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FlashyFeetProduction – Sonya Audition

I’ve known Sonya for awhile now. We used to work together back at my old job. She would always dangle her feet off her heels and it was impossible not to stare. I would later one leave my job and we still kept in touch. As soon as I began producing I started to look around and took a risk with asking Sonya. At first, she refused. But, a few months later messaged me back and asked if I had any openings to shoot with her that weekend. We got together and she tried to act all calm and confident but she would turn in a hysterical mess. Don’t believe me? Go watch for yourself!

Length: 6:40
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Sonya Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Sierra Audition

A few of my old friends were passing by my area and we all decided to go out. After hoping from place to place, we ended up in this club and I got a chance to meet Sierra. She was with a few of her girlfriends and me and her just rambled on about life and stuff going on at the club. Having a bit of courage in me, I showed Sierra my page and she said, “HAHA really? People watch and like that?”. I told her, “Yeah, you’d be surprised”. Peaking her interest a bit, she agreed to my offer to model for me. Later on, we ended up shooting and she put her big size 10.5 feet into my stocks. She was a bit tough to crack until I found some spots using the toothbrush and the mit! I recommend watching this clip if you’re interested in watching big feet getting tickled!

Length: 7:32
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Sierra Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Spanish Barbie Audition

As someone who has watched Spanish Barbie’s clips for the longest time, I’ve always been a fan of her. I could only dream of the opportunity to get a chance to have this amazing Latina beauty in my stocks. Well… one day, I saw her page and decided to take that shot and soon was able to get in contact with her. We scheduled a date, and the next thing you know my dream was becoming reality. If you’ve ever met Barbie, she is a strong willed and confident person. Once she got in the stocks, the nerves started to show and she would get the tickling of a lifetime. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this

Length: 5:14
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Spanish Barbie Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Selene Audition

Selene is a video game streamer that I ran into on twitter. Being a nerd myself I was into her page and enjoyed the content she was putting out there. I decided to take my shot and sent her a message about potentially modeling for my business. To my surprise, she responded pretty quickly. She came to the studio and you can tell she was rather nervous to get her size 10 feet tickled. I can say she was a tough one to crack. But, once I found those spots she lost it!

Length: 5:44
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Selene Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Macy Divine Audition

Just like any other day, I was scrolling through my messages and came across a request. I checked it out and saw the message was from Macy, a local model that was I wanted more experience in the the industry. After awhile, we set up a date for a shoot. Off the bat, we connected and vibes were amazing. I couldn’t resist or stop tickling her super sensitive soles with all the tools in my arsenal. She was going absolutely manic, even after the shoot she was trembling and shaking from the hours of tickling. This was the first of many many many shoots to come!

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Macy Divine Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Kayla Audition

So on my way to Miami I was excited to check out the area, beaches, strips, all that it has to offer! While planning my trip I stumble across an email, I was curious so I opened it. It was Kayla, she saw my post from social media and was in the area. She was curious about the idea of being locked in the stocks and having her big size 9.5 feet tickled. We set a date, and we got together for some tickling fun. Kayla is a tough cookie, she is very ticklish, but she knows how to hold it back. I break her a few times with the little tools in my arsenal, once I bring out the oil and the glove… IT WAS ON! If you like to watch someone tough break.. this video is for you!

Length: 9:26
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Kayla Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Dazey Audtion

After my shoot with Kayla, I immediately was pooped. But, I had to pick myself up and get ready for my next shoot. This time I was shooting with Dazey, this wasn’t her first experience doing a tickle shoot. But, this was her first time ever being tickled in stocks! She thought she would be ready, and was even a bit cocky. But, as soon as I locked her in them and began to lightly tease her she started to break immediately! Dazey is a cute girl next door type of person and to watch her submit to the gauntlet I had for her was a sight to see. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this clip.

Length: 7:09
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Dazey Audtion

FlashyFeetProduction – Scarlet Audition

I met scarlet through a mutual friend. She seemed a bit shy at first, but as we got to talk further she opened up a bit. Her BFF was with us and started to tease her a bit my poking her sides. Scarlet held back but you can see by her face how much it tickled. I told her about my business and she dismissed the idea of doing it. Months later, I get a text message from her and she told me that she was interested in trying out the tickle shoot. We got together and as soon as I pulled out my stocks she took a moment and told me, “I don’t think I can do this. But, it’s too late now haha”. We both laughed, and she mustard up the courage to put her soft size 6.5 feet in the stocks. I fully recommend anyone who’s a fan of watching someone try to hold in the obvious laughter check this out!!!

Length: 5:16
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Scarlet Audition

FlashyFeetProduction – Miami’s Audition

So, I met Miami at the gym. She is a very bubbly personality and would always make fun of me for my lack of form. One day… we were talking about each other’s hobbies. I don’t know why, I just straight up told her that I produce and create tickle content. She laughed it off, saying, “NO WAYYY, really? That’s so cool! I’m super ticklish, do you think I’d be a good candite?’ Without hesitation, me and her ended up booking the next day. The bubbly and confident personality that I’m used to seeing became a nervous wreck. The moment she walked in; she began to sweat. Check out and see for yourself how much I break this beautiful newbie.

Length: 6:22
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Miami’s Audition