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  1. YM


    i think most clips are offline, everything before middle of march 2017.

    do you know why?



      1. YM

        its not working for me. i have a premium k2s acount. everything newer than march 17th works.
        everything before doesnt.

        if there is a redirection to k2s, and the address is written with tickling-videos.net/file/… i cant login through that site. even though k2s is valid, i can login through k2s.cc and its valid in jdownloader.

        all files before march 17h… and where the download adress is eg https://tickling-videos.net/file/6jer74hg4ealuh-T.V.2637.rar I cant download them, not through browser and not through jdownloader.

        is there a trick?

        I upload two pics to compare. One is a new uploaded video and the other one is an older one, which file i cant download.



  2. GP

    When I try to download something from the free download,after 30 seconds pass it refreshes the page and I get the message “It seems this file is open in another window.” and the downloading process doesn’t stat.Why is that happening?

    1. Admin Post author

      Sorry for the inconvenience

      This problem was observed only in certain browsers.
      Now the free download works!

  3. Christopher bone

    When I tried to download a video, I was sent to a page that had various subscription rates. How does free download work?

  4. Emilio Torres

    I was wondering if you had.
    Ticklish exhaustion of Alla, from Russian Fetish.

  5. Ben Reis

    Is there a limit to how much you can download total on a free keep2share account? It seems every link is popping up as a “only available for premium users” for me now

  6. Jay

    All links from ‘legit tickling’ seem to have an encoding error. Checksum error in winrar Android, vlc won’t play them correctly without an unpack either. Filename tv18766 is an example, but none will either unpack or play. Your other files all work for me, Must be something about this particular producer.

  7. joeri

    with a lot of clips when i want to download i get Unauthorized and i appear offline, everytime i log back in and refresh the page its the same …

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello, try deleting cookies and cache in browser

      If it does not help send your request to support – help.k2s.cc

      1. Ver

        Having the same issue, it seems like the redirecting doesn’t works properly when the site is in the redirecting link

  8. ticklinglowkey

    Hi great amazing website. Was just wondering if you guys can fix the Frenchtickling videos. Almost all of the old ones show “unauthorized” when you attempt to download them off of the K2S website. If you guys can reupload ( i know, there are a LOT) that would be soo good. Examples of where you can observe this error: Frenchtickling Lenora videos, Frenchtickling Daphne videos, Frenchtickling Cyrielle videos.

  9. Jason-BP

    I was interested in these 2 videos:
    but ran into a problem. The links on the videos appear to be broken, leading to an “Unauthorized” page. As a precaution, I checked their respective links on the other site:
    but the same issue occurred. Now, I’m aware that the archive list is large and if these 2 videos are just unavailable, I suppose that is something that must be lived with. No harm, no foul. But, if these videos are available, but the links could be fixed, would you be able to supply the fixed links?

    Thank you,

  10. Sergio Morales

    Hello my name is Sergio
    Sorry, I want to know how I can download the videos from your page that are excellent.
    And I would also like to know if I have to pay to download them on the keep2share page. And when I have paid I can download any video or should I keep paying.
    Thank you

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello, some videos are not available for free download (premium only) and you need premium account. You can buy premium to 30, 90 or 365 days

  11. L

    Some files released today 12/04/20 are corrupted. They cut off in the middle. We can’t even download them.

  12. nknws

    BrendasBound – Panty Hose And A Bug Zapper is no longer available. Can you fix this pls?

  13. tom

    Comic Crime & Tickle Torture With Betty Bee #1 is no longer available. Can you fix this pls?

  14. Andy

    I am finding the wrong video file from the download of “Tickle Torture in Korean” from tickleintensive page. It opens a FTKL file instead. Check for a correction on that thanks


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