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Federstreich – Dominatrix Mariellas first time in stocks

Time for revenge for our ticklish photographer Nina. This time our friend dominatrix Mariella take place in the stocks. She is really experienced with bondage gear, but never had her long and slender feet locked in a device like this. So it was also a new experience for her to be on the “receiving end”, but she seems to enjoy this new role.

This clip contains foot tickling with various tools like feather, brushes and fingers. Enjoy this clip with our ticklish dominatrix Mariella and her soft and slender soles.

Length: 5:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dominatrix Mariellas first time in stocks

Federstreich – Selene tickled again – Upperbody

This time dominatrix Mariella jumps in and gives Selenes armpits the time of their life. She really loves to make her squirm, giggling and laughing. Of course, she is a dominatrix, so it ́s her passion. Selene really enjoyed this session and tells us she got goosebumps. We can ́t await it and still hope for it to work again with Selene.

Length: 8:56
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Selene tickled again – Upperbody

Federstreich – Selenes ‘Hold the Euro’ – challenge

We love to try new things out and so we challenge Selene to hold the 100€ note with her big toes while having her feet tickled. It was really fun and she also enjoyed this kind of challenge. And it was really hard for her to do so. If you want more challenges like this in the future let us know.

Length: 4:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Selenes ‘Hold the Euro’ – challenge

Federstreich – Ticklish dominatrix Mariella – Feet

Dominatrix Mariella from Vienna finds herself in stocks again. She really gets fan of the idea being sometimes a tickling sub beside her dominant side. Fotographer Nina and Mariella are long time friends. So it was really fun for Nina to get her friend really good. After a short interview in the beginning the tickling action begins.

Nina really enjoyed giving Mariella a time full of laughing, using feathers, fingers and the brush. We hope you like this clip as we like to record it.

Length: 8:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ticklish dominatrix Mariella – Feet

Federstreich – Wife Amelia in the stocks

Welcome to, the new clip studio from Vienna. Enjoy yourself!

Well, this is the first clip I had ever created. This are the feet and soles of my (meanwhile) wife Amelia. She never have heard of tickle fetish and was never tickled through a long period of time. So she was pretty nervous putting her feet in my stocks, because she doesn’t know what will await her.

But she told me she really enjoyed this sessions afterwards, even the hairbrush makes her regretting her decision. I really fell in love with her and her feet and her wrinkly and soft soles. She would love it if you become fan of her too. Clip includes soft feather tickling, fingers, electric toothbrush and the evil hairbrush. Quality will improve in the future!

Length: 8:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wife Amelia in the stocks

Federstreich – Nika Venus – Feet tickling

Dear friends of the feather! I present you our new model Nika Venus. Nika Venus is an Austrian pornmodel from Styria and I feld honored that she showed some interest in letting her feet tickled for Federstreich. It was a really nice and happy shooting. She was really into it to show her soles and testing her own limits. There are also interviews in this clips, where she explained how she came to us.

We decided that our photographer Nina should the be the one, doing the tickling. Nina is very talented and I think she should be the tickler in many clips. She used many tools and Nika also enjoyed to have a nice time in the stocks.

We hope you enjoy this clip and if you like, follow Nika Venus and her content on other platforms!

Length: 13:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nika Venus – Feet tickling

Federstreich – Italian beauty Selene tickled – Feet

Dear friends of the feather! We would love to introduce you this ticklish beauty. Selene is 24 and a student from Italy, currently living in Vienna. It was her first time getting restrained and tickled through a longer period of time. Because of this, she was really nervous, but admitted to me afterwards that she really enjoyed this new experience.

She was also open for it to make this experience in the future again. After a short interview the action starts. This clip contains tickling with a feather, fingers and the evil brush. So have fun and feel the ‚dolce vita‘. ????

Length: 7:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Italian beauty Selene tickled – Feet