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RFStudioProduction – Kristina in black shiny catsuit – Intensive feet tickling in stocks

In this video clip, the lovely Kristina is dressed in a catsuit. Her gorgeous boobs are sticking out of the shiny suit.
Her hands are bound behind her back and she is restrained in an intriguing kneeling position, with her big bare feet exposed. A gag is secured in her mouth, and a blindfold covers her eyes.
It’s safe to say this is a very unusual position for her. She is vulnerable to falling, particularly because of her ticklish and sensitive feet. I’m right there with a pair of combs in my hands.

Throughout the session, I engage in an intense tickling of Kristina’s bare soles. Her reactions of squealing and laughter fill the air. I find amusement in observing how she manages to maintain her balance and avoid falling, despite the challenging circumstances.

Length: 16:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kristina in black shiny catsuit – Intensive feet tickling in stocks

RFStudioProduction – Long hot tickling of Anna Luna’s body, feet and pussy on the throne + vibrator

Wearing a dress, Anna Luna walks slowly towards the throne, picking up a vibrator along the way. She sits on the throne, spreads her legs, and begins to play around with the device. She moans in pleasure, throws her head back, and smiles.

Next, Anna Luna positions herself on the throne with her legs spread in different directions and her hands resting on her panties. I take the vibrator and attach it to Anna’s thigh using duct tape, then secure her ankles to the mounts on the throne.

I will caress her and tickle her body – positioned behind the throne, I will tickle Anna intensely. Now, I take the flapper and strike her thighs, focusing on my beautiful victim. Subsequently, I use a large feather to tickle Anna’s nipples and also her private area through her panties.

Now I use the electric brush all over her body and under her panties. Then I take out a bag of devices – they have my favorite ticklish feathers – I run them over Anna’s nipples and then peel back her panties and tickle her pussy, which is already wet.

I use the same approach with a small brush, followed by running a Wartenberg pinwheel over Anna’s body. Afterward, I give Anna a hearty tickle on her sides once more.

Later, I engage with a mechanical vibro tongue, using it on Anna’s intimate areas while tickling her. Subsequently, I utilize a vibrator, gliding it over Anna’s moistened area, all the while continuing to provide her with ticklish sensations.

After a brief intermission, Anna’s legs are extended and fastened to the partition. Now, I will take pleasure in tickling her feet using a brush, comb, massager, and oil. Occasionally, I’ll also tickle Anna’s sides and position the vibrator between her legs.

I put a ball gag in Anna’s mouth and proceed to tickle her vigorously, even nibbling on her feet. She wriggles, and drool escapes from her mouth, trickling onto her glistening body. With this, our activities conclude, and I leave Anna by herself.

Length: 33:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Long hot tickling of Anna Luna’s body, feet and pussy on the throne + vibrator

RFStudioProduction – Obnoxious girlfriend got tickled as payback in several bags

Lisenok is a very unbearable girl – she considers herself more important and cooler than others. She also humiliates her friend and makes fun of her.

So on this day, sitting next to Aksinja , she takes away her laptop and Aksinja cannot say anything against it.

Then she asks Aksinja to massage her feet and Aksinja does it. And then Lisenok makes her bring fruit and takes them all for herself. She starts peeling a tangerine and throws the peel on the floor, laughing at her cunning plan. Lisenok hands a slice to Aksinja to offer a bite, but then quickly takes it away – leaving her friend humiliated.

In the end, she became even more shameless and made Aksinja pick up the peel from the floor. When Aksinja bent down, Lisenok pushed her to the floor and then sat on top of her, tickling her mercilessly.
She tore the stockings on her feet and tickled poor Aksinja.

Lisenok tied up her friend and undressed her. She would then torments her with tickling for a long time, her bare body and feet. When Aksinja had no strength left, Lisenok left her, enjoying her friend’s pain and suffering. But Aksinja already knew what to do…

The next day, when Lisenok was almost ready to bed, Aksinja snuck up behind her and threw a stretching sheet over her head, pinning it down. Lisenok didn’t understand what was going on and tried to get out. Unsuccessfully. Aksinja began to tie her friend’s hands and feet with duct tape so she could later enjoy her revenge with tickling – driving Lisenok crazy on the couch.

Then Aksinja used a bag to put Lisenok in it and put her stinky socks inside. While Lisenok was suffering in the bag, Aksinja tickled her bare feet.

Later, she freed Lisenok to rest, and then put the bag on her again, longer so that her feet were sticking out of the bag. She tied the edges of the bag and knocked Lisenok down on the floor with her foot. She sat on top and tickled her soles and sides through the fabric.

Lisenok laughed and was not in a good position. Then Aksinja released her friend. But not for long.

The last bag, the longest, Aksinja put on Lisenok and tickled her all over through the stretchy fabric. And then she left her to suffer, wriggling in the bag until the end.

Length: 40:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Obnoxious girlfriend got tickled as payback in several bags

RFStudioProduction – Volchenok – Intensive armpits tickling and tits groping

In this clip, Volchenok has bare armpits and boobs and she’s waiting for some crazy time. She is very sensitive to tickling and reacts madly to it. Instead of the usual laughter, she falls into a trance state in which she groans, howls, says something inarticulate, and yells, while she has very funny grimaces on her face. And yes, every time I tickle her, I feel like an exorcist, and I myself always smile with laughter under the mask, because it doesn’t work any other way.

Volchenok is fixed on the bench, her hands behind her head. In this clip, there’s only the tickling of the armpits and her big boobs.

Length: 21:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Volchenok – Intensive armpits tickling and tits groping

RFStudioProduction – Pandora takes great pleasure in tickling Olivia’s feet Part 1 – Straitjacket and stocks

In this clip, in a straitjacket with a ballgag in her mouth, barefoot beauty Olivia is bound in stocks with all her cute toes tied specifically for Pandora to satisfy her predatory desire for tickling Olivia’s soles. Pandora, in general, loves to dominate beautiful women and has a unique attraction to Olivia

Knowing how sensitive Olivia’s feet are, Pandora takes her time, savoring their sight, scent, and tender velvety skin. Pandora tantalizingly savors them, not denying herself the pleasure of licking them, and, of course, Pandora tickles them as well.

At first, she gently massages Olivia’s feet, licking them with her tongue, but over time, the intensity of the tickling and foot worship increases. Soft feathers give way to nails, which are replaced by electric toothbrushes, combs, and a Wartenberg’s pinwheel, which makes Olivia scream like crazy.

As the action unfolds, Pandora first dusts Olivia’s feet with tickling powder, then applies oil to them, continuously deriving pleasure from everything she does.

Length: 32:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pandora takes great pleasure in tickling Olivia’s feet Part 1 – Straitjacket and stocks

RFStudioProduction – Pandora takes great pleasure in tickling Olivia’s feet Part 2 – Large ballgag and Foot press

In this clip, Pandora continues to derive pleasure as she actively tickles Olivia’s soles. Olivia is now secured differently. Firstly, her feet are now in a special foot press that applies pressure to her toe digits, arching and accentuating the curves of her beautiful soles. Her big toes are also bound together. Olivia is taped up, and her hands are tied to the bench with straps. To top it off, she’s gagged with our largest ‘Red Devil’ ballgag, which has never been removed throughout this entire long clip, so Olivia is always with her mouth wide open, like a true gag slave.

In contrast to the first part, Pandora, instead of playing with Olivia’s gentle ticklishness on her feet, immediately starts actively scratching her delicate soles with her long nails. Not only nails are used, an electric toothbrush and small scratchers come into play as well.
From time to time, Pandora dusts Olivia’s soles with so-called tickling powder, which causes a light itch on her soles, making her giggle. Throughout this entire long clip, Pandora enjoys the process of sadistic tickling, bringing Olivia to tears by the end.

Length: 29:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pandora takes great pleasure in tickling Olivia’s feet Part 2 – Large ballgag and Foot press

RFStudioProduction – Patty – Foot tickling in stocks by Arina and John

In this clip, the charming 23 y.o. Patty is making her debut in our studio!
The barefoot cutie with insanely sensitive soles, I had to tie her to the bench properly, but jumping ahead, because of her squirming, the ropes partially fell off, but it didn’t stop Arina and me from properly tickling her adorable feet.

So, Arina is sitting on the left, tending to her left foot, massaging it, tickling it, and licking it, while I am taking care of her right foot. That’s pretty much the whole plot.
Arina and I are tickling the beautiful feet of this charming and lovely girl and enjoying her reactions.

Length: 14:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Patty – Foot tickling in stocks by Arina and John

RFStudioProduction – Yoga Instructor – Comeback after few years

Our big-eyed cutie is back! Or rather, I came to her city to finally meet her and tickle her big and adorable feet. If you watched past clips with her, then you already know that this girl reacts very unusual to tickling, she gets embarrassed, excited, and immersed in herself at the same time.

The soles of her feet are very sensitive and she is very pleased with tickling, for her this is not torment, but rather a meditative-erogenous practice.

In this clip, she was shy because she hadn’t been tickled for a long time. I work my fingers on her feet, lubricate her soles with oil, and use a comb for tickling her. The tied cutie can only contemplate her feelings and giggle in embarrassment. Enjoy!

Length: 18:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yoga Instructor – Comeback after few years

RFStudioProduction – Anna Luna – New model tires sensual tickling for the first time – On the way to orgasm

Anna Luna is a new model. She is hypersensitive and loves to explore her body through tactile touch, she loves yoga and dancing.

Today I will start a real session with her. First, I’ll tie her hands to the ceiling. She is wearing a top without a bra and a skirt, her eyes are covered with a blindfold. Her nipples are already swollen with excitement and anticipation, and I begin to touch her armpits, neck, and navel. She is very gentle and responsive.
Then I begin to tickle gently and gently on her neck. Then I pull up her top and begin to tickle her back – then lightly bite her belly and lower back. Anna Luna starts moaning harder and gets high. Then I run a feather down her lower back and it gives her a lot of goosebumps.

Later, I pull up her top, removed the blindfold, and start tickling and stroking her excited nipples. I got a taste and bite her body more greedily.
Then I run my fingers all over her body and go to her hips and waist, under her skirt, on her hips, and behind her heels, which she lifted on tiptoe to feel the tickling.

In the second part of the video, I placed her on a wooden device with her arms crucified and her legs in stocks. Then I slowly begin to tickle her feet and they turned out to be her erogenous zone.
The girl moans and I tickle her harder. I grab an electric toothbrush and run it along her cute bare feet.
Then I tie her big toes and start using a Wartenberg pinwheel – from this device, Anna Luna finds her body shaking.
I want to continue the actual path to orgasm in the next video.

Length: 23:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anna Luna – New model tires sensual tickling for the first time – On the way to orgasm

RFStudioProduction – Leya in stocks – Fierce tickling with tied toes

In this clip, lovely Leya is depicted wearing a sleek black catsuit, her feet securely placed side by side in stocks. Her adorable toes are tied and immobilized, setting the stage for what comes next. Her body is firmly strapped to a bench using wide leather belts, her hands have limited mobility with palms facing the camera. The scene begins with Leya’s mouth being gagged first with a cleave gag and later changed to a bit gag.

The story continues as Leya experiences an intense and relentless tickling session on her bare feet. Two ticklers are actively involved, employing tools like hair combs, hand cream, and other implements to maximize the tickling sensations. Their mission is clear: to evoke uncontrollable laughter from Leya, leaving her squealing and grunting from the tickling.

Throughout the clip, the two ticklers work tirelessly, focusing on Leya’s sensitive soles, ensuring that she laughs uncontrollably. Enjoy!

Length: 31:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leya in stocks – Fierce tickling with tied toes