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Perverstage – When Finally Convince a Ticklish Friend

She is Alexa 24 Years Old, a friend from a former co-worker, I as a good fetishist at some point while talking the subject of tickling came up, Alexa claimed to be very ticklish and hate tickling, sometimes playing with her and reaching behind her seat and tickling her ribs I realized that she was indeed very ticklish, I hoped one summer to be lucky enough to see her feet in sandals, when that day finally came, her feet were very pretty and even more aroused my curiosity to see her in a real tickle fetish session, For years I tried to convince, Alexa by stating that I couldn’t stand it, further fueling my curiosity and desire.

After years of trying to convince her, that day came and it turned out better than she expected, the session started with 2 tickler friends with whom she agreed to have the session, a little nervous but once she was curious to try bondage and some other practices of domination and submission, so it was a feeling of nervousness but also emotion and excitement, his face showed it.

The session began in the always so effective and restrictive stock, she flirted to the camera wiggling her toes, her heart raced because it was her first time tied up, then the ticklers began their work, tickle punishment, a fantasy come true, his laughter and despair are very exciting to see, I’m glad I caught it on video.

She was tickled mainly on her feet, first together, with finger cuffs, feathers, electric toothbrush, pinwheel, hairbrushes, pet glove, babyoil, foot worship were used, to end with an intense tickling feet apart in the stock, now she will pay for making me wait so many years and depriving the world of the pleasure of seeing her squirm with laughter.

Length: 22:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Perverstage – Katie Committed to the Asylum (Custom)

Katie is the new patient at Feather Grove Asylum, she is confined in a cell where she is interviewed and informed of what her treatment for depression consists of once she finds out about his methods, which consist of tickling her feet, she regrets it because We all know how ticklish Katie is, so when she is handcuffed to the chair and her foot is tied to another chair to tickle her foot, she can’t stand the tickling, after a while of being tickled Katie tries to escape but is caught by the doctors who take her to the examination table in a straitjacket to perform the treatment with an even more intense tickling sensation.

Length: 43:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Perverstage – Katie’s despair on the cross

Katie is a beautiful brunette girl of small stature, implementing bondage devices on her is excessive to make her even more vulnerable, she hogtied waits for her next dose of punishment, previously her feet were brutally tickled, now her punisher will tickle her upper body

Will she succumb to her laughter?

Length: 9:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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