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NyxonsFetishFiles – Nyxon & Paris Love Foot Tickling Art Film Debut

Paris Love is trying to raise money for a local charity, and when she knocks on eccentric millionaire Nyxon’s door, she makes Paris an offer to help her meet her goal by being in an art film. She yanks Paris inside & the next scene opens up with a closeup on Paris’ feet. Nyxon instructs Paris to walk towards her & then tells her to sit on the couch. We see that Paris’ upper body is bound & there is a cleave gag in her mouth. Nyxon then instructs Paris to use her own feet to remove her sneakers, the Nyxon reaches out & peels off Paris’ socks. She tells paris to curl her toes & show off her wrinkly soles. Frustrated that Paris is half-hearted & not putting enough passion into this art film, Nyxon reaches out her hands & uses her long nails to tickle Paris’ big feet. Paris erupts in a fit of laughter & Nyxon is immediately pleased. She continues to tickle Paris’ big feet until she’s satisfied that she got a winning performance for her movie, then tells Paris that she’ll double her goal if she continues to come back & create art films for her.

Length: 15:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nyxon & Paris Love Foot Tickling Art Film Debut

NyxonsFetishFiles – Nyxon & Ayla A Little Help With The Rent

Ayla Aysel has been playing video games online to pay the rent, but has been going through a dry spell the past few months. Her roommate Nyxon has been carrying Ayla’s half of the rent & bills, and decides to offer Ayla another solution. Since no one is tuning in to watch her play video games, perhaps they’ll turn in to see her feet get tickled. Nyxon ties up Ayla’s wrists & ankles (offscreen) & tells Ayla to relax & leave everything up to her. Switches Ayla’s account to ‘online’ & starts to smack the soles of her feet with a cane. Ayla screams & Nyxon tells her to calm down, that more & more people are joining her room. As Ayla’s bank fills up with tokens, Nyxon switches from smacking her feet with a cane to tickling them with a Wartenburg & tickling them with her long pointy nails.

Length: 10:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nyxon & Ayla A Little Help With The Rent

NyxonsBondageFiles – Ariel Anderssen A Single Feather

Ariel is tutoring her client (POV) & she’s reading an essay that he wrote. In the essay, her client writes that why, after months of studying, they would think a single feather can be considered a deterrent. As she’s reading, the POV’s gaze goes down to Ariel’s feet. Ariel chastises him for not paying attention, then offers for them to take a break.

The next scene we see Ariel sitting on the couch, her arms tied behind her back with rope, a chest harness binds her arms & her legs are tied together above her knees & at her ankles. Her shoes & socks are off, and her bare feet are now propped up on a foot stool. Her big toes are tied together with some twine. Ariel comments on what a good job has been done tying her up. She struggles against her bonds & jokingly mentions that if he were this diligent in his studies as he was in tying her up, he would be a grade A student. She also comments on how he tied her big toes together, remarking that he only tied her big toes so that he could look at her feet. She questions him if he has an interest in feet, then she flexes her toes & tells him to enjoy the view of her bare feet while he can.

The next scene has Ariel cleave gagged & her own socks shoved into her mouth with a bandana cleave gag. She compliments her client through her gag on his resourcefulness using her own socks to gag her. A gloved hand holding a feather pops up from behind the camera & gently moves towards Ariel’s soles. She twitches & shrieks but soon begins to giggle & laugh out loud. After several minutes of the feather moving through her arches & between her toes, Ariel is driven into hysterics.

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ariel Anderssen A Single Feather

NyxonsBondageFiles – Mikayla Miles CEO Foot Tickled Until She Cooperates

Mikayla Miles is a powerful CEO of a mega conglomerate & she is talking over the phone with a business partner telling her how she convinced this other business to merge with their company without them knowing that first thing tomorrow she will sell them to another company & keep the profits for herself. She tells the other person over the phone that she has bodyguards outside her house, so she’s not worried about the owner of the other business trying to get back at her if they find out before tomorrow. She hangs up & a couple of seconds later figure clad in black (Nyxon), who has sneaked past Mikayla’s bodyguards, places her hand over Mikayla’s mouth to silence her.

Int he next scene, Mikayla wakes up with her legs tied together above her knees, her ankles tied, her hands tied behind her back & arms tied to above & below her breasts. She flutters her eyes open & Nyxon quickly cleave gags her. Nyxon sits next to Mikayla & explains the she is aware of Mikayla’s plans to sell the company & that she’s positive that she can convince Mikayla to call the board of directors & cancel the sale. Nyxon takes off Mikayla’s high heels giving her a clue about what she’s about to do. Mikayla yells through her gag, but Nyxon does not hesitate & starts to tickle Mikayla’s soles with her long fingernails. Mikayla begins to laugh uncontrollably, and Nyxon keeps on tickling her. She stops to ask Mikayla if she’s changed her mind yet & Mikayls says no. Nyxon takes a small piece of rope & ties Mikayla’s big toes together, then continues to tickle her big feet. She gives Mikayla a rest & massages oil onto her feet, which confuses Mikayla a bit. Next, Nyxon grabs a toothbrush & scrubs all over Mikayla’s soles & in between her toes. Unable to take it anymore, Mikayla nods her head in agreement with Nyxon. Nyxon stops tickling her, grabs her phone & dials the number for the board of directors. She holds the phone up to Mikayla’s ear & Mikayls authorizes the sale of the company. Nyxon then regags Mikayla & reminds her that there is a small clause that should Mikayla miss 3 meetings in a row, she will be booted from the board.

Length: 16:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mikayla Miles CEO Foot Tickled Until She Cooperates

NyxonsBondageFiles – Nyxon & Nahla Hogtied & Mercilessly Foot Tickled

Nahla is tightly hogtied & toe-tied. Nyxon begins to tickle her feet, alternating between tickling & foot worship. After a few minutes, Nyxon places a ring gag into Nahla’s mouth & places a blindfold over her eyes. She pours baby oil all over Nahla’s soles & then tickles her soft tender soles with a hair brush. Nahla laughs & struggles while Nyxon tickles her feet without mercy.

Length: 15:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nyxon & Nahla Hogtied & Mercilessly Foot Tickled

NyxonsFetishFiles – Karly & Slyyy Thieves Foot Tickled Into Giving Up Their Loot

Slyyy & Karly have just pulled off a big heist & are deciding on what to do with their loot, when suddenly the lights go out. The next scene opens up with both Karly & Slyyy blindfolded & tied upon the couch. Nyxon had been scoping out the place that they looted & is furious that they got to it before she did. So, she’s going to take their loot once they tell her where it’s at. They girls play tough at first, refusing to give up the info, but after much foot tickling, Nyxon wears them down & Slyyy gives her the code to the safe.

Length: 17:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Karly & Slyyy Thieves Foot Tickled Into Giving Up Their Loot

NyxonsFetishFiles – Nyxon Tickle Punishment For A Hapless Burglar

Nyxon thought she was pretty slick breaking into someone’s house, but she never even thought that the owner might be home. She creeps down the hallway trying to be as quiet as possible, but when she walks past a doorway, two arms grab her by the shoulders & pull her inside the room. You hear Nyxon & the owner struggling (off camera) and suddenly, Nyxon’s top flies out of the room. Nyxon tries to make a break for it, but is quickly pulled back in by the owner. We hear some more struggling, then we see Nyxon bound to the bead wearing only her blue jeans. The owner (Toby Springs) comes in, straddles her, and begins feeling out her ticklish spots. He mocks her for being so careless & he lightly touches her neck, armpits, tits & ribs. Nyxon erupts in laughter at the slightest touch, so the man really gives her the once over with tickling. Nyxon thrashes & bucks in her restraints while the man tickles her neck, armpits, tits & ribs.

Length: 9:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nyxon Tickle Punishment For A Hapless Burglar