Category: TickleAssault

TickleAssault – Puerto Rican Peril

Puerto Rican babe Nataly Rosa finds herself bound – legs and feet – to the bed and is subject to 2 guys w/their video camera and whatever they want to do to her. Great ass-smacking, foot-tickling, tit-squeezing, rib-pinching and more…all while Nataly screams in laughter and begs for mercy. “Have mercy on me, have mercy on me…” Sorry, not here babe!

Duration: 11:53.033
Size: 132,784 Mb

Download – Puerto Rican Peril

TickleAssault – So. Cal. Blonde

Kaylaa-Rae is a classic Southern California Blonde, with large breasts, perfectly tanned skin, and legs that seem to never end. She gets chased up the stairs to the bed and tickled all over her gorgeous body.

Duration: 5:11.666
Size: 56,442 Mb

Download – So. Cal. Blonde

TickleAssault – Jersey Girl

Sonia, is an incredibly adorable girl we found from New Jersey and we managed to convince her to come over for a tickling video. Her pink skirt keeps flipping up, so while fending off being tickled she is also trying to keep her skirt down. Her feet are extremely ticklish as we find out in the clip.

Duration: 10:12.333
Size: 111,711 Mb

Download – Jersey Girl