama Rio, and expose her most sensitive ticklish spots. Who better than her best friend to know her most sensitive spots?

Ama Rio never thought she’d laugh so hard in her life! Even still, Natahlia is eager to tickle-punish her as revenge for tickling her so hard she had to recover for days! As she gently scratches her friend’s soft feet soles, while seeing her almost break the bed from getting tickled so hard, Natahlia now realizes the very reason why she’s getting the same reaction from the same friend who betrayed her and tickled her feet too! And now, she’s going to double the pleasure by tickling her friend’s, particularly sensitive feet!

The poor woman just couldn’t keep the giggles to herself; she laughs so hard she almost runs out of breath, pacing up and down in her ecstasy at being tickle-punished by her best friend. At the certain point where her friend’s almost bursting from oversensitivity, Natahlia realizes how she remembers the sensation of having her most sensitive body part tickled by fingers that squish so hard and ceaselessly on her skin, never pausing.

And with her body writhing and getting electrified by Natahlia’s tickles, Ama Rio kicks and flaps her legs all over the place as if pleading for her to stop. After this, perhaps they can finally call each other friends…again?

Length: 13:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

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BrokenShellFantasies – Spacewomen Tickle Fight Natahlia & Summer

After a long, exhausting day of patrolling the spacecraft and keeping an eye out for any potential extraterrestrial intrusions, space rangers Summer and Natahlia relax their sore sensitive feet with a break. They must unwind, enjoy themselves, and at the very least stay awake and alert for a subsequent patrol. And what’s the best way to awaken one’s senses — an out-of-this-world feet-tickling session! Positioned on the very corner adjacent to each other, Natahlia and Summer grab each other’s sensitive curled-up feet. While admiring Summer’s gorgeous, perfectly arched heels, Natahlia tickles the velvety bottoms of her feet. Scrunching her toes up in attempted defense against the intense tickling, Summer lets out a loud uncontrollable laugh as she tries to escape from her captor. Unable to get away, Summer returns the favor by taking Natahlia’s feet and tickling her as her toes are wrinkled and curled, giving Natahlia a mix of a sharp and tickly sensation. The two women are locked in a foot tickling space war, squirming and shrieking in laughter as they both try and escape. Undoubtedly a squirmier, Summer has developed exceptionally sensitive feet. Just a slight touch or glide on her feet soles and she becomes utterly insane and erratic! No matter how many times she whimpers and cries out for Natahlia to stop, she only amps up the tickling. As these women alternately arouse one another’s senses, the encounter is double the fun thanks to their wild giggles and agonizing tears. Another round of tickling and muffled sounds of squeaky uncontrollable laughter echo through the spacecraft’s corridors, and Natahlia completely takes over the situation! She’s unstoppable, no matter how many times Summer begs for her to stop. One of the hottest space rangers has extremely sensitive feet, at least that is now a known truth!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Spacewomen Tickle Fight Natahlia & Summer

BrokenShellFantasies – Doctor Dick Ties And Tickles Maria

Arrived for her annual medical check-up, Maria has her hospital gown on as Doctor Dick enters the room. Exposing her bare breasts, he pulls down her gown as he starts the exam. Hers is a little perky and bouncy, and her tits are somewhat swollen and pinkish. Her face soon turns worried when the doctor suddenly puts on chains on her arms and feet. He ties both feet together while her hands are strapped on the IV pole. Frustrated, she starts to wonder how the hell is this supposed to be a regular medical checkup when she’s getting restrained. The doctor completely removes her gown leaving her exposed body in the open. The doctor has a different kind of check up in mind for Maria today- a tickle check!

With his firm fingers clawed out underneath his medical gloves, he begins tickling the soles of her feet. Her skin is so soft that the doctor’s fingers just glide easily whenever he caresses it. When he’s done, his hands climb up towards her belly, squishing all the cute belly she has. Then he proceeds towards her big boobs which sway and bounce every time she moves while trying to resist his hard tackles. What’s a tickle session without armpit tickles! He makes sure he leaves no single trace of skin to be tickled and caressed, until his poor patient squirms and begs for him to stop. The poor Maria couldn’t do anything but laugh hysterically while trying to figure out how to unchain herself.

Length: 11:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Calisa To Cum

You massage Calisa’s soft, perfect wrinkly soles, pinching on every wrinkle and caressing the soft skin with your palm. You put oil to add more grease and increase friction and she seems to be loving it even more! Plot twist, you begin cuddling her feet with more aggression as you start tickling her. She squirms and her body sway in the intense satisfaction. She fights back and struggles but it’s no use since her hands are both tied on the bed!b Oh no!

You whirl your thumb onto her soles and she almost freaks out. She could not contain her feels as she laughs hysterically. She feels uncomfortably good and you can tell she’s having a mixed of emotions — giggling because of the tickling but also squirming in pain because of too much tickling. Her legs shiver as you apply more pressure on her feet. Her toenails fold due to the intensifying feeling and she’s just completely lost in the moment! Confusing her senses, you send electrifying waves of pleasure through her feet and into her brain in between the merciless tickling. Working her up into a hot breathing, sweaty mess, you push her over the edge with one last whirl and wiggle of your fingers across her most sensitive sports- throwing her into a back arching and toe curling orgasm!

Length: 17:13
Resolution: 1280×720

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BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Claire To Cum

Out from a very tiring day, Claire is in cloud nine as she gets the most intense foot massage session- with a little twist! Hoping to get relaxed and all pampered out from having a sore body, she asks you for a foot massage. Therapeutic, indeed. Only that, she gets to be tickled aggressively until she begs for you to stop!

Feet tied together at the corner of the couch, she gets overwhelmed with your soft and subtle rubbing on the soles of your feet. So good. But after a few minutes of actual massage session, Claire feels weirded with the sudden change of your stroking onto her feet. Your fingers twitch and fingernails get sharpen and pointed, and you continue to tickle her soft feet. You start from the soles all the way up to the toefingers and in between. She tingles and gets crazy on the couch that she couldn’t help but move to resist the sensation. You try to level-up your game by stroking the back of her pearl-white feet and stimulating her senses. In one straight sequence of tickling, her body electrifies and shivers as if letting loose her sweet liquid from a nerve-wracking sensation!

Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Foot Tickling Claire To Cum

BrokenShellFantasies – Teaching Alice A Lesson

When the Mad Hatter sees Alice squirming and giggling from the Caterpillar’s punishment, she knows at once that Alice has defied her. It’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. It is best to correct her immediately whenever she acts inappropriately so that the situation does not get more serious over time- it’s tickle time for tiny Alice, and there’s no escaping for the poor overly-sensitive girl! Cuffing and tying Alice down to the very same table where they just tickled the caterpillar- The Hatter’s Madness starts to unravel as she starts to tickle attack Alice.

Eager to learn the truth, The Hatter knows that the only way to get her to reveal it is to threaten her with an extreme extremity remedy. Reaching out with her long, looming fingers, she touches the tied down Alice to calm her down and finds out immediately that Alice’s body is extremely sensitive.

Seeing this as a much better use of her time than searching for already consumed sugar, the Hatter starts using her elegant fingers to scratch and tickle herself all over the trashing, screaming Alice. She begins at the armpits, working her way down to the thighs. And for the grand finale, the Mad Hatter slides over to the lady and sits on her thighs while the lady begins to fondle her wrinkled, soft feet. Having tickled relentlessly out of rage and anger has taken a toll on Alice – if this doesn’t stop, she’d most probably burst into oversensitivity!

If only Alice had learned to obey the Mad Hatter and take her advice, she might not have been publicly shamed, ridiculed, punished, and recklessly tickled for eating too much sugar…

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Teaching Alice A Lesson

BrokenShellFantasies – Sushii’s Sole Sensation

Your girlfriend, Sushii is damn tired from all of her errands today. She comes from completely exhausted, and so you ask her if she wants to ease up her mind and relax. Sushii gets back as she lay over the couch and place her foot on the table- thinking she’s in for a sensual foot massage session. Not quite- you have something more devious in mind!

You see her in her sexy black lingerie stockings, and unable to control yourself you start to caress every part of her feet. Examining every single corners of her toes, toenail, and soles, you then take hold of the soles of her fishnets and rip her bare soles right out of the cloth. Gasping in shock, Sushii finds herself unusually turned on from the sensual yet rough foot play.

You put pressure onto your fingers as you tickle her soles aggressively- causing her to burst into laughter and scrunch her toes up in attempt to keep you out of her most sensitive spots. Sushii laughs so hard and giggles in extreme pleasure. Her laughter just gives you chills and you decide to level-up your game. You continue tickling her soft soles with your thumb putting pressure onto the middle part of your sole. Your well kept fingernails give extra thrill to your tickling and she gets overly crazy! Legs and arms shaking, almost about to burst in a confusing climax, she lets a huge sigh as you give your final and most ticklish rub onto her soles.

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sushii’s Sole Sensation

BrokenShellFantasies – Mikayla’s Nervous System Sensitivity Test

Unaware that her doctor today has some ulterior motives, Mikayla Miles foolishly falls for his trick and agrees to undergo a ‘Nervous System Test’. Doctor Dexter removes her shoes and leaves her feet bare and exposed, naked and wrinkled up trying to protect themselves from unwanted stimulation. He quickly gushes over her bare feet, telling her to relax and that he is a ‘professional’. Right away, he starts wiggling his fingers between her sensitive toe cracks, causing her to tense up in a ticklish fit of laughter.

Getting more excited, Dexter starts from the soles exploring the sides and the in between of her finger toes. Each time she starts to thrash too uncontrollably from the unbearable tickling he is preforming on her, the Doctor takes time to pause and listen to her elevated heart rate. Nothing gives him a bigger thrill than hearing the direct effect on the patients body. He checks for her heartbeat count and notes that it is getting quite elevated. But not enough- he decides.

Moving upwards on her legs, the Doctor continues to rub and tickle Mikayla’s knees up towards her legs and thighs. He can feel all the intense tension in her torso as she squirms in immense satisfaction- she has never been this sensitive than before! Doctor Dexter tickles her tummy and underboobs and she’s getting all over the place! She could not contain her feels! Her body throbs and her heartbeat’s pounding a lot faster than a while ago. The intense tickling continues as loud hyperventilating squirms and hysterical laughter fills the doctors room! Will she pass her exam- or will she have to come back for more?

Length: 13:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mikayla’s Nervous System Sensitivity Test