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RandomSoleEncounters – Tough Chola Tickled 2 Ways! – Face Down Foot Tickling and Upper Body!

Angel, our favorite tough chola is back for more tickling! I have to say I thought she was one-and-done, but the appeal of quick cash is too much or a temptation for her. She messaged me wanting to shoot again and I wasn’t going to turn her down.

Angel is the most masculine acting model I’ve had on the site. Very tough acting and street smart but underneath that tough exterior is a very ticklish woman!

It’s always fun to get a strong-willed woman tied up and expose their ticklish weakness. You can tell Angel doesn’t show this much vulnerability too often and making her laugh out of control is so much fun!

I decided to make Angel experience two different kinds of tickling. The first would be face-down foot tickling on her tender, ticklish soles. For this, the camera is up-close and personal with Angel’s lovely soft soles as I tickle them non-stop with various tools. You can hear Angel laughing uncontrollably and even begging me to stop! Her feet are so ticklish and it’s a delight to hear her! (NOTE – There is no face cam for this part of the video, the camera malfunctioned during shooting, so only the foot camera is available) .

The next part is upper body tickling. Angel tries to keep her composure and act tough but unfortunately, her upper body is just as ticklish as her feet! Her armpits make her hysterical and her stomach and sides make her squirm, laugh, and beg! I think every inch of this tough lady is ticklish!

Are all tough women secretly this ticklish? I’d love to find out!

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tough Chola Tickled 2 Ways! – Face Down Foot Tickling and Upper Body!

RandomSoleEncounters – “I’m Sweating So Much!” – Krystal’s 1st Spontaneous Foot Tickle!

Krystal is a talented musician (singer, writer, and guitarist) who accompanied her friend Jewel to her tickle session ( CHECK OUT JEWEL’S TICKLE SESSION )

When Krystal walked into my studio she was wearing a short black dress, and heels, and had her hair and make-up done like she was ready for a night out. Keep in mind, it was around 1 pm! She told me she always dressed like this. She loves to dress up and always look her best.

It’s not uncommon for models to bring someone with them and I usually don’t ask them to model unless I get some sort of indication they may be interested.

While we were talking, Krystal was asking me a lot of questions about how I got into tickling, why I like it, etc. Krystal was more interested in talking about tickling than most friends that come to shoots. This was probably because Jewel was very excited to get tickled and had been talking about it quite a bit with Krystal.

After we finished with Jewel’s tickling session, I asked Jewel if she thought Krystal might be interested. She wasn’t sure but thought it would be cool if she tried it out, Jewel said I should ask her and she would even help convince her!

I will give a lot of credit to Jewel because she sold the idea of being tickled to Krystal better than I could. When we walked out of the studio, Krystal said that it sounded like we had fun (she mentioned she could hear Jewel’s laughter through the closed door!).

Jewel said she had a blast and felt so ‘energized and invigorated’ after being tickled and that Krystal should try it out too. Without any hesitation, Krystal asked, ‘Do you want to tickle me too?’ She almost seemed surprised that I was interested. But yes, of course, I wanted to tickle her!

I start the clip out by getting Krystal’s initial reactions to being locked in stocks for the 1st time ever. I ask her the basic tickle interview questions. She tells me her feet are a ‘6’ on the ticklish scale and ‘It’s been forever.’ since anyone has tickled her. I put her in the toe ties for her 1st tickling.

I start slow, and Krystal has a great first reaction to finger-tickling. I got a little worried though because her ticklishness seemed to go away after the first touch but quickly found out I was wrong and that Krystal is extremely ticklish on her feet!

‘It’s definitely the fingers!’ Krystal tells me.

And she’s right, finger tickling works well on her. But that was before I tried out all my other tools too! Pretty much everything works and makes Krystal laugh.

krystal is the type of ticklee that moves around a lot. It’s a good thing I had her secured in the stocks and her toes tied! There were a few times when I thought she might come off the tickle table altogether!

This is a long tickle session! Almost 20 minutes! I may have gone too long and extreme for a 1st timer. By the end Krystal is done with being tickled but still said she had a good time!

Will she come back again? I hope so!!!!

Length: 17:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “I’m Sweating So Much!” – Krystal’s 1st Spontaneous Foot Tickle!

RandomSoleEncounters – TICKLE GAMES Snips, Safewords, and Snickers – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Challenge!

Dalvina stopped by to film some custom videos, none of them involved tickling, I couldn’t let her leave without getting a few laughs in!

For one of the customs, she brought a pair of pink socks that had ‘If you can read this, rub my feet’ on the bottoms of them. This gave me an idea for a tickle game!

For the game, Dalvina is in the stocks wearing her special socks, and her wrists are cuffed above her head with bondage wrap used to hold her arms in place and expose her very ticklish armpits.

Dalvina has to endure 8 minutes of upper body tickling. But, she has a safeword (she chose the word ‘Purple). Dalvina can use the safeword as often as she wants to get a break from the tickling but there is also a penalty. Every time she says ‘Purple’, the clock stops and I will cut a piece of her sock off to expose her ticklish bare feet.

If Dalvina can last the full 8 minutes and her socks haven’t been completely cut off I will give her a 10-minute foot massage for a reward. If her socks are cut off before the 8-minute time limit then I get to tickle her feet for another 10 minutes with no safeword!

How does Dalvina fare? As you can see from the preview, she fails the 8-minute upper body tickle challenge, her socks are cut off, and she is foot-tickled for the penalty!

This is an extra-long clip featuring upper body tickling (armpits, ribs, stomach, and belly button), Dalvina’s socks being cut off, her feet slowly exposed, and foot tickling!

And as always Dalvina’s reactions to being tickled are the best! If you guys have any ideas for tickle games you’d like to see message me on my socials!

Length: 20:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TICKLE GAMES Snips, Safewords, and Snickers – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Challenge!

RandomSoleEncounters – Emily’s Surprise Lick Tickling! – “What are you doing back there?!?”

Emily continues her journey of learning about fetishes. This time I thought I would surprise Em with her first time experiencing a lick-tickling session!

Sniffing and licking Emily’s feet has been a long-time fantasy for me. Finally getting to do it was amazing! I told Emily that I wanted her feet to be extra sensitive for this shoot so I suggested we go for a hike prior to filming. She didn’t understand how that would make them more sensitive so I told her that being in boots, socks, and working up a sweat would help. I didn’t mention that I wanted them to be fragrant and sweaty for my nose and tongue!

Emily is in the ‘face-down foot tickling’ position. A camera is close to her soles and another camera is close on her face so you can see every reaction.

Emily starts in her favorite Doc Marten boots. I take them off and you can see her socks were pretty sweaty! The black socks are clinging to her soles so much you can see her toes through the dark material.

I get some sniffs in as I tickle her socked feet. Her feet smelled amazing! Better than I imagined! I slowly tickle her socks off exposing her delicate sweaty soles. I sniffed her socks too, the scent was fantastic!

Once her feet are bare, I mostly use the electric toothbrush and fingers. Emily is especially ticklish on and around her toes so I focus there. It was not long before I had to start licking her sweaty soles. Emily wasn’t expecting this but I think she knew what I was doing right away! She even asks ‘What are you doing back there!?!’

I lick every part of her feet, heel to toe, but especially around her ticklish toes. The licking on her toes is very ticklish for her and you can tell it’s a totally new ticklish sensation Em is experiencing!

The best news is that after this experience I think Emily is more comfortable with having someone worship her feet! Hopefully, she’ll let me capture that on video for all of you to enjoy!

Length: 7:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily’s Surprise Lick Tickling! – “What are you doing back there?!?”

RandomSoleEncounters – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling – PART TWO – Corporate Chuckles!!!!

Here is PART TWO of Businesswoman Erica’s 1st foot tickling!

Erica worked in the corporate world for many years. She’s used to handling high-pressure situations and keeping her cool. She’s an expert at keeping her composure and staying professional. She’s also quite beautiful! And we found out in the last clip that she is also VERY TICKLISH!

If you haven’t checked out that clip, get it here:

After Erica’s introduction to tickling, we ordered some food to eat. Erica told me she couldn’t believe that she was that ticklish. I asked if she would try it again, she was hesitant but agreed.

Erica joked that she should wait 30 minutes after eating before being tickled (just like swimming).

But much like the corporate businesswoman she is, she wanted to negotiate the terms of her tickling. So we agreed that Erica would not have to be toe-tied for this tickle session. Erica thought it wouldn’t be as ticklish if her toes weren’t tied (not the best logic but I went with it).

What Erica didn’t take into consideration is that I now knew the most ticklish spots on her feet and what techniques and tools work best! And I made sure to take full advantage of this knowledge!

I start off the clip with a little flashback from the previous tickle session where Erica said she was a ‘5’ on the ticklish scale. We soon found out that wasn’t true at all!

In her intro to tickling, Erica could fight the laughter for a bit. But not this time! I make sure to go right to her ticklish toes. The funny part is, that her choice to not have her toes-ted made it worse for her. The toe-ties helped her by not letting me fully get between her toes. Now they were fully exposed and so very ticklish!

Erica flails around this time! If she weren’t in stocks she would’ve gone right off the tickle table!

I use fingers, the electric toothbrush, hairbrushes, and the silicone scrubbers on her soles and toes. She struggles, flails, laughs, and screams! This is the most intense tickling of her life and it’s so fun to see a normally in-control and composed woman laugh hysterically!

The best part is getting this confident woman to beg me to stop! It was quite the successful second tickling for Erica.

Will she come back for more? She answers that question at the end of the clip!

Thanks for your support, everyone! Enjoy!

Length: 8:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling – PART TWO – Corporate Chuckles!!!!

RandomSoleEncounters – Russian Model Ana’s Ticklish Laughter – Spontaneous Shoot!

This was shot on the same day as this previous shoot with M.L.:

Ana is a friend of M.L., she came with M.L. to the shoot but had no intention of being tickled. I didn’t even know that M.L. was bringing a friend with her but when I saw Ana I didn’t mind at all!

When I finished filming with M.L. I had her ask Ana if she would be interested in filming a tickle shoot too. To my surprise, Ana agreed! M.L. seemed just as excited as I was to see her friend locked in stocks and foot tickled.

Ana has fantastic ticklish size 6 feet. She starts locked in the stocks wearing sneakers. I was surprised when I slipped them off to find she wasn’t wearing socks. Her feet were slightly sweaty, extremely soft, and very ticklish!

The 1st part of the clip is me testing out different tools and techniques on Ana to see what gets the best reactions. Everything tickles her but brushes and a lighter touch get the most laughter out of her.

Once I figure this out I use this technique to really get Ana going crazy, I mean her eyes roll back and her eyes flutter rapidly like she’s trying to hold back tear-type laughing! It’s pretty fun to watch.

Ana doesn’t speak much English but laughter is a universal language that Ana is quite fluent in!

Length: 15:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Russian Model Ana’s Ticklish Laughter – Spontaneous Shoot!

RandomSoleEncounters – Corporate Chuckles – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling!

Isn’t it fun to watch a normally stoic woman squirm? If you said “Yes!” then this clip is for you!

Erica worked in the corporate world for many years. She’s used to handling high-pressure situations and keeping her cool. She’s an expert at keeping her composure and staying professional. She’s also quite beautiful!

I’ve been trying to get Erica locked in my stocks for over 2 years!!! The world of fetish modeling is not for her. She’s very straight-laced and serious. That combined with her corporate job (I don’t think her company would be too happy to find her fetish modeling on the side) made it a 0% chance of it ever happening.

But persistence does pay off!

Erica left her corporate job to pursue other goals in life. So this was my best chance of getting her to model for me. If not now, then never.

I think I’ve asked Erica to model for me over a dozen times. We even talk about this in the video. So when she finally agreed I was very surprised. But she didn’t need to tell me twice! I made this tickle session happen ASAP!

This clip has a very “behind-the-scenes” feel. I let the camera run from start to finish so you see me introduce her to the stocks, lock her in, and put her in the toe-ties. All of it. There is a lot of talking and joking around between us too.

Erica doesn’t believe she is very ticklish. She told me she was a “5” on the ticklish scale. And for a few minutes, I thought maybe she was right and she wasn’t that ticklish. I could tell she was ticklish, her feet and body were tense and she would jerk and squirm when I tickled her feet. She did a good job of remaining calm and holding in her laughter at the start.

But once again – persistence does pay off!

It takes some time to crack this stoic corporate woman. But I find the right tool and technique! Oil on her soles started to get her to crack a little bit but she still maintained her composure. But she could only hold it in for so long and the electric toothbrush on the toes was too much for her! Watching her finally crack was a joy! And once the laughter-gate was open it continued!

The electric toothbrush, hairbrushes, and scrubbers work wonders on Erica’s soles.

Erica starts to squirm, giggle, and laugh! She even begs me to “Stop!” between her laughs! Not something I expected from her!

This was an enjoyable tickle session for me and it’s just the 1st part! Now that I know what makes Erica laugh I can dish out the tickling!

Length: 11:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Corporate Chuckles – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling!

RandomSoleEncounters – Double Tickle FEETure – Russian Friends Get Nylon Foot Tickled!


This features Russian Model M.L. and her friend Ana who was traveling with her. Neither of these models speaks much English so there isn’t any talking, just them laughing!

This is the 1st time either model has been tickled in nylons.

M.L. is up first and is wearing nude nylons. M.L. is a beauty from head to toe, it’s fun to watch her try and keep her composure as I go from light tickles to heavier tickling with different brushes. M.L. starts with light giggles that gradually increase the more I tickle. The hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes get good reactions and make M.L. laugh. I cut off the toes of the nylons to compare bare and nylon and see what gets her best.

Next up is Ana, she is wearing black nylons for her tickling. has very ticklish feet and laughs anytime I put a finger on them. Anything I use on her tender nylon-clad soles makes her throw her head back and laugh. The hairbrushes and silicone scrubber send her into laughter though. I clip off the toes of her nylons too and get some bare and nylon tickling in. Which do you think tickled her more?

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Double Tickle FEETure – Russian Friends Get Nylon Foot Tickled!

RandomSoleEncounters – “I Don’t Like The Nylons!” – Emily’s 1st Nylon Tickle – Nylon and Bare!

My super ticklish friend Emily (27yo, 5’9, size 7 shoe) has returned! This time I get her out of her Doc Martens and into heels and nylons.

If you missed Emily’s 1st ever-tickling experience, check it out here:

Emily’s Explosive Intro to Foot Tickling! – “I may have been bluffing!”

Emily told me she was a “5” on the ticklish scale but we quickly learned she was lying. She has extremely ticklish feet and a fantastic laugh!

I had her put on a pair of nude nylons and locked her in the stocks. I didn’t tell her nylons are supposed to make you more ticklish until I had her in the stocks. You can see her reaction to this news in the clip!

I start by tickling her feet while they are still in her shoes. This gets a good reaction (as I expected) but I was ready to get the shoes off and see how much more ticklish the thin nylon fabric made Emily’s already ticklish feet.

The answer? Very ticklish!

Emily even repeatedly says, “I don’t like the nylons!” between her laughter.

For you barefoot fans, about halfway into the clip I snip the toes of the nylons off so we can compare her barefoot to nylon reactions. Emily’s feet are so ticklish that she can’t stand either!

The more I tickle the more hysterical she gets!

I think it was a successful introduction to nylon foot tickling for Emily!

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “I Don’t Like The Nylons!” – Emily’s 1st Nylon Tickle – Nylon and Bare!

RandomSoleEncounters – Laughter on Tap – The Most Ticklish Bartender!

NOTE: The model’s face is blurred in the full clip.

We have a new candidate for most ticklish feet to grace RSE. . She’s an agency-represented model by day and a bartender by night. Extremely cute, ( 27, 5’8, size 8 shoe), with a short pixie haircut. She has been in some major print modeling campaigns.

When I first met her I only knew she was a bartender. But she was so cute that I was already interested in trying to get her to model for me. When I asked about modeling she told me she already was a model. I wasn’t surprised at all!

When I asked how ticklish she was on a scale of 1-10 she told me she was “Off-the-charts!”. This got my attention and I was determined to get her to do a tickle session. Luckily for all of us, she finally agreed as long as her face wasn’t visible. This is because she’s under contract to a modeling agency.

So enough with the backstory!

In this clip, we have our extremely ticklish bartender/model in the stocks with toeties! I decided to restrain her wrists too because she told me she might try to punch me when I tickled her!

This was my first time getting a good look at her soles and I was blown away! Her feet are just as beautiful as the rest of her! Flawless soles, so soft and smooth, no wonder they are so ticklish! And yes, these feet are ticklish!!!

She wasn’t lying about being “Off-the-charts” on the ticklish scale.

Everything tickles her to hysterics.

Feathers! Maybe the most feather-ticklish model ever! Fingers! The Electric Toothbrush! Hair Brushes! Scrubbers! Scrubbing Gloves! I try out every tool and they all send her into hysterical laughter!

I hope you all enjoy this hyper-ticklish bartender!

Length: 9:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laughter on Tap – The Most Ticklish Bartender!