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TickleAddiction – Kayla Racked and Tickled

Kayla is in for a ticklish treat!! Taylor has tied her down and THEN wrapped her up in plastic attached to two metal frames. Now that Tay has unlimited access to Kayla’s ticklish spots, she busts out all of her toys and shoves them in every spot Kayla has. Kayla laughs and snorts and tries to squirm, but can’t!! Tay is having a field day and making Kayla regret coming over!! Tie up by rope and plastic wrap at the same time??? What could be worse?!

Length: 11:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kayla Racked and Tickled

TickleAddiction – Anabelle’s LAST Tickle Scene (safe word edit)

This is Anabelle’s LAST tickle scene, EVER…no, really! Scene: She’s dating my step-son and I found out she CHEATED on him!!! So I tricked her and found a way to tie her up… and I decide to punish her. Wow, Anabella is so ticklish that it’s legit torment for her (in fact, I had to edit the video because she used the safe word and we had to cut until she could calm down). I even blew a couple raspberries to get her good! She promised it would never happen again. I can’t believe she would hurt my boy like that. Such trash. (We finished this upper body tickle scene and Anabelle confessed that she would NEVER get tied and tickled EVER again.)

Length: 4:46
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Anabelle’s LAST Tickle Scene (safe word edit)

TickleAddiction – Anabelle gets REVENGE!!!

REVENGE! A couple of weeks ago I posted Anabelle’s final tickle scene- She’s my sons GF and she cheated so I tied her up and punished her. Well, good news (for you)… SHE GOT HER REVENGE! Idk how she even got me into this predicament. She rolls up my t-shirt sleeves and digs her tickle nails into my armpits (which are extremely ticklish). FOR REAL… Anabelle is a REALLY good tickler! She tickles me in my worst spots and gets me good! In the end I PROMISE her I won’t tell my step-son she cheated on him. Secret is safe with me!

Length: 5:49
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Anabelle gets REVENGE!!!

TickleAddiction – Indica’s Tickle TapOut Revenge + SURPRISE

THIS IS WHAT MY TICKLE FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! The long awaited tickle revenge video!!! I am bedspread and it’s Indica’s turn to see how long until I tap out or use the safe word… There may or may not be an incredible surprise the last couple of minutes!!! 😉

Length: 15:53
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Indica’s Tickle TapOut Revenge + SURPRISE

TickleAddiction – Indica’s Tickle Tap Out

“I had forgotten how much I LOVE to tickle. I’m a true switch and I love being a lee and a ler… But when I have a SUPER ticklish victim… something inside just GETS ME GOING! Indica and I decide to play a game… who can last longer before tapping out or using the safe word…” Indica goes first.

Length: 11:17
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Indica’s Tickle Tap Out