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NylonTickling – Tickling the Pickpocket

She was a professional pickpocket criminal. Unfortunately for her, she took the wrong tickler’s wallet. He was able to follow her back to her hideaway. A knock came on her door as she was boasting about the latest guy she had rolled. Tied up, she begs to be let go. She states that she’ll be happy to give him back his wallet. Yet now, this street gypsy is about to get the punishment of her life. Who knew the act of tickling someone could be so powerful. Nice little clip. You may want to throw it in your bag.

Duration: 7:15.334
Size: 113,49 Mb

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NylonTickling – I Should Never Have Worn Pantyhose

First Time this Pretty little Texas Co-ED has ever been tied and tickled. "I should never have worn pantyhose" she says as the tickling of her soft soles drives her crazy, "the nylon pantyhose makes me so ticklish" is another sentence that escapes through her giggles. These are honest comments and confirm again how nylons really do make the feet more ticklish. It's a fun little clip to watch. By her comments , it seems that she doesn't even know that a "tickling fetish" exisists. High top sneakers removed and exposing warm little nylon covered feet, she does all she can to stifle the laughter, but eventually its of no use. The tickling becomes too much. 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6170 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 12:14.100
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NylonTickling – Better Than Sex!

Every once in a while the stars align and you end up capturing something great on the camera. That pretty much happened here. Many of you have asked to see "Hannah" our tickler, get tickled by another woman. Well here she is, and its a thing of beauty. Yes, I'll go on record and say that its "Better than Sex" and if its not, its a close second !

As you know Hannah is everything a tickler dreams about, Smart, Sexy, Beautiful, perfect feet, and most importantly, honestly ticklish everywhere. She gets so worked up from borderline hysterical laughter that she is a complete wringing wet mess when the shoot nears the end. Dressed in heels and sheer nylons, laying flat on her stomach in a salon folding chair with her hands and feet bound behind her, Samantha uses hair brushes, combs, and her nails to drive poor Hannah crazy. It just doesn't get much better.  If you don't purchase another clip this year, make sure you at least add this one to your collection. Its that good. 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6182 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 127 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:35.261
Size: 522,929 Mb

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NylonTickling – Salon de Tickle 2

You would think, word had gotten out by now not to say your disappointed with your hairstyling at Salon de Tickle. One mention of the phrase that your not "happy" and you'll suddenly find yourself tied to the chair with your feet poking out of the back. Trapped, unable to get away, as our tickler Hannah slowly removes your shoes.

The thought had never crossed this woman mind until it was too late.

Fingers, Hairbrushes, combs, etc..all gliding across her very ticklish feet encased in sheer nylon hosiery. Don't miss this one, Its a joy to watch my friends

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6159 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 126 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 9:18.291
Size: 418,29 Mb

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