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TicklingIsFun – Janna Hicks Has Her Upper Body Tickled

We now move up to Janna’s VERY TICKLISH upperbody. She is so ticklish on her ribs and underarms, she is begging for the tickling to stop almost as quickly as it starts. When the ball and chain tickler starts working on her ears, she is driven completely crazy! Even saying that when it’s used on her ears it feels like its tickling the back of her throat! We’ve heard alot here at Ticklingisfun, but that comment is a first for us here!

Length: 11:38
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Janna Hicks Has Her Upper Body Tickled

TicklingIsFun – It’s Not Ticklish, It’s Really Not!

Mia Hope is a lovely, tattooed lady, who is a delight to have in our tickling grasp. Despite her constant claims that “It doesn’t tickle”, the giggles keep escaping as her very soft skin is lightly stroked over. She can barely stand any of the tickling, if her wrists weren’t secured, she would do whatever she could to get away!

Length: 12:21
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – It’s Not Ticklish, It’s Really Not!

TicklingIsFun – Maria’s Secret is Out!

Maria Jade has been living a secret life. She has been hiding among humans for a few years and supporting herself by doing fetish and adult videos. Why didn’t she have a “normal” job. Maybe it’s because she isn’t a true human female. Her secret is out when water is accidentally spilled on her, causing her to transform into a MERMAID! most other producers would stop shooting and turn her in for a reward. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to see if mermaids are as ticklish as human females. She is tickle tested on her upperbody and scales. It turns out that mermaids can be very ticklish!

Length: 13:09
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Maria’s Secret is Out!