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RFStudioProduction – Triple Tickling with MILF Lusinda, Anna Luna, and Saisha Dual Stocks, Foot Worship, and Tickling by Toes

Part 1. Tickling Anna Luna
Anna Luna is restrained in stocks with her arms stretched and feet spread wide. Her knees are additionally secured.
Lusinda and Saisha come in and tie Anna’s toes with laces. Now, they will slowly tickle her soles with feathers. Then, Saisha will free one of Anna’s feet and lick it while Lusinda tickles the other. Next, Lusinda moves to Anna’s head and tickles her underarms while Saisha switches to the first foot. They tickle the girl simultaneously.
Then, Dero joins in, he and Saisha oil both of Anna Luna’s feet and begin tickling with brushes, combs, and electric toothbrushes. Then, both girls move to Anna’s upper body while Dero tickles both her feet.
Later, the women take off their shoes and tickle Anna’s feet with their own feet while Dero tickles her upper body.
Now, Lusinda is again at Anna’s head while two ticklers work on Anna’s feet using combs and a Darsonval device.
Sasha sits atop Anna Luna and all three ticklers focus on her feet.
Then, Saisha is also placed in stocks and the three ticklers tickle both Anna Luna’s and Saisha’s feet and sides.

Part 2. Tickling Lusinda
All actions are a repeat of the first part, except the toes are tied a bit later. And Lusinda’s feet are kissed by both girls simultaneously.

Length: 01:06:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Triple Tickling with MILF Lusinda, Anna Luna, and Saisha Dual Stocks, Foot Worship, and Tickling by Toes

ItaliansTickling – Never too much II

As announced in the previous video, Isis will have to deal with a good 30 minutes of continuous tickling. There will only be an immediate change of position, where the poor girl will go from lying down to always sitting on the same pillory. Isis won’t even have time to catch her breath as everything resumes more intensely than before, also because this position will turn out to be even more dramatic for her. I must say that in reality there will be a small interruption unfortunately but only because the unfortunate woman will squirm so much that she will be able to tear the rope that keeps her tied but for Isis this will be only a small parenthesis of a terrible experience that seems to never end. Enjoy your video.

Length: 13:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Never too much II

ItaliansTickling – Now it’s my turn II

Also for Betta the second shooting begins and as we know here we do not discount anyone, also because the girls are having a lot of fun and therefore have no intention of taking pity on this fragile and sexy girl.
Sitting Betta would seem to suffer much more from tickling and that’s why we reserved this position for her for last and since she is already exhausted it is really exciting to see how the two girls enjoy tickling the poor girl until total exhaustion. Enjoy your video.

Length: 14:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Now it’s my turn II

TheTickleRoom – Christinas Gang Upperbody Hell!

Christina is a FIGHTER when it comes to upperbody. She gets WILD and in this clip its a lot of teasing and just us all talking casual while tickling her. It was something fun we did with the extra hour we had! Chloe and Allison are just laughing and finding spots to destroy Christina. She is squealing and moving but unable to get away as we triple team her poor body!

Length: 6:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Christinas Gang Upperbody Hell!

TheBKTickler – The Tickle Trio (Fetishcon Edition) Gypsy – Part 2

It’s not over yet for Gypsy. More tickling is about to happen for her at the hands of Summer Raez and her BFF Gia Lovely. But this it’s time for me to get in on the action. I was curious to see how ticklish her upper body is. I made her raise her arms so I can give her armpits some action while the ladies continue the tickling on her massive. One I got armpits, she LOST it! She was all over the place. She has that silent laughter that I love to see. Cause you can’t hear it because it’s silent. But I got a laugh out of her when I got at her ribs. It was a lot for her to handle. She was being tormented literally from head to toe. This is worst 5 minutes of her life. Although I think we were going easy on her. See to yourself if you agree or not. But you’ll love it regardless.

Length: 4:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Trio (Fetishcon Edition) Gypsy – Part 2

TheTickleRoom – Joanne Only Big Feet Tickle Hell!

ITS A FOOT TICKLE TRAINNNNNN! I rarely do these because holy $$$ but you all have supported SO much and I LOVE Joanne SO much I said fuck it and after the girls had their full body fun I decided Joanne was NOT done yet. Its foot tickling only time. The girls waste NO time ABSOLUTELY going crazy on Joanne off the bat. There are fingers ALL over her soles. Joanne is so overstimulated shes moaning, screaming, whining, hysterical laughing, AND she slightly came on herself. This whole video is ALL feet and Joanne cannot go ANYWHERE. This is one of the videos where the toe ties held and the girls get to do WHATEVER they want to her feet. She needed a break because they ALL gloved up at one point and just tickled Joanne into a literal giggling breakdown.

Length: 6:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Joanne Only Big Feet Tickle Hell!

ItaliansTickling – Beyond all limits

In the end we managed to make this poor girl really cry and I have to say that for the first time in my life I thought it would be better to stop filming. The girls had no qualms about seeing her in this state, on the contrary it amused them visibly and so in the end I let little Betta go to meet her fate. At the end of filming we had to wait for the unfortunate woman to recover from the shock she suffered. Enjoy your video.

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Beyond all limits

RFStudioProduction – Return of Lisenok And Tickler Alina for 4-hand tickling for Kelly + 6-hand tickling

Lisenok and Alina returned to participate in a classic tickling session with Kelly . Alina enjoys tickling girls and was looking forward to working with Kelly’s feet. Meanwhile, Lisenok gracefully started tickling her friend, beginning from the upper body.

Both girls tickled Kelly with all four hands while she was in a short skirt tied to the massage table. Then, both girls focused on her big feet and tickled them with brushes.

Then both girls were tickling Kelly on her upper body, and she moaned and laughed. But she feared the most the 6-hand tickling, where male hands took Kelly’s laughter to a new level! At the end of the video, there was an intense 6-hand tickling session with the use of oil.

Length: 13:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Return of Lisenok And Tickler Alina for 4-hand tickling for Kelly + 6-hand tickling