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MoRina – Cuffed & Tickled Lisa & MoRina

Double the fun with two tickle scenes! The first scene is about 4 minutes and is me tickling my friend Lisa’s feet while her wrists and ankles are cuffed. I also added a shackle which connects from each wrist and goes underneath her thighs to restrict her movement. We are both barefoot, dressed in shiny metallic dresses (to match the cuffs, of course!) I tickle her feet as she wriggles, giggles and throws her head back in laughter! You’ll get plenty of views of this milf’s sexy legs and bare feet during her tickle session. The second clip is about 6 minutes and features Lisa tickling me. It starts with me hogcuffed, thinking I am about to get released after a long struggle…but no, Lisa has a sadistic streak and decides to tickle me! You all know how ticklish my feet are, and apparently so does Lisa! She has a way of taunting me that drives me crazy..she pauses and I think she is giving me a break and then she attacks my feet with those fingernails again before I can catch my breath! This tickling was especially difficult because I had already been in the cuffs for a while before she started, and because I had so many handcuffs on me – thumbcuffs, toecuffs, ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. There was also an extra handcuff joining my wrists to my ankles to hogcuff me. Many times you see shackles used to hogcuff a person because most people can’t bend themselves into a cuffed croissant like I can! When I am really restrained like this, the ticklishness and vulnerability are at their highest!! I hope you enjoy this delicious girl-girl tickle session

Length: 10:22
Resolution: 1280×720

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MoRina – Chaise Lounge Captive Tickled

I have been tied down to the leather chaise lounge, struggling against the rope in hopes of breaking loose. Jay arrives to extend my predicament. He removes my precious new Zigi Soho black suede pumps (that he had told me I wasn’t allowed to buy) and proceeds to tickle my feet as I scream with laughter. Watch the close ups of my soles being tickled and hear my fits of giggles. Jay taunts me and tickles my belly, moving up my body as I wriggle uncontrollably. I’m wearing a purple and black balconette bra which exposes my nipples, and they bounce in unison with my squirms. Jay moves one hand up to cover my mouth and then leans in to nibble my belly while still tickling my feet! My uncontrollable laughter proves how extremely ticklish I am!

Length: 5:31
Resolution: 1280×720

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MoRina – Tickle Trouble

I fail to learn my lessons occasionally and today I am in trouble again. Jay has had enough, and he pushes me onto the bed, wearing my sexy lingerie, nude stockings and gloves, saying, “you just won’t learn, will you?” I shake my head no and then, sensing the hard tickling coming, quickly change it to a “yes I will, yes I will” but it is too late! Jay pulls my silver stilettos off, because he knows that’s my most ticklish spot, and he begins viciously tickling me. My boobs pop out of my teddy, and it pulls up to show my natural bush. Jay is strong and holds my lower body in place, letting my gloved arms flail about wildly. I am not bound, but still helpless to get away! He tickles my feet so roughly through the nude stockings that one of my garters pops off under the pressure. He pauses and acts as if he is going to give me a hug, and then pushes me back down for more rough tickling. My breathing gets labored…and he walks away…only to return for more upper body tickling! He holds my arms up so he can get in some armpit tickling, along with some crazy ribcage action. His tickling is so rough, you can see the red marks he is causing all over my skin!! My giggles and screams are all very real. I am so extremely ticklish and Jay enjoys hard tickling me

Length: 5:03
Resolution: 1280×720

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MoRina – Tickle Torment

MoRina looks pleased to be frog-tied on her bed, with her hands tied behind her back. She is wearing an ivory high-waisted girdle panty and nothing else as she wriggles around for a bit, amazed at the lack of mobility she has! She is smiling as she struggles, but then decides she has had enough, and calls to Jay to untie her. Jay comes in and pushes her back on the bed, grabs her feet and she realizes just how vulnerable they are…he begins to tickle them mercilessly, occasionally moving up to tickle her belly and big boobs. She squeals, screams, cackles and screeches…Jay knows all her most ticklish spots! He walks away and leaves her to recover…only to sneak back in and grab her feet and tickle her high arches really hard until she can hardly breathe

Length: 6:09
Resolution: 1280×720

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MoRina – Prisoner MoRina Tickled

his is an excerpt from “Prisoner MoRina Strikes a Deal”. I split this off so that tickle fetish fans could just buy the tickling part of that video! MoRina has struck a deal with the prison guard. Rather than serve her one-year sentence the judge gave her, she has agreed to be the guard’s nylon tickle slave for one week. Her head is encased in nylon, and she is wearing pantyhose under her orange prison jumpsuit. She is handcuffed and shackled. The guard tickles her nylon encased neck and her hosed feet. She screams with laughter! Can she make it a whole week

Length: 7:12
Resolution: 1280×720

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MoRina – MoRina Tickles Jennifer

This is a sequel to “MoRina Puts Jen In A Bind” which is a consensual bondage video. After I watched Jennifer struggle, I helped her to the floor, still tied. This is where this video starts. I remove Jennifer’s cleave gag and ask her would she like her shoes off as well? Jennifer is still tied at the ankles, knees, wrists, chest and her elbows are still tightly cinched together. She readily agrees to have her shoes removed..but she didn’t realize that I was planning to tickle her bare feet! Jennifer’s soles are very ticklish, and the young brunette struggles against the ropes while I use my fingernails to drive her wild, stopping occasionally to tickle the side of Jen’s ribs! I giggle as much as Jennifer…what could be more fun than tickling a helpless pretty young girl

Length: 4:50
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – MoRina Tickles Jennifer