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ZenTickling – POV – Edith the Evil Tickler

Edith wanted her chance to be the tickler so we decided to make this POV clip to showcase her evil side. She straddles me and looks down with a grin as she begins using her long nails to inflict ticklish sensations all over my body. Her fingers wiggle in front of the camera before landing on my skin, and you see her face as she reacts to the power she has as a tickler. She skillfully tickles my sensitive armpits then turns her attention to my exposed belly, using her fingers and mouth to drive me crazy. Let us know if you like this perspective and would want to see more!

Length: 6:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – POV – Edith the Evil Tickler

TickleTorture – Tickle Nail

It’s been a long time since Elijah has been tickled. Today, his feet will meet the fate you have been waiting for as Charlee has his ankles tied down with rope to the ottoman. She begins by tickling his socked feet. After teasing and tickling him for a minute or so, she removes his tight socks, revealing his size 10.5 soft soles and tickles him barefoot. Charlee has one fingernail that is very strong and sharp. She uses this to her advantage to tickle his feet mercilessly while he laughs and screams. Charlee uses a long black feather up and down his soles and in between his toes. She doesn’t get as much of a reaction from the feather as she did with her fingers so she finishes him off using her fingers and that one tickle nail.

Length: 5:45
Resolution: 1080×1920

Download – Tickle Nail

NicaNordic – Tied to the bed and extremely tickled

I haven’t tickled my object for a long time. It’s about time … Today I tied him to the bed with his legs spread . he can hardly move . That’s how it should be. Now I tickle him. On his stomach, under his armpits, no part of his body is safe from my tickling fingers. We laugh together and I tease him again and again with little breaks… At the end of this tickle torment there is a tickling handjob with vibration. He also deserves to cum here …

Length: 17:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied to the bed and extremely tickled

NicaNordic – Tickled in chains

A new tickling object found me on the net and booked an appointment. He said I am the best tickle torment dominatrix in Germany… I like to hear that … Now he wants to feel my nimble tickling fingers himself … First I tie him on the bed in supine position and make me a picture of how ticklish he is … But after a while I want to tease him a bit more and tie him up with chains in the hog tied position. I really enjoy tickling his feet this way… He has another special wish, he really likes long leather coats … Of course I fulfill this wish for him

Length: 10:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled in chains

JolieBerrie – Brief But Breathtaking Tickling Tease

In this clip, slave boy is tied down on the bench and I enjoy myself tickling some of my favorite ticklish parts, in particular his throat. It’s absolutely ridiculous how ticklish it is. You have a breathtaking view of my beautiful ass for quite some time in this video. Breathtaking for one, because my ass is perfect of course. Breathtaking secondly, because I tend to sit on his respiratory organs a lot making the tickling as unpleasant as possible for him. Even though it is a shorter clip, some of his reactions to the tickling are really desperate. So, don’t miss out on it. Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brief But Breathtaking Tickling Tease

JolieBerrie – A Nylon Fetishists Tickling Nightmare

Sheer Insanity. Nylon Dress, nylon stockings, nylon bodysuit, nylon everywhere. Relentless tickling torment for the immobile slave. Toeties, hair brushes and cruel, merciless tickling on his most vulnerable and exposed body parts. Exposing his sides by bending his back with my knees breaks him. Poor boy is suffering so much he is barely able to catch his breath. Nylon apparently makes him even more ticklish. Didn’t think that was actually possible haha. I could not care less since I am absolutely enjoying myself here. – Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 19:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Nylon Fetishists Tickling Nightmare

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Prisoner of Her Nails

The long awaited date with the goddess did not go as hoped. After he used a couple of words she doesn’t like to hear, the encounter quickly turned into an experience of imprisonment, at the mercy of this wonderful dominatrix’s gorgeous hands.

Her nails make the captive wince with each light touch and passage over his exposed skin. The tickling to which she exposes the boy is insanely arousing and teasing. The intense arousal goes hand in hand with the irresistible urge to beg her for mercy, but she won’t listen to reason and goes on, enjoying seeing the man squirm and beg, completely dominated by the provocative sensuality of the mistress.

He is her little toy, her helpless trophy and her own property – one she won’t ever let escape from her punishing nails…

Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Prisoner of Her Nails

Fettish – Vengeance – Tickle Dice – Sushii

Have you ever watched Dereks’ clips, and wondered how one would tickle him in order to pull the most delicious sounds of revenge from his lips? Pondered about the spots that make him beg, the tools that send him into hysterics? Well then, this video is your guide.

Strapped to the chair, his sensitive feet the only part of him so vulnerably exposed, Derek can only watch in horror as Sushii decides his fate. (Un)Fortunately for him, she lands on a fun little game with some dice she brought along.

The idea is simple enough: guess the number rolled or get tickled. But Derek soon realizes that this game is anything but easy. He finds getting past even the second of the dice to be a challenge, and soon begs to move on. At times, it’s as though you’re tickling him yourself, and Sushii is relentless; his pleading falls on deaf ears. Helpless and hopeless, Derek succumbs to his fate. If only he could escape.

Feather Rating 1-5: (4)

Bee kind, bee kinky,

Length: 32:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vengeance – Tickle Dice – Sushii