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Fettish – The Brat Buster – Amecia

Fan favorite Amecia has returned for a shot in the Brat Buster! Bolted face down, this ticklish girl’s entire body from her pits to her silky soft feet are exposed. Random steel bits keep Amecia from squirming around too much.

Derek pokes and prods her upper body and thighs, getting constant giggle fits out of the very overwhelmed woman. Getting to her feet always brings explosive reactions. In this clip, watch Derek tease Amecia with his black feather and several other ‘helpers.’

You get a safeword in this one—from a place surprisingly more ticklish than her feet. Don’t believe me? See for yourself 🙂

TTC: I’ll be honest; I’m too dazed to remember. It was a multiple orgasm kind of video over here – but it started shortly after Derek started feathering Amecia’s soles.

Rating scale 1-5 feathers ????

Amecia: ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? (5)

Whoooooo. This was well done! Amecia pushed to her limits, extremely ticklish and suffering every second she can! Her safe wording is always fire because that drives me crazy. I love tickling a pretty girl into hell—when she says her safeword I know I won, and it’s time to stop.

Fuck. It’s hot!! ????

I’ll see you at the next review!

? Santina | Erotica author, reviewer, and model ????

Length: 22:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Brat Buster – Amecia

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Mia and Kylie

I don’t know about you, but I do love me a good mummification. Throw in immobility, a double team, and a super reactive pair of ticklish feet, and you’ve got me sold!

Mia is the subject of this video and boy, do Derek and Kylie work her over. I mean she might deserve it, seeing as though she continues to brat her way through her shrieking. One might even think she likes it, as (like any good lee) she spreads her toes wide for her tormentors, giving them access to every sensitive spot. The shocker is their tool of focus, drawing the best reactions from poor Mia. Derek introduces a new toy that almost looks like a skewer but my GOD, to watch that thing vibrate on its own (11:32) makes me very glad I’m not the one on the table.

They continue to tickle Mia nonstop until she’s whimpering, and just when I think her suffering couldn’t get worse, Derek pulls out oil and THE GLOVES. My feet literally curled beneath me as I watched her helpless feet get scrubbed to insanity. The camera shifts and you can see just how little Mia can move, and it’s both delicious and terrifying, as is Derek and Kylies own evil laughter.

Feather Rating 1-5: (5)

Kudos to Mia for being a fantastic sport, she’s one tough cookie. As for Kylie and Derek, you make one hell of a team. Looking forward to seeing all of you in action again!

Bee kinky, Bee kind,

Honey Kinkade

Author | Model | switch

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Table – Mia and Kylie

Fettish – Tickle Tool Test – Amecia and the TGun

Amecia is playing a fun little game with Derek, testing which tools on her insanely tickling feet give her the most hell.

The TeeGun, found on Derek’s Etsy store, is a mechanical device with a feather attached to the end. When it’s turned on well, you can see the blurry feather work its magic once it touches a pair of soft bare feet.

Amecia catches a bad case of the giggles as that feather swirls and investigates, even giving her a detailed examination between every toe while she’s strapped down and unable to stop it. Amecia’s toes seem to be her hot spot, at least with the TeeGun, so if you’re into extra ticklish toe action— ????

Rating scale 1-5 feathers ????

Amecia: ???? ???? ???? ???? .5 (4.5)

I’m used to more squealing from Amecia, BUT feathers ARE my favorite tickle tool of all time – and she’s got that incredible pair of feet I can’t resist. Her giggles are adorable. This video isn’t too terribly intense, but very teasy (which I personally enjoy from time to time in videos.)

If you’d like to purchase the Teegun for yourself, (I know I will be lmao) head to Fettishtools on Etsy!

I’ll see you at the next review!

Length: 11:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tool Test – Amecia and the TGun

Fettish – Tickle Tool Test – Shrieker – Amecia

Calling all fans of the shrieker! Amecia is back for more fun, showing up as the helpless Lee that she is and ready for Derek’s next experiment.

A highly ticklish device, this buzzing thin rod is used meticulously all over Amecia’s very soft ticklish feet. Her arches are bad, prompting Derek to sloooowly rub the shrieker against them to elicit Amecia’s usual stuttering squeals.

She likes the balls of her feet as well, and we can’t forget those gorgeous immobile toes. ???? Don’t let this model fool you—Amecia comes from this lifestyle and absolutely LOVES having her feet owned by Derek.

Why else would she keep coming back and subjecting herself to such horrors? Only thing is once she’s locked in – I believe this ticklish brat forgets there isn’t an easy way back out. ????

Interested in a Shrieker of your own? You may find it on Etsy under the fettishtools store!

This is a good one! While the shrieker isn’t my favorite tool (you aren’t able to use the tip—that hurts.) I liked the way Derek maneuvered around the obstacle. Amecia’s feet are perfect, responsive, and captivating in every shot.

Towards the end though I longed for something else. I like the tickle tool series, but tools I prefer are gonna get that higher rating from me! I’ll say, and there are many of you who LOVE the shrieker, you gotta get your hands on this one.

I’ll see you at the next review!

Length: 13:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tool Test – Shrieker – Amecia

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Amecia Facedown

The cutie with the best squeals and laughter is back! This time with a twist. She admittedly enjoys being tickled and really enjoys her upper body getting it. So, she asked if facedown is okay. Of course!

Securing her wrists over her head, her feet through the bracket, and belts pinning her to the table, its go time.

All of her awful spots get it – underarms, sides, ribs, under her butt, behind the knees, and of course her feet!

Length: 25:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Table – Amecia Facedown

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Carson

Trinity has brought her friend Carson to the tickle table! Delightful news for Derek, not so much for the ticklish blonde restrained to fuck with no hope for escape. Even during the REALLY unbearable parts. Like when Angelica joins in, paying heed to Trinity’s gleeful findings of Carson’s ultra ticklish feet—gently brushing the balls with a toothbrush to demonstrate while she squeals. Trinity in particular taunts an unfortunate Carson into the lower depths of hell as she and Angelica go full no mercy on her feet! Electric madness ensues as a flosser enters the scene. Carson’s adorable screams almost have us feeling sorry for her. Almost. We don’t though—If that wasn’t clear. Heavy, almost Femme Domme style bullying in this one. With friends like Trinity and Angelica, Carson may have been better off not signing up at all ???? Too late now. Her ticklish feet are ALLLLL theirs to play with. TTC: 7:51 ???? I get off on squealing SO hard. Rating scale 1-5 feathers ???? Carson: ????????????????.9 (4.9) I enjoyed the verbal teasing in this. ALOT. Trinity made it clear she wasn’t going easy on Carson, having completely demolished her own ticklish feet prior. Vengeful tickles are the best, ESPECIALLY between friends and lovers! Don’t argue with me—it definitely adds a certain spice. 🙂 Derek you should have tickled Carson’s neck man! It was right there ???? ???? ???? ???? I’ll see you at the next review! ?Santina | Erotica author, reviewer, and model ????

Length: 16:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Table – Carson

Fettish – Tickle Therapy – Skullcandy Bri 2

Holy hell of all things squirmy. Bri is in the chair for some therapy, and it’s time to introduce her to the machines.

First of all, let me just pause and say what an amazing model Bri is. She’s gorgeous, her feet are sublime, and she’s got fantastic reactions and a GREAT laugh. The banter between her and Derek is amazing, 10/10 they are so much fun to watch together. I laughed along with them while watching this clip.

Secondly, Derek is such a fantastic Ler that I actually tensed so hard while watching him tickle her calves, I gave myself a leg cramp. No joke, was laughing and crying while watching him take her apart piece by piece. Then he told her to tell him where to go (TTC: 13:15) and I snurfed all over the place (and yes that is the technical term for holding in a snort).

All in all, this is a must see clip, highly recommend. You won’t be sorry for clicking that button, I promise!

Bee kinky, Bee kind,

Honey Kinkade

Author | Model | Switch

Length: 18:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Therapy – Skullcandy Bri 2

Fettish – No Safeword – Sweet Tease

Southern cutie Sweet Tease wanted to give this a shot and I’m certainly not going to deny that to a pretty girl; especially one with terribly ticklish feet!

She’s probably the only girl that ever made me feel bad! Seriously watch the preview – she’s SO nervous that I thought she was going to cry 🙁

Yes, I’m a sadist but I don’t want anyone to cry!

I explain the rules, she picks are desired time, I gag her mouth and as always – its go time!

She suffers the entire ten minutes. Badly. At the end of it as always, I give a post destruction – err – I mean post shoot interview.

Length: 16:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Safeword – Sweet Tease

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Zelda

My first British girl, and what a gem! Zelda arrived, not having ever done anything like this – and I say again I’m always honored when I hear that; seriously.

She had warned me how bad she is, up to and including the possibility she may very well – um. Number one. Thankfully that didn’t happen but she is every bit as ticklish as she had warned me!

Into the bag, layered in belts, her big toes secured in my new clamping system, and the game was afoot (ridiculous pun intended).

I’m fairly certain I’ve not been cursed at this many times in roughly twenty minutes in my life lol

Don’t worry, I made her pay for that sass.

Length: 17:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Table – Zelda

Fettish – Tickled In Steel – Aries

Aries gets it good in this wonderful floor setup. Move your arms and the bars hurt, so you’re made to hold your own body still in the steel while someone tickles the snot out of you? My upperbody-loving brain keysmashed all over the floor. Just thirty seconds into this video and I was a mess. Don’t you foot loves worry though, Derek gets those good as well, including a beautiful sock reveal for you! (Time stamps for both, I can’t see them on mobile)

Aries is so, so ticklish. It’s unreal. Derek doesn’t even have to touch her, all he needs to do is show her what’s about to happen and she bursts into laughter, it’s amazing. And Derek knows just what to do to make her shriek. At one point he puts the toothbrush in her OWN hand and tapes it in place so she’s tickling herself, and I’m pretty sure the look on my face resembled the “the WHAT” meme the entire time.

TTC – Time To Cum – (thigh shot, I can’t see the time on mobile)

My God. By the end of this clip you can tell Aries is nearing tears, and it is beautiful to listen to and watch. She’s growling at him and he’s either ignoring her or laughing at her, and my switchy brain couldn’t decide where to land; it was glorious. Highly recommend!

Bee kinky, Bee kind,

Honey Kinkade

Length: 16:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled In Steel – Aries