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RandomSoleEncounters – Flight Attendant Tries Tickling! – Foot Tickled 3 Ways!

NOTE: This is an older clip that I wasn’t sure about releasing because the model (a friend of mine) didn’t want to show their face at the time we shot this. But, she has really ticklish feet and great reactions so I think it’s still a great clip. However, she has since changed her mind and will show her face in custom shoots! So, if you’d like a custom with her, let me know!

Have you ever been on a plane or in an airport and watched as a beautiful flight attendant walked by? Have you ever stopped to wonder if their feet are ticklish in those nylons and heels? Well, I can say for sure that this particular flight attendant has extremely ticklish feet!

Say hello to my friend, we’ll call her Sky for now. Sky is a flight attendant for a major airline! She’s also tall (5’10) and quite beautiful. I’ve tried to convince Sky to do a tickling video. She has told me that she has really ticklish feet many times. She has been intrigued to try fetish modeling but showing her face has been the one thing that has stopped her. I tried to suggest wearing a mask but she is still too nervous even to show her face in a mask.

I really needed to get Sky in my stocks so I decided to go for it even if she didn’t want to show her face. This is rare for me but she’s so amazing that it was worth doing!

This video is Sky’s 1st time being in stocks or doing any fetish modeling. I decided to give her a proper introduction to foot tickling by tickling her 3 different ways:

– Socked foot tickling
– Bare tickling (Big Toes Tied)
– Nylon foot tickling

All of these in one video!

The first part is Sky in a pair of her thin black dress socks. Socks can be hit-or-miss but it was a total hit with Sky! Her feet are so ticklish socks didn’t even protect her. Her ticklishness seems to take her by surprise, especially when I get to her long toes. The toes are Sky’s weak spot, something she didn’t know!

After a completely socked foot tickling, I take them off and we get our first look at this flight attendant’s beautiful size 9s. And they are quite beautiful! Slender, feminine feet, high arches with long toes painted red. The fact that they are ticklish makes them close to perfect to me!

So how did the bare tickling go? Sky’s feet are even more ticklish bare. They are even feather-ticklish!!! And feather ticklish all over, not just the toes! I had too much fun tickling these beautiful bare feet. So much that Sky had a hard time handling it!

For the final part, I had Sky slip on a pair of nude nylon stockings. Do nylons make her feet more ticklish? It’s hard to imagine they could get any more ticklish. But it seems like they did! Sky says it’s a different ticklish feeling in Nylons and it’s quite easy to get her laughing hysterically!

This was a lot of an introduction to tickling. Sky had to endure almost 30 minutes of foot tickling but she handled it the best she could! I think she has a good future as a tickle model! Let me know what you think!

Length: 26:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Flight Attendant Tries Tickling! – Foot Tickled 3 Ways!

RandomSoleEncounters – I thought this was gonna be easy man! – Tough Chola Tickled to Tears!

This is an interesting one…a 100% spontaneous shoot featuring tough girl Angel!

I originally had an audition/tickle test scheduled with Angel’s girlfriend and Angel accompanied her to the shoot. It turns out that Angel’s girlfriend wasn’t very ticklish at all, pretty much a fail, but that comes with the territory. Not every woman is going to be ticklish.

I was hoping to turn a negative shoot into a positive when I got the idea to ask Angel if she wanted to audition too. I’d say Angel isn’t a typical “model type”. I’d best describe her as a Chola, more masculine than feminine, tough acting, and street-smart. But I love the challenge of tickling a woman with a tough exterior, and Angel perfectly fits that challenge.

When I asked if she wanted to try she wasn’t too eager until I offered her some money to participate. Money always talks!!!

With that, I got Angel into the stocks and even cuffed her hands behind her back. A funny moment when Angel calls me the police as I’m cuffing her. I tell her these aren’t police cuffs and she says “Believe me, I know!” so our tough girl has been in trouble a time or two. I included this behind-the-scenes footage at the start of the clip for you to see!

Angel is wearing Jordans with black socks. Her socks were damp with sweat and her soles were slightly dirty (not much) but it turns out she had a fantastic-looking pair of slender size 8s with long toes and soft soles!

So was our tough-talking Angel ticklish? Yes! And she only got more ticklish as the tickle test went on. Much to Angel’s surprise I think because she told me she felt that this was going to be easy! The great part about tickling Angel is how despite her tough exterior she still laughs, squeals, and giggles like a girl when I tickle her feet.

Her long toes are especially ticklish and I even get her to beg and plead with me to stop!

The tickling is so effective I get her teary-eyed and snorting towards the end of her tickle-test!

This was much more than Angel was ready for and was very fun tickling such a tough-acting woman. Unfortunately for Angel, her ticklish feet are her weakness!!!!

Length: 10:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I thought this was gonna be easy man! – Tough Chola Tickled to Tears!

RandomSoleEncounters – Ticklish Storytime with Alisha – Read and Don’t Laugh!

Well, guess who’s back for more?

Alisha and her big size 10 super ticklish feet have returned!

This time I decided to have her try and read a book while I distract her with foot tickling. I told her that she has to get through the entire “Foot Book” without losing her place. If I think she’s not doing a good job reading then I’ll have her start over from the beginning.

Alisha starts off in white Puma sneakers while I tell her the rules of the game. I take them off…she’s not wearing any socks! She has lovely, wide, soft size 10’s. Her soles on display the entire time!

She starts reading and I slowly start tickling. Alisha does her best to keep her composure and not let the foot tickling distract her from getting through the book. Unfortunately for her, she’s just so ticklish!

I use all my favorite tools on her tender soles as she reads and laughs.

This is a fun, quick clip with a super ticklish, gorgeous model!

Length: 4:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Storytime with Alisha – Read and Don’t Laugh!

RandomSoleEncounters – Don’t Laugh and I’ll Stop – Facedown Tickling with Bella Luxx

Bella Luxx is back to try facedown foot tickling with a slight twist. When Bella asked how long she would be tickled for I told her I wasn’t sure. She didn’t like that answer and wanted to know exactly how long the tickling session was for.

I told her that it would be around 9-10 minutes but if she could hold in her laughter then I would stop earlier. She can moan, groan, and curse all she wants…she just can’t laugh. If she’s really good at holding in her laughter I’ll probably get bored and stop. But if she laughs, even a little, then that will motivate me to keep on going.

Bella liked this idea and seemed cautiously optimistic that she could in fact not laugh. I’m not sure why she thought this. Her size 9’s are very ticklish and what she didn’t realize is that trying to hold in your laughter only makes the tickling more intense.

For those unfamiliar with the “Facedown” series. I have one camera close-up on the soles of the ticklee and another close-up on their face. This way you can see the tickling and the reactions closer than other videos.

Another great aspect is that the ticklee can’t see when the tickling is coming or what tool I’m using. This also adds to the total tickling experience for them.

How did Bella do? She started off tough but she’s just too damn ticklish to hold in that laughter for too long and of course, she cracked. It’s fun to watch her struggle to keep her laughter in and then fail miserably!

Length: 9:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Don’t Laugh and I’ll Stop – Facedown Tickling with Bella Luxx

RandomSoleEncounters – Krystal Tries Tickling – Chef Hannah’s Big Step-Sister!

First off, if you didn’t notice, Krystal is very pregnant!

Do you remember Chef Hannah? Meet her big step-sis Krystal! I’m sure you can see the resemblance, they even have similar shaped feet and lucky for us ticklishness runs in the family!

Like Hannah, Krystal is a good friend of mine. I’ve never tickled her before but she knows all about my fetishes and that I make clips. She’s always been amused and somewhat confused about my love of tickling and feet.

Krystal is in her early 30’s now. She and her husband are both very successful real estate agents.

Krystal and I have been talking about doing a maternity photoshoot. She wanted it so bad that she and her husband traveled from several states over to have it done, they decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.

I had no intentions of tickling Krystal over the weekend. She had her husband with her (who I don’t know all that well) which would complicate things and she’s never seemed interested in being tickled. But I’m always looking for a way to broach the subject.

As it turns out, Krystal was the one who brought up tickling!

We went out for breakfast prior to the maternity shoot and during it Krystal mentioned me tickling Hannah. She saw the video (Hannah showed it to her) and Krystal thought it was pretty hilarious as did her husband.

I took this as an opportunity to continue the tickling conversation and asked if Krystal was as ticklish as Hannah. Krystal and her husband both agreed that she was just as if not more ticklish then her step-sister Hannah.

Then to my surprise Krystal’s husband says – “You should tickle her!”. He was joking, but it allowed me to freely talk about Krystal getting tickled and keep it as “just joking”.

I should add that my girlfriend is a great wingman and really helped out with getting Krystal to agree to being tickled.

When we got back to my studio I kept the playful talk up by showing Krystal and her husband the tickling shoot set-up. “This is where you’re going to get tickled.” my girlfriend said. I decided against showing the stocks, that may have been a bit too intimidating, so I went with the ankle restraints/invisible stocks instead.

A little more conversation and some teasing from her husband and Krystal agreed to try it out. Try was the key word. I agreed to stop the shoot if she was uncomfortable at anytime.
I got Krystal strapped in and told everyone to try and be quiet while I’m tickling her.

You can see Krystal’s “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” facial reactions throughout most of the shoot. Her husband was watching from the sidelines and she looks his way quite often almost as if she blames him for getting her in this position.

Krystal has wide, meaty size 10’s. Very, very soft soles and also very, very ticklish! She asked my girlfriend for tips prior to being tickled. My girlfriend told her “If you don’t laugh, he’ll get bored.” Krystal tried to take this advice and hold in the laughter early on, but it didn’t last long!

Once I find the right touch and tools Krystal is a laughing, screaming ticklish mess and it’s very fun to watch her lose her composure.

Is she as ticklish as Hannah? I’ll let you decide.

Length: 7:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Krystal Tries Tickling – Chef Hannah’s Big Step-Sister!

RandomSoleEncounters – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART THREE NYLON TICKLING (AND SOME BARE)

An introduction to tickling wouldn’t be complete without experiencing nylon foot tickling. I didn’t tell Mrs. Lynn that nylons usually make feet more ticklish until she was secured back into the stocks. When I tell her she says “Oh, goodness.” But I’m not sure that she actually believes me, her feet are ticklish enough as it is so they couldn’t possibly get more ticklish, could they?

Good news…nylons make her feet more ticklish and poor Mrs. Lynn realizes this very quickly! It’s almost too much for her to deal with and then at one point I use a technique that is too much for her! But more on that in a minute.

As we learned in previous parts, Mrs. Lynn has, especially ticklish heels and toes. I make sure to focus on her most ticklish spots with the tickle tools that are the most effective on her. This gets her laughing so much that she tells me her stomach hurts from it.

Halfway through the clip, I snip the toes off the nylons so I can get a mix of nylon and barefoot tickling. I use the tickling technique of inserting the electric toothbrush through the open toe of the nylons so the head of the toothbrush is right on her very ticklish heel. The great part is that the nylons hold the toothbrush in place and allow my hands to be free and tickle her other foot!

This sends Mrs. Lynn over the edge and she asks if she’s allowed to use her safeword! I guess she was unsure of the rules!

When I’m finally finished with Mrs. Lynn she has to wipe the tears from her eyes and take a deep breath in relief her tickle session is finally over! This teacher got a lesson she’ll never forget!

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART THREE NYLON TICKLING (AND SOME BARE)

RandomSoleEncounters – Friend Turned Fetish Model #2 – Tyler Lynn’s Tickle Audition

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while! If you watched the short fetish film “Good Neighbor” you saw my friend Tyler Lynn in the starring role.

Tyler Lynn (20 yo, 5’6, 8’s) is a friend of mine who was interested in doing fetish modeling. I’ve known her for years and have tickled her many times privately (we talk about this in the clip). She enjoys being tickled but had never tried tickling where she was locked in stocks, so this was a new level for her.

In this clip, Tyler is wearing a blindfold. This was her first time doing a fetish video so she was still uncertain about showing her face. So I thought why not have her in a blindfold? It would hide her identity and also make it fun since she couldn’t see when or what I was going to tickle her with.

Tyler is adorable with amazing ticklish feet. She has an interesting laugh that sounds like she’s singing. She was trying to hold in her laugh during some of this clip which I call her out on but she can only hold it in for so long before the laughter comes out.

I’ve never tickled her feet with different tools so I try all of them on her feet. The electric flosser and brushes get the best reactions!

Since this shoot Tyler has done more fetish modeling but not much tickling-related content. But you’ll see more from her here in the future.

If you’d like a custom with Tyler Lynn, email or DM me on my socials!

Length: 13:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Friend Turned Fetish Model #2 – Tyler Lynn’s Tickle Audition

RandomSoleEncounters – Italian Model’s First Toe-Tied Tickle – Finding Anastasia’s T-Spot!

Anastasia (30, 5’9, 8.5-9 shoe) is a full-time traveling model that hails originally from Italy. She messaged me on Instagram looking to set up a shoot while she was in my area. She’s mostly done mainstream modeling but has tried a few fetish shoots, she is still quite new and selective.

As soon as Anastasia showed up to the shoot I put her in the stocks. This was unexpected for her, she thought she was going to have time to change (she brought a few different outfits) and do her hair and make-up but I wanted to take her by surprise and tickle her just as she showed up with no preparation.

Anastasia starts off wearing her sneakers, her ankles secured in the stocks. I pull off her sneakers and do some brief sock tickling which gets a decent ticklish reaction. The socks come off and I tickle her barefoot with her toes untied just to warm her up.

I then get all 10 of her toes tied tight. This is the 1st time she’s been in toe-ties like this. She said she previously only had her big toes tied. Having all of her toes tied ends up being a good idea because Ana has unusually strong feet! Her toe grip is especially strong! Tickling her untied would have been a fight with those strong feet! She says she’s been told this before and thinks it’s because of yoga.

I start off light with feathers, fingers, lighter touch tickling. This gets an okay reaction but a harder touch is what really gets Anastasia going. Oiled soles and brushes are her weakness and I make sure I take advantage of that!

While testing out her ticklishness I find her T-spot, it’s the balls of her feet. Especially on her right foot. Tickling this area really sends her into fits of laughter. I really start to work the balls of her feet and get the best reactions from her! She had no idea this spot on her feet was so ticklish before today!

Anastasia has an interesting laugh and reaction to being tickled. When I really get her laughing it reminds me of a witch’s laugh, she thought this was funny when I told her. She also throws her hands up like she’s riding a rollercoaster, I guess being tickled in stocks can be considered a thrill ride!

This was supposed to be a 10-minute tickling that ended up going almost 20 minutes! Time flies when you’re tickling a beautiful Italian girl!

Length: 18:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Italian Model’s First Toe-Tied Tickle – Finding Anastasia’s T-Spot!

RandomSoleEncounters – TICKLE FLIX – Good Neighbor

“Good Neighbor” is a tribute to the late-night erotic thriller movies of the 80’s and 90’s. This fetish film is almost 30 minutes long. It features 4 different fetish scenes along with a full storyline. I hope you all enjoy it!


A young woman (Tyler Lynn) finds herself at the mercy of two strangers (Princess Nathalia and Queen Dalvina) after she unwittingly lets them into her home.


– 2 foot worship scenes: Queen Dalvina has her feet worshipped by Nathalia. Then, Tyler Lynn has her feet worshipped by Nathalia.

– 2 tickling scenes: Tyler Lynn is tied and foot tickled by Nathalia and Dalvina. Then, Tyler Lynn gets her revenge by tying and foot-tickling Nathalia and Dalvina simultaneously.

4 fetish scenes in 1 clip!

Length: 26:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TICKLE FLIX – Good Neighbor

RandomSoleEncounters – Tickle Flix – Mr. Fingers

Happy Halloween! Here is a special “Halloween” themed short fetish film – Mr. Fingers –

When college student Amy (Queen Dalvina) plays with an Ouija board, she contacts a spirit named Mr. Fingers. What starts as a fun game, turns into a ticklish nightmare for Amy when she realizes what Mr. Fingers’ true plans for her are!

Note: The damaged film effect (film scratches) you see in the trailer isn’t in the full clip.

Length: 16:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Flix – Mr. Fingers