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LBCFetish – Tickling Riley

19 year old Riley has, perhaps foolishly, put herself in my hands. I have her tied spread-eagle to the bed…naked of course. I've asked her if she's ticklish and she's admitted that she is. She has never been tied and tickled before, so this should be fun. Let's just say she had no idea what it was going to be like. I had to stop and give her a few breaks, but this is mostly relentless tickling and Riley thrashing around hysterically. At one point she tells me she's rather be beaten than endure more tickling. Well, that's for another clip. Suffice it to say, the tickling didn't stop. I'm pretty sure that Riley won't be doing this again…which is too bad cause she looks so cute struggling and squealing. I think I found every ticklish spot on her body. Good times!

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LBCFetish – Chichi, Bed-bound and Tickled

Here's the plot breakdown. Chichi has once again put herself in my hands. (poor girl) She's naked of course. I like her that way. I've restrained her on the comfy bed in a spread-eagle position. She has some wiggle room, but she's well secured and oh so vulnerable. I've decided to see how ticklish she is. She's confided in me (true story) that she's been tickled many times and she's 'faked' her response before. I take that as a personal challenge. This isn't my first 'tickle rodeo'…and I waste no time. You can judge for yourselves if I do a good job. From my perspective I was happy she was well secured because she bucked like a wild . It's a challenge not to laugh because her peals of laughter are contagious. I get all of her sensitive spots…sides, ribs, knees, feet, armpits, belly and inner thighs. Probable some other spots too. Then I use the pinwheel with its little sharp spikes to torture her a bit before I finish with a final tickle assault. When it's over…she's done. Like a limp naked latin barbie doll. Good times indeed!

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LBCFetish – Brooke Gets Bound and Tickled

Pretty little Brooke…naked and tied up spread-eagle to the bed. It really doesn't matter why…but she's about to be tormented by me…tickled to hysteria. She so ticklish that she starts to laugh as my hands hover over her…before they even touch her she's squirming and giggling. Then when I start to tickle her…she goes crazy! And she gets tickled and tickled and tickled…Good thing the windows were closed, or the neighbors would be wondering what's up! Brooke's delightful torment continues…Her feet and toes get tickled…as do her inner thighs, her armpits, her belly, her ribs…in an unrelenting assault that causes her to squeal in peals of hysterical laughter…over and over and over. I challenge anyone watching to see if they refrain from smiling or laughing as they hear her howl…Featuring Brooke Thomsen.

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LBCFetish – Briella, Tied and Tickled

Perhaps foolishly, Briella has allowed me to tie her up naked on the bed. And even more foolishly she's confessed that she's ticklish. So what am I supposed to do??? The obvious of course. I tease her at first…barely grazing her skin, before I test out her sensitivity. I dig my fingers in…she bucks and squeals …. great! Game on!! I do my best to find every ticklish spot on her body..I think I'm fairly successful. She's inescapably bound so that no matter how much she struggles, she can't get away from the evil fingers of the tickle torturer. Fun time indeed!

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