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GinaryTickleAdventures – Macy Cartel Bound & Tickled By Paris Love

Paris Love has Macy Cartel all tied up on the bed, and plans to have a lot of fun with her today. Paris asks Macy where her most ticklish spots are, and she starts to tickle her all over her naked body. She tickles Macy under her arms, and grabs tickle tools to help tickle her even more. Paris grabs feathers, brushes, and vibrators to tickle Macy and make her squirm and scream. Paris tickles Macy as she’s tied up on the bed and begging for her to stop.

Length: 11:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy Cartel Bound & Tickled By Paris Love

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wars, Episode 5 Interrogation Intrigue!

THE SAGA CONTINUES! Grey must hold things together aboard the Tempest, while Persephone’s secret mission on Corellia continues. Admiral Macy Cartel has finished interrogating Rebel spy, Slyyy, and stumbles upon the plans for the Darkbringer project!

Grey uses the Dark Side to subdue the admiral, then puts her in the stocks. Admiral Cartel gets the foot tickling of her life as fingernails, feathers and other tickle tools keep her in a shrieking, cackling fit of hysterics, while Grey figures out what to do with her!

And there’s one more Rebel spy … Nahla! As it happens, Nahla was expected and is part of Sera and Grey’s plan. However, Grey still has to play along and interrogate Nahla for the sake of his Imperial cover. Soon, Nahla howls with laughter as she thrashes away in the Imperial stocks! Though Grey’s performance for the sake of the Empire is an act, Nahla’s ticklish agony is very real as she begs for mercy, in a cackling, toe-squirming tickled conniption!

Can the heroes keep things quiet long enough to keep their plans hidden? Find out now and stay tuned for more!

Length: 23:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Wars, Episode 5 Interrogation Intrigue!

TheFootFantasy – Tickle Punishment

Roxie and Courtney are bff and they share the same bedroom. Roxie took Courtney’s shoes from her closet without telling her to wear them during a party at night. Courtney realized her shoes are missing and she wants to know who took them away. Roxie tells Courtney that it was Macy, and she has decided to confront her. Macy is in her bedroom sit on the bed and suddenly Courtney comes in with Roxie and Mandy. Roxie and Mandy confront her and Courtney start asking where her shoes are, but Macy asks to let her go and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Courtney is getting tired and asks Roxie what she thinks they should do to punish and make Macy confess, and Roxie says, “Let’s tickle her”. Mandy and Roxie take Macy to the bed while Courtney sits in a chair that is right beside the bed, she put her socked feet over the bed and start checking her smartphone. Mandy is tickling Macy’s armpits while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. After a minute, Roxie asks Courtney if she should take Macy’s socks off to tickle her bare feet and Courtney says, “Great Idea”. Macy doesn’t want them to do that, but Roxie removes each sock and tickle Macy’s bare feet. Macy still getting tickled reminds Courtney that Mandy had a nap in her bedroom, so now Courtney changes her mind and orders Macy and Roxie to tickle Mandy to see if she confess. Now is Mandy the victim, Macy tickling her armpits and Roxie tickling her socked feet. Roxie again asks Courtney to take the socks off and Courtney says “Off Course”. Roxie removes each sock to tickle Mandy’s bare feet. Nobody knew that Courtney had a secret camera in her bedroom, and while using her smartphone she found the video where she clearly saw that it was her best friend Roxie that took her shoes from the closet. She tells that to Roxie and, called her a traitor and immediately ordered Mandy and Macy to tickle her. But Roxie managed to convince them to tickle Courtney instead since she has always been mean with them, so they both took Courtney to the bed to tickle her. Mandy and Macy tickling Courtney’s armpits and body while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. Then Roxie starts to take her socks off and Courtney says “No please not my bare feet, I am your leader and I order you not to do that”. She doesn’t listen to her and take each sock off and tickled her bare feet. Things may seem resolved, but Mandy and Macy were unfairly tickled because of Roxie, so is time for payback… They put her in position to be tickled, Mandy starts tickling her armpits while Courtney and Macy tickle Roxie’s socked feet. Then Courtney tells Macy to take her socks off (flipping them) so she fully pays everything she has caused… Roxie is begging them to leave her socks on but it doesn’t work and they all enjoy tickling her barefeet and being punished.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Punishment

BrokenShellFantasies – Macey Cartel Foot Tickled To Orgasm

Macy sits down to enjoy a nice massage. As she enjoys a strong and sensual massage, her feelings start to stir and she starts to feel more aroused and her pleasure increases. As she’s starting to feel good from the massage, she gets tickled and her feelings get mixed up and confused from the clashing feelings.

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macey Cartel Foot Tickled To Orgasm

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 40 Fatal 4-Way Foot Frenzy!

OUR FIRST FATAL FOUR-WAY MATCH! Bully Barbie, KK the Crusher, Pom Pom Polly and Thai Fighter all throw down in an every-woman-for-herself donnybrook! Anything goes, in this hard-hitting, toe-stomping, foot-tickling, shoe-smothering free-for-all!

The match is so chaotic that at one point, even Mia the referee is pulled into the action and foot-tickled silly! She has the big red button that activates the ring’s electrified floor, but will she even get a chance to use it? It’s martial arts finesse vs. brute strength vs. dirty tricks as four of the TWE’s best and baddest engage in the biggest brawl to date in TWE history!

Three of these four sexy combatants will end up in the Sole Stealer device for an extra round of tickle agony at the hands of the winner! It’s anyone’s guess who will win this one, so don’t miss it!

Length: 25:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 40 Fatal 4-Way Foot Frenzy!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 37 Bully Barbie vs Platinum Fury!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TWE! Bully Barbie takes on newcomer, Platinum Fury! The two bottled blondes go for broke in a vicious but hilarious battle! In addition to the punches, kicks, head slams, toe-stomps, laughter and other regular tickle wrestling fare, this is easily our cattiest match to date!

Barbie and Platinum get into each other’s heads with trash talk, complaints to Mia the ref and an overall comedic pettiness that will make you pick a side, one way or another, no matter what! Platinum is tough and has plenty of grit, even when Barbie’s wicked fingernails attack her ribs and bare feet! But will that be enough to bring her a victory against TWE’s bratty princess of power? Find out now!

Length: 21:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 37 Bully Barbie vs Platinum Fury!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Fierce Foot Rivalry! Macy vs Dacey!

Macy is making a foot seduction video for an admirer, but Dacey comes in and ruins it. The two of them have always been bitter rivals, and this is Dacey’s perfect chance to make Macy look like a fool and steal her intended prize!

While the camera is running, Dacey steps on Macy’s feet, curls her toes over Macy’s, makes Macy sniff her feet and puts the sassy blonde through foot-tickling hell, to show Macy’s admirer that he’s better off forgetting about her! Dacey claims that her feet are “more dominant” than Macy’s, therefore she’s the better choice. But, Macy isn’t going to take this lying down!

Soon, Macy turns the tables on the sexy brunette, putting her through all the foot-stepping, toe dominating, foot smothering and foot-tickling that she had to endure! It’s fantastic foot fest that’s a feast for the eyes! Don’t miss this one!

Length: 23:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fierce Foot Rivalry! Macy vs Dacey!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Triple Tickle Tangle!

Reagan, Macy and Onyx are all interviewing to be the face (and feet) for a new line of women’s athletic shoes. They’re all excited, but Macy sees a way to take out her competition, and picks a fight with Reagan and Onyx! She kicks them both in the face, then stomps on their toes! Then, to add insult to injury, she throws Onyx on top of Reagan, tangles their ankles up, then removes one of each of their shoes, to tickle their feet!

Reagan and Onyx howl with hysterical laughter as long, wicked fingernails dance all over their wildly wriggling bare feet! But, Onyx manages to leg choke Macy, putting the bratty blonde at her and Reagan’s Mercy! Each of them grab a foot, remove Macy’s shoes and tickle her bare feet, mercilessly! The three of them go back and forth, wrestling, fighting and foot-tickling each other, til they’re all writhing around in a contorted tangle of cackling faces and squirming, tickle-panicked feet, trying in vain to escape!

Just then, their interviewer enters the room, shocked to find his future, potential brand representatives acting like complete idiots, in his waiting room! He takes it surprisingly well. Is there something he isn’t telling them? What is it? Find out now!

Length: 16:31.256
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Triple Tickle Tangle!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Triple Tickle Trouble!

Last time around Onyx, Macy and Reagan got into a toe-stomping, foot-tickling brawl, in the waiting room of a big athletic shoe company. All three are in competition to be the company’s latest brand representative, but after being caught fighting on the premises, the hiring manager has them in mind for a different project! Now, to test them (and probably to reprimand them for fighting) he straps them all into restraints and mercilessly tickles their helpless, bare feet!

Fingernails, feathers, the electric toothbrush and various other tickle tools teach all three battling beauties a hilarious lesson as they howl, laugh and shriek hysterically! Each of them tries to throw one of the others under the tickle bus, even if it only allows them a few moments of rest! At one point, Macy uses her nimble toes to undo one of her ankle restraints, but it’s all in vain as her flailing leg is quickly caught and secured, once again for more foot-tickling punishment!

It’s hard to tell which of them is more ticklish, but whatever project the hiring manager has in mind for them, if it involves having ticklish feet, all three are more than qualified! Looks like Reagan, Macy and Onyx won’t have to worry about competing anymore!

Length: 10:49.782
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Triple Tickle Trouble!