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JamieDaniels – Fantasy Fetish Tales

Jamie and Dee are sexy fetish friends who love to play around and explore their fetishes. They are both wearing sexy bra and panties. It’s starts with Jamie on Dee’s lap, they are roll playing that Jamie is her captive and Dee begins running her fingers around Jamie’s ticklish body. Jamie asks you to come rescue her from the creepy alien Dee. The 2nd roll play is Jamie playing an evil wicked witch coming after poor helpless Dee. Chasing her around trying to capture Dee to tickle her. 3rd scene is Jamie over robot Dee’s lap being robotedly spanked. Jamie pleading with her robot, but the Robot insists she most be spanked. 4th scene is Dee over Jamie’s lap. Dee is being held for ransom and Jamie will tickle and spank Dee’s cute little butt unless you deliver the money. Dee begging for you to send it ASAP. After tickling and spanking her butt, Jamie then goes for Dee’s ticklish feet and tickles her soles. The 5th scene is Jamie and Dee complaining that there is no one there to tickled them. They begin to compliment each other and touch each other in a ticklish manner, teasing you that you are not there to tickle them.

Length: 17:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fantasy Fetish Tales

JamieDaniels – Shoe Stealing Tickle Punishment

Once again Rachel Adams was caught stealing Jamie’s shoes. Jamie is determined to put and end to this once and for all. She tied Rachel up to a chair and props her shoe clad feet up. The ropes are tight and Rachel is going nowhere. Jamie removes the shoes Rachel is wearing, revealing her soft bare vulnerable soles. Rachel is scared, she knows Jamie’s long nails can do some serious tickle damage, and her feet are super ticklish. Jamie begins to run her long natural nails up and down Rachel’s soles, sending shocks of tickles through her feet and legs. Rachel cant stop giggling and laughing, all while Jamie reprimands her. But the punishment is not over. Jamie wants to make sure that Rachel remembers this and never takes her shoes again, so she breaks out the oil and rubs a generous amount all over Rachel’s soles. Now the tickling is even more intense. Rachel’s soles glistening and Jamie’s tickling nails showing no mercy. Rachel will never forget this.

Length: 10:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shoe Stealing Tickle Punishment

JamieDaniels – Ticklish Raspberry Ransome

Goddess Dee is being held captive by Sahrye. She is tied up on the bed in her bra and panties, with her stocking feet exposed. Sahrye enters in her sexy black catsuit and begins to tease poor Dee. Dee notices you are there too, and is begging you to get her free. Sahrye is mad, you owe her money, and now she is holding Dee for ransom. There is not much you can do except watch as Dee is tickled into submission. Sahrye uses her nails on Dee’s stocking soles. Poor Dee screaming for mercy, begging her to stop. But these cries fall on deaf ears. Sahrye does not care about Dee’s pleas. She continues to work her way up Dee’s body. Tickling her ribs, her armpits and legs. Finally Sahrye delivers her most ticklish surprise yet, her raspberries. Sahrye delivers multiple massive raspberries to Dee’s stomach. Loud intense raspberries that sends Dee to insane ticklish levels.

Length: 11:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Raspberry Ransome

JamieDaniels – Dee’s Ticklish Feet 2018

Its been a long time since I had my bestie Dee restrained for some tickling the way I want to do it. This was not a custom, this is what I commissioned myself. I had her zip tied to the chair, and did not show her the tickle devices until she was tied up. After she realizes she cant free herself I show her what I have in store for her. I first start with just my long strong nails, gliding down her soft silky soles. Dee starts to scream and panic knowing this is just the beginning. Then I surprise her with the hair brush, tickling up and down her soles and in between her toes. Dee’s feet are so sensitive and ticklish, she cant help but laugh her ass off. Next comes the electric toothbrush, the buzzing alone makes her crazy. She knows one that is between her toes she is be laughing and screaming uncontrollably. But last is the ultimate tickle device. An electric razor that has been modified to administer ruthless tickling. Just a few light touches of this sends her over the edge in laughter. She knows there is no getting out until I am done with her.

Length: 10:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dee’s Ticklish Feet 2018

JamieDaniels – TEASE AND TICKLE – Jamie Daniels, Goddess Dee, Sahrye

Jamie, Sahrye and Dee are seated on a couch with their perfect soles propped on a table in your face. They are gigging and wiggling their toes. They tease you with their scrunching soles and wiggling toes. Getting your cock all rock hard. They begin to tickle each other soles for you. Then Jamie and Dee get down to Sahrye’s feet and begin worshipping them. Sahrye loving every second of their hot wet mouths on her toes and soles. Then the girls want to have a bit more fun and tie Sahrye’s two big toes together and begin to tickle her soles. Sahrye loosing her mind over it. Then the girls go back to worshipping her feet again. After they finish worshipping her feet, Jamie and Dee sit back down with Sahrye and oil up their soles and give you JOI.

Length: 10:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TEASE AND TICKLE – Jamie Daniels, Goddess Dee, Sahrye

JamieDaniels – Tickling The Tickle Queen

Dee makes a confession to you, that she really wants to tickle Sahrye. She has been obsessed with Sahrye for a long time and this would be a dream come true. She begs you to order a custom video with her and Sahrye to make her fantasy come true. It looks like Dee’s dream is about to come true. Sahrye is on the couch over Dee’s lap and Dee ruthlessly tickles Sahrye’s butt. Sahrye is laughing uncontrollably and kicking her legs all over as Dee’s tickling fingers dance and Sahrye’s luscious butt cheeks. Soon the tables turn and now Sahrye has Dee under her control. Holding Dee down and tickling her ribs, her belly and her gorgeous feet. Then Sahrye puts Dee over her lap and tickles Dee’s cute little butt until Dee is completely exhausted.

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling The Tickle Queen

JamieDaniels – 2 Ticked On Dee

Jamie and Sahrye have poor little Dee all tied up with her sweaty sneaker feet exposed. The girls tease Dee and tell her its too hot to be wearing sneakers and socks all day. They begin to remove Dee’s sneakers and socks all the while Dee is protesting and begging to be let go. Dee’s super soft soles exposed for Jamie and Sahrye to have fun with. They tie Dee’s big toes together and use their nails to tickle Dee’s soft soles. Dee’s feet are super ticklish and having 4 hands on her feet tickling them is insane. Up and down Sahrye and Jamie run their tickling fingers on Dee’s soles trying to break her.

Length: 10:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 2 Ticked On Dee

JamieDaniels – Catherine’s Tickle Surprise

You notice Catherine is napping on the couch again. She always has beautiful soft well pedicured feet that stick out of the covers. You love to admire them and desperately want to touch and lightly tickle them. Quietly you sneak in, and reveal her pretty feet from the covers. You lightly and softly begin stroking her soles, she is napping so you need to be careful. You then begin to lightly tickle them. She moves around a little and but soon wakes up. Catherine is super sweet and lets you continue tickling her feet, she likes the way your fingers glide up and down her soles. She also enjoys being lightly tickled. The tickling is very light and playful.

Length: 10:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Catherine’s Tickle Surprise

JamieDaniels – Investigative Tickling 3

Once again Jamie is bound to find out about this secretive tickler. Her and Rachel think they found his new hideout, but what they were not prepared for is that he now has an accomplice doing copy cat work. Instead of finding the secretive tickler they fall victim to Goddess Dee. Tied up, blindfolded and helpless, Jamie and Rachel are at the mercy of Goddess Dee. Goddess Dee removes their sneakers and socks. Using the prongs of a fork lightly, the hairbrush, the electric toothbrush and her ticklish fingers, she shows them no mercy and relentlessly tickles the soles of their feet.

Length: 11:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Investigative Tickling 3

JamieDaniels – Investigative Tickling

Jamie and Dee are investigating crimes of tickle passion. They find the home of the Foot Tickler, the man who has been taking girls home on dates, tying them up and tickling their feet. He takes Jamie and Dee by surprise and soon the girls find themselves in the same foot tickling predicament as other ladies. Stripped of their shoes and socks, tied up on the couch and their bare soles exposed for all different elements of foot tickling.

Length: 15:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Investigative Tickling