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DollHouseStudio – Feather Tickling Small Feet

Kylie is tickling Jenny with a feather tickling stick. Jenny’s soles as really ticklish. She’s rope tied to a chair and she can’t stop giggling as Kylie slides the feather up and down her small feet. At the end she got back to the old fashioned finger nail tickling as she knows Jenny hates it the most! 🙂

Duration: 5:17.233
Size: 561,029 Mb

Download – Feather Tickling Small Feet

DollHouseStudio – Dirty Socks Dirty Feet Tickling

Kylie is laying down on the bed in her dirty white socks. Jenny comes annoyed by how her socks and feet are always smelly and dirty. She sits on her legs, takes off her stinky socks and starts tickling her big feet. Tickling the hell out of her dirty soles. Next time she will learn not to put her filthy feet on a clean bed sheets!

Duration: 5:41.933
Size: 605,307 Mb

Download – Dirty Socks Dirty Feet Tickling