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TheTickleRoom – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!

This clip has a lot more BTS (including how stunning Allisons cousin is!). But for this one she had to stand tip toed while being tickled and if she moved her feet up she had to sit on the counter and be tickled. This one is fun and simple with a lot of talking between us.

Length: 11:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!

TheTickleRoom – Kippy Kats Nude Upperbody

This is a fun one. So when I do upperbody videos I have the models tell me their most comfortable way of being dressed for upperbody. Well apparently Kats is in the nude. She gets full on naked exposing her soft body and stunning body. But the big question is….how ticklish is she? I start light with the thighs and get a cute giggle as I work my way up. I get some hips and find a solid spot as she giggles then I am on the belly. She is giggling and gasping as I work my way to her ribs getting a solid laugh with a quick “OH GOD”. She makes a comment that guess she is not a thrasher which makes my job fun. I explore her nipples and ribs with her armpits and she is just a giggling mess. Its so hot how hard she is laughing but her nude body is just locked in place. This is a fun paced out upperbody I think you will all enjoy!

Length: 5:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kippy Kats Nude Upperbody

TheTickleRoom – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Soles”

Mona is a stunning latina with SEXY size 9 feet and they are EXTREMELY ticklish. She is tied completely nude to the table and her toes in the stocks. Vulnerable and nervous tickling Monas feet is a dream. She has a MOAN laugh not used to being tickled because she is ALWAYS the dom. She torments mens bodies and bank accounts all the time and its time to get info out of her. Her laugh and scream are loud throughout the entire building so I gag her and now she can say nothing being made to laugh into her gag as I have my way with her amazing feet.

Length: 11:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Soles”

TheTickleRoom – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 2 “I DIDNT DO IT”

Its been all fun and games with Mona but its time to turn it up. She stole from me and its time to turn it up. Monas big feet are ticklish but the real fun is on her nude upperbody. I start with the hips and shes already bucking and fighting before I get to the ribs and nipples and Mona LOSES it. She starts laughing and moaning. I have never seen her like this. She is always the dom and being so submissive WITH the gag is new to her. Her body moves like my fingers are electricity. I get a REALLY good spot on the thigh and Mona loses it so bad she comes out of a cuff but that is NOT stopping me. I keep going and she is LOSING IT. I keep telling her when she moves her hand at me it will be WAY worse. I retie her and switch to a cloth gag. By the end poor Mona is a giggling mess in easily the most intense video she has ever done.

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 2 “I DIDNT DO IT”

TheTickleRoom – My Partner Kimberly Finally Gets It!

Here goes quite the story time. Its actually been a long time since I had something this intense. So me and Kim were friends from a young age. She was actually the first woman I saw that I instantly fell in love with. But I did end up moving from the area and then coming back at a later date. Now we were a lot older and actually always crossed paths but never spoke or really intertwined. Now the funny part….is Tickle Kimberly was a REALLY good friend of Brookes but no matter HOW hard Brooke tried Kim refused to shoot. Now fast forward ALL the way to 2021 and me and Kim have reignited meeting each other again and talking.

So we instantly fell for each other again but the largest thing? Her size 10 perfect soles. One day in the car we were talking and she explained to me how much she loved her feet being touched and how she always wanted a man with a foot fetish. The moment I touched her soles she moaned and for months she kept letting me tickle her, worship her feet, spank them but NEVER tie her up and really go at it. Until now. I finally have her size 10 soles locked in the stocks and I am ready to finally go. Now I know she is sensitive but the crazy part is that she giggles and laughs lightly but she actually gets WAY more excited and horny. This clip will show her giggle and laugh especially with certain tools but a little pain? Good touches? The moan takes over and she LITERALLY is in ecstacy. This is a different take than the fans will be used to but trust me. You will love it.

Length: 7:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Partner Kimberly Finally Gets It!

TheTickleRoom – Queen Dalvinas Bratty First Time Foot Tickle!

Here we have the SUPER Dom Brat Queen Dalvina! She is 19 years young being a short 4’11 but with size 7.5 feet!!! Which are 100% big for her size and unfortunately for her…..SUPER ticklish. She is HYPER sensitive to the point where the moment I start my fingers and the stocks hurt her a tad. She was VERY tough and talking smack the whole way in saying she was NOT gonna even laugh. You can actually hear the girls mocking her for trying to be tough. I barely have to try with the tickling and she is FIGHTING to keep it in but the more I tickle the worse it gets. She is hysterical fighting the tickling as I get in her soles and toes. I do a LOT of finger tickling to start and poor Dalvina is so hysterical with BEAUTIFUL feet and an ADORABLE smile. The tools SEND her and I have to be careful due to pain but I use the pedicure brush and normally people like it. NOT her she LOSES it and tells me to get away from how bad it tickles. But now….its upperbody time.

Length: 8:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Queen Dalvinas Bratty First Time Foot Tickle!

TheTickleRoom – Trans Brigittes Hyper Sensitive Big Feet

Ok here we go. By popular vote we are posting a new clip set with the AMAZING Tickle Room vet Transgender Brigitte. So for those who are new, I met this beautiful tall goddess years ago. She was not being taken seriously by the modeling industry at all and I saw a lot of potential and love in her. Well she was not super well off financially and was looking into full on porn but was worried. Well thats when I came in. I asked her 2 questions. What size are your feet and how ticklish are you? She was super nervous and said “10 and its BAD”. She was NOT joking. Well at 5am before a long day she committed to get tickled and that older set is still out to this day. Well YEARS later people have BEGGED me to REALLY tickle her since the first shoot was intense but so early we were both exhausted. She came in NY 2 years ago but it did not go well since we were both going through a LOT. Well now this year she was READY. She came in CONFIDENT and head high telling me shes a new woman and WANTED it. Well I brought the heat. With Cheeky Urbans travel stock set I was ready to rock.

So Brigitte has BIG and WIDE size 10 feet. Like she is BLESSED with some of the SOFTEST feet for someone with BIG feet I have ever seen. Of course with that blessing comes a curse. They are INSANELY sensitive and since she has not really worn heels, wears way more sneakers and socks, gets cleansing pedicures, and has not had me around she is WAY more ticklish than before. I was honestly shocked. I could not believe it at ALL. The MOMENT I touch her soles she is laughing and already fighting me. I give her free reign on the hands for this part since its us reconnecting a bit. Her feet are HUGE in these stocks and it SHOWS. She is pulling her toes and I am BARELY tickling as she is already breathless. I am giving her a chance to relax a LOT to get used to this again. I am a little worried because the stocks are bending and her knees are moving so I get a big pillow to rest her legs. She tells me she actually feels sorry for moving but it TICKLES. She really cannot handle it I am going up and down with tickling and no matter what its too much. So I make a loaded deal (huehuehue I am evil) and I tell her if she can HOLD the stocks without letting go I will ONLY use fingers and NOT use tools. She fails pretty fast but I am nice and let her pick her oil. She goes with Massage oil (mistake. lmfao) and I give her the SAME deal. If she can hold on to the stocks and does not let go I will NOT use tools. The oil clearly makes it worse as she is flailing and lasts like 20 seconds before letting go. Its tool time. I use ONE TOOL before she falls and its time to amp it up if we wanna get through these tools. So this clip is MOSTLY fingers!

Length: 5:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Trans Brigittes Hyper Sensitive Big Feet

TheTickleRoom – Veronicas Tickle Hell POV “Desi Double Team Start!”

Veronica just had a hell of a tickling with the nylons but sadly for her and amazing for us that is JUST the beginning. So we move into round 2. Now Veronica is laid down and tied with her arms up and joining the hellish tickling? Desi! She is ready to rock for her first time tickling and wants to WRECK poor Veronica. Now I know you all love to see the reactions but for this I wanted you all RIGHT in the center up close to her soles hearing poor Veronicas hysterical laughter and begging. I start rubbing lotion on her soles and poor Veronica was already giggling. The moment our hands touch her soles she starts kicking before letting LOOSE a hysterical laugh. You see her beautiful pedicured toes start to slowly crunch as she attempts to stop our onslaught of fingers. She loses it as we use 2 hands on each foot. Desi does a GREAT job but now its time for some tools and the whole time Veronica is begging and giggling as she sees me grab the tools. I have not even touched her yet as Desi holds her toes back I get the vibrating back massager PRESSED into Veronicas poor soles and she is HYSTERICAL. She cannot contain her laugh being hysterical and cackling before letting out SCREAMS. But it only gets worse as we BOTH get brushes. The moment we get in sync Veronicas laugh CHANGES in ways we have never seen. She LOSES her mind to the point where I see tears in her eyes and know she needs a break and a breather. This clip includes a lot of BTS and gives her a chance to breathe before phase 2.

Length: 8:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Tickle Hell POV “Desi Double Team Start!”

TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Armpit and Tummy Tickle!

So we have the beautiful Jei Jei and its time for the upperbody tickle. Now I start slow and nice since Jei Jei is thicc but athletic at the same time so shes strong and I want to find the right soft spots. I try the belly and do not really get any belly button giggles (sorry belly fans) but when I get her ribs? Jackpot. She loses it as Mei Mei explains she like being on the other side a lot. But then I try the belly button again with more finger and BAM shes a giggling mess going “I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS”. Then its armpits time. She immediately bucks fighting so I go up to hold them down and her face is HILARIOUS. Its pure terror as I hold the elbows down. I start light and she is already hysterical. I decide to sing and be a bit more of a menace and she is losing it. Thats when me and Mei Mei tag team it up and you can tell Jei Jei has NEVER laughed this hard as she is laughing so bad she cannot breathe and safewords.

Length: 5:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jei Jeis Armpit and Tummy Tickle!

TheTickleRoom – Imeldas and Chloes Double Foot Tickle!

Well. Having Imelda and Christina go HAM on each other has made them exhausted, horny, and a huge case of the giggles. Well. Christina was supposed to chill with me and pops in as these 2 are giggling washing their feet. Thats when….*Lightbulb*….Lets have some fun. Christina LOVES to tickle. So we get this bed I was eyeing my WHOLE time at this home. I use a blanket pillow combo and we have a rickety soles up situation going on with Christina on one side, me on the other, with Imelda and Chloe next to each other arms tied up. I won’t lie I BREAK Imelda with tickling BAD in this clip. She is TOMATO red hysterical. Chloe gets a lot of laughing but next to Imelda? She honestly like a really good hype woman lol. Christina does start really good on the feet. I test the armpits to start and they freak but this clip is all about those BARE feet. I let Christina cook and REALLY go hard on those feet. She is brush CRAZY on Imelda who is already red from laughing as I get Chloe. I use some tricks I did in her audition to get her giggling and shes occasionally bursting but its a LOT of searching. When I find the spots her laugh and burst is good. But I feel bad. Christina is WRECKING poor Imelda over her so I get some armpit action on Chloe. So now Chloe is screaming and begging while Imelda is laughing her head off. Now this part is the part where I wreck Imelda and its kind of funny because Christina is TRYING to get Chloe but shes just vibing as Imelda is BREATHLESS and begging. I grab the glove, get Imeldas sensitive soles under my arm, and I just GO HAM. We end with a brush glove finale on both and thats just the beginning the upperbody? OOF.

Length: 6:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Imeldas and Chloes Double Foot Tickle!