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JamieDaniels – 2 Ticked On Dee

Jamie and Sahrye have poor little Dee all tied up with her sweaty sneaker feet exposed. The girls tease Dee and tell her its too hot to be wearing sneakers and socks all day. They begin to remove Dee’s sneakers and socks all the while Dee is protesting and begging to be let go. Dee’s super soft soles exposed for Jamie and Sahrye to have fun with. They tie Dee’s big toes together and use their nails to tickle Dee’s soft soles. Dee’s feet are super ticklish and having 4 hands on her feet tickling them is insane. Up and down Sahrye and Jamie run their tickling fingers on Dee’s soles trying to break her.

Length: 10:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 2 Ticked On Dee

JamieDaniels – Catherine’s Tickle Surprise

You notice Catherine is napping on the couch again. She always has beautiful soft well pedicured feet that stick out of the covers. You love to admire them and desperately want to touch and lightly tickle them. Quietly you sneak in, and reveal her pretty feet from the covers. You lightly and softly begin stroking her soles, she is napping so you need to be careful. You then begin to lightly tickle them. She moves around a little and but soon wakes up. Catherine is super sweet and lets you continue tickling her feet, she likes the way your fingers glide up and down her soles. She also enjoys being lightly tickled. The tickling is very light and playful.

Length: 10:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Catherine’s Tickle Surprise

JamieDaniels – Investigative Tickling 3

Once again Jamie is bound to find out about this secretive tickler. Her and Rachel think they found his new hideout, but what they were not prepared for is that he now has an accomplice doing copy cat work. Instead of finding the secretive tickler they fall victim to Goddess Dee. Tied up, blindfolded and helpless, Jamie and Rachel are at the mercy of Goddess Dee. Goddess Dee removes their sneakers and socks. Using the prongs of a fork lightly, the hairbrush, the electric toothbrush and her ticklish fingers, she shows them no mercy and relentlessly tickles the soles of their feet.

Length: 11:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Investigative Tickling 3

JamieDaniels – Investigative Tickling

Jamie and Dee are investigating crimes of tickle passion. They find the home of the Foot Tickler, the man who has been taking girls home on dates, tying them up and tickling their feet. He takes Jamie and Dee by surprise and soon the girls find themselves in the same foot tickling predicament as other ladies. Stripped of their shoes and socks, tied up on the couch and their bare soles exposed for all different elements of foot tickling.

Length: 15:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Investigative Tickling

JamieDaniels – Tickle Draft

Jamie and Goddess Dee are all sexy in their bra and panties. They are doing a tickle draft and you are the ref, to make sure they follow the rules or else they get spanked. They flip a coin and Dee goes first where she is going to tickle Jamie and it’s her belly. Jamie screams in delight at Dee tickles her belly. Next its Jamie turn to pick where she will tickled Dee and its her armpits. Poor Dee crying out as Jamie tickles her pits. Next Dee choses Jamie’s butt cheeks, using her nails to tickle Jamie’s butt into jiggling, then Jamie takes her turn at tickling Dee’s butt cheeks. Then they go all out into a tickle fight, grabbing and tickling each other. After they come close to the camera with their butts and allow you to spank them.

Length: 9:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Draft

JamieDaniels – Feet Cleaning Tickling

Jamie’s feet are filthy, she always walks around barefoot and is not bothered by it. But Dee cant stand it, she thinks Jamie’s feet are gross and in need of a good cleaning. She ties Jamie down to a chair and places her feet up on a table, its time to clean them. Jamie begins to panic because her feet are super ticklish and she knows this will be bad. Dee uses a brush with soapy water to clean Jamie’s feet, but the brush is so ticklish on Jamie’s soles. Once Jamie’s feet are clean, Dee decides to punish her and tickles her clean feet with her fingers.

Length: 11:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet Cleaning Tickling

JamieDaniels – Diary Of The Tickle Witch

Goddess Dee is seated with her bare feet propped up. She is reading a book that has spells. She thinks it’s all BS. When Kat shows up and puts a spell on Dee. When Dee comes out of the spell she realizes that she summoned the Tickle Witch. Dee had accidentally read the Witches diary. Now Dee has to pay the price and have her feet tickled.

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Diary Of The Tickle Witch

JamieDaniels – Aria Tickle Test

Armpit tickle test for Aria Khaide. We first ask her a bunch of tickle questions then I administer the tickle test to her armpits while she is sitting in a chair. After I realize she is super ticklish I decide to tie her down on the bed to really let her have it. Using my nails and tickling fingers I tickle her armpits while she is tied helplessly down on the bed loving every minute of it!

Length: 15:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Aria Tickle Test

JamieDaniels – Bored Into Tickling

Its been a long boring day. Jamie and Dee are in the bedroom surfing channels hoping to find something to entertain them. Jamie comes up with a fun idea. They are going to arm wrestle each other and the winner gets to tie up the loser and tickle them. Round 1 Jamie loses and Dee ties her to the bed and beings upper body tickling in her armpits then moves down to Jamie’s feet and begins to tickle Jamie’s socked feet. Round 2 of the arm wrestling and Jamie wins. Dee gets tied to the bed and the same thing, Jamie tickles Dee’s upper body and armpits then tickles Dee’s socked feet. Round 3 Dee loses again and gets tied up. But this time Jamie removes Dee’s socks and tickles her bare feet. Round 4 Jamie loses and gets tied up and Dee removes Jamie’s socks and tickles her bare feet.

Length: 10:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bored Into Tickling