JamieDaniels – Shoe Stealing Tickle Punishment

Once again Rachel Adams was caught stealing Jamie’s shoes. Jamie is determined to put and end to this once and for all. She tied Rachel up to a chair and props her shoe clad feet up. The ropes are tight and Rachel is going nowhere. Jamie removes the shoes Rachel is wearing, revealing her soft bare vulnerable soles. Rachel is scared, she knows Jamie’s long nails can do some serious tickle damage, and her feet are super ticklish. Jamie begins to run her long natural nails up and down Rachel’s soles, sending shocks of tickles through her feet and legs. Rachel cant stop giggling and laughing, all while Jamie reprimands her. But the punishment is not over. Jamie wants to make sure that Rachel remembers this and never takes her shoes again, so she breaks out the oil and rubs a generous amount all over Rachel’s soles. Now the tickling is even more intense. Rachel’s soles glistening and Jamie’s tickling nails showing no mercy. Rachel will never forget this.

Length: 10:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shoe Stealing Tickle Punishment

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