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BoundTicklingArchives – Kat Bound And Tickled!

Kat is so cute and SO TICKLISH! In this clip she is bound to the bed in her underwear and tickled hard without mercy while she giggles uncontrollably and thrashes in desperation. Kat has a low pitched sexy giggle that turns into a high pitched squeak when I get her good. Kats underarms are very ticklish, but it’s her sides and abs that are real sweet spots.

Duration: 8:29.942
Size: 157,611 Mb

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BoundTicklingArchives – Ticklish Ashley Bed Bound And Begging!

Tall bratty Ashley is in her underwear and bound for tickling in two different positions while she protests vocally and has a giggle freak out! First she is bound to the bed and I start with those exposed and vulnerable underarms which makes Ashley giggle and writhe around, rocking her body back and forth. After barely a minute of tickling Ashley is already begging for the tickling to stop! But I can’t stop until I tickle Ashleys adorable chubby tummy which is SO TICKLISH! I tickle my way up to her sides while Ashley laughs, writhes, and begs some more for the tickling to stop. But Ashleys ticklish ordeal is far from over and she freaks out with more hysterical laughter and begging when she is hogtied for more tickling! Ashleys feet, ass, and sides are the prime targets in this position.

Duration: 10:03.502
Size: 187,072 Mb

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BoundTicklingArchives – Naked Ela Bound And Tickled!

Ela is tall with an adorably bubbly personality and an *amazing* body that was made to be tickled! In the first sequence Ela is topless and bound to the bed with her long arms above her head. Ela is SO TICKLISH and freaks out while her hot underarms are ravaged with hard aggressive tickling. “OH MY GOD! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Ela screams. I get good reactions from Elas sides and tummy but keep going back to those sexy CRAZY TICKLISH underarms! In the second sequence of the clip Ela is naked, her wrists are bound behind her back, and her sides tummy and extra extra sensitive hips are all tickled while Ela completely loses it. Ela is amazing and so adorable.

Duration: 12:10.096
Size: 224,6 Mb

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BoundTicklingArchives – Lydia Bound And Tickled!

Beautiful goth girl Lydia is in her underwear and bound to the bed for some tickling! Lydia starts to freak out the moment I approach her exposed underarms and once I start to tickle Lydia wastes no time in laughing, screaming, and thrashing aggressively. Lydias underarms are SO TICKLISH and as I work my way down to her sides Lydias laughter and thrashing only intensify. In the last few minutes of the clip Lydia is on her side with her wrists bound behind her back while her tummy and sides are aggressively tickled. Lydia has some of the sexiest ticklish laughter you will hear!

Duration: 8:01.013
Size: 149,492 Mb

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BoundTicklingArchives – Don’t Let Go Sally!

Tall dominant Sally has an amazing body with tight six pack abs. Sally HATES to be tickled! In this clip she is in her underwear with her arms above her head grasping the cuffs tight and trying desperately not to let go while her body is relentlessly tickled! Sally laughs her head off and twists her sexy body to try to avoid the tickling. Sallys tummy and sides are very sensitive but her sexy underarms are ticklish on a whole other level. Seeing Sally hold on and try so hard not to let go, all the while laughing and thrashing is HOT!

Duration: 7:00.019
Size: 130,595 Mb

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BoundTicklingArchives – Westeria Bound And Tickled!

Adorable Westeria is by far one of the most ticklish gals I have ever filmed! In this clip she is in her underwear and bound and tickled for the first time. Starting with her underarms and working my way down Westeria is HYSTERICAL and her desperate laughter and intense struggling throughout the clip is HOT! Westerias tummy, sides and underarms are all sweet spots that receive a lot of attention. In the next sequence Westeria is on her side with her wrists bound behind her back. In this position her tummy and sides get all the action. In the final sequence Westeria is hogtied and her feet, ass, and sides are all prime targets. Amazing reactions and laughter from Westeria.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 960×540, 2325 kbps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 256 kbps
Duration: 10:33.032
Size: 194,836 Mb

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