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RussianGirlsInFetish – Horny stepsisters

Lara and Olivia, stepsisters, are hosting their friend Eeona at home for a sleepover. Olivia is laying on the sofa with her tummy down; Lara and Eeona come in and ask her if she can help them with a school project where they tickle her feet to record her reactions and sensitivity level. So Lara sits on her legs and Eeona sits on the floor, and they start to tickle her soles with their fingers, checking different areas and writing down in their journal how ticklish it is from 1 to 10. After a few minutes doing this, Lara is getting turned on and Eeona too; as Eeona keeps tickling Olivia’s feet slowly while licking her lips and looking at Lara in a lustful way, she starts caressing Lara’s breasts on top of her shirt first, and then puts her hand under her shirt. They start caressing their breastx while tickling Olivia’s feet and kissing. Olivia figures out that they are not doing the project for school when Eeona by accident starts licking Olivia’s feet, and Lara confesses Olivia that she has a tickling fetish; so Olivia asks her if she wants to tickle her but in exchange they have to be tickled too. So they agree.

Eeona is naked on the bed tied up in a spread eagle position. Olivia and Lara start caressing her breasts and nipples, tickling and sensually stimulating her while they also kiss; then they start tickling her sides and armpits while also licking her nipples a bit. This makes Eeona laugh. Olivia teaches her stepsister how to tickle and at the same time how to stimulate Eeona so she gets more aroused and more ticklish. Lara then moves to the feet, starting to tickle them slowly while Olivia kisses Eeona and then starts playing with her pussy gently using her fingers, while also kissing her nipples, then she starts using the vibrator on Eeona’s crotch. They tickle and tease Eeona for a few minutes making her close to orgasm, but this just makes her more ticklish. Olivia then moves to Eeona’s feet too; while kissing her stepsister, confessing her that she loves tickling feet and starts tickling and licking them too. Lara confesses Olivia that she likes to tickle feet too and she gets horny when she hears Eeona laugh and beg; so she keeps tickling and licking Eeona , also using the electric toothbrush while Olivia sits behind her and touches her breasts and pussy, and kisses her neck and ears telling her to tease Eeona more. Eeona laughs and begs them to stop as they find the most ticklish spot on her feet, so Olivia keeps masturbating Lara’s crotch, but at the same time she also tickles Eeona’s feet, which makes her crazy, and Lara comes to orgasm hearing Eeona begging and laughing.

Lara finds herself tie to the bed in the same manner as Eeona has recently been. Eeona moves to Lara’s feet, starting tickling and licking them while Olivia kisses Lara and then starts masturbating her pussy, using her fingers on the lips first, then she starts to caress inside her lips and on the clitoris while also kissing her nipples. They tickle and tease Lara for a few minutes making her get close to the orgasm, but this just makes her more ticklish. Olivia then move to Lara’s feet too; while kissing Eeona, confessing her that she loves tickling feet and starts tickling and licking them too. Eeona confesses Olivia that she likes to tickle feet too and she gets horny when she hears Lara laugh and beg; so she keeps tickling and licking Lara while touching her breasts and pussy. Olivia kisses her neck and ears telling her to tease Lara more, then starts playing with her nipples while also tickling Lara’s feet. Lara laughs and begs them to stop as they explore the most ticklish spot on her feet.

Olivia is very horny and starts masturbating and at the same time tickling Lara’s feet, which drives her crazy, and Olivia cums hearing Lara begging and laughing.

Now Olivia is tied to the bed; she is very horny and sensitive, and Lara is still very horny, so she is determined to tease her stepsister for good. She sets up a videocamera to record the scene, and starts kissing Eeona, and together they start tickling Olivia’s upperbody, moving from her breasts to her sides and armpits while they kiss; which makes Olivia beg immediately, as she is super sensitive. They both begin to kiss her nipples and tickle at the same time her sides and armpits, teasing her for how ticklish she is, and Lara tells her that she has been dreaming so many times to be able to tickle her like this; while Eeona is also getting horny now; as Lara is touching her now and she was teased before when she was tickled, so she also wants to have the orgasm and can’t resist anymore hearing Olivia laughing and begging. So they both start moving to Olivia’s feet tickling and licking them, while she laughs more and more; and Eeona is getting more and more horny while Lara is touching her breasts and Eeona is masturbating her pussy. They both kiss and tickle and lick Olivia’s feet, while also looking at the camera as Lara is recording everything. Eeona cannot resist any longer and keeps licking and tickling Olivia’s feet; while also masturbating her pussy. Lara is tickling Olivia’s soles, making her crazy begging and laughing, and kissing and licking Eeona’s neck and nipples, until Eeona has an orgasm

They are sitting on the sofa wearing only their underwear; Eeona watches a tickling video on her phone and asks Olivia how can someone have an orgasm while being tickled. So Lara sits behind Eeona wrapping her legs around her body, while Olivia is in front of Eeona. Olivia uses the electric toothbrush and oil to tickle Eeona’s nipples and feet, while Lara kisses Eeona’s neck and mouth. Eeona tickles Lara’s feet now and then, since she finds it hard to cum while being tickled, and tickling Lara turns her on, so Lara agrees and starts laughing and begging Eeona to stop tickling her, which turns her on.

Then Olivia uses oil and vibrator on Eeona’s pussy and tickles her feet, while Lara plays with Eeona’s nipples and kisses her, until she has an orgasm while tickled.

Finally, Eeona and Lara switch positions and now Lara cums sweetly while being tickled and masturbsated by both girls.

Length: 1:07:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Captured girl pees from intense tickling on X-cross

Ofelia is captured and when she wakes up, she realizes she’s in an X-pose rack. Patty slowly slides her fingers on the girl’s ribs for a few minutes. Ofelia demands to be let go, but Patty has a different plan for her. Patty begins to cut her clothes off leaving her fully nude on the rack. Now that she is fully exposed, the tickling begins. Olefia laughs adorably but thinks that the tickling is too much for her to endure. However, Patty doesn’t listen and begins to tickle her even more and adds oil for extra effect. After a few more minutes, Sonya comes in and oils Ofelia’s feet to worsen the tickling. Both ticklers use their nails, feathers, and more tools to make Ofelia’s sensations more intense.

After a few minutes, Ofelia begins to feel the urge to pee. She begs, screams, and cries because she will pee herself. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. As she’s about to burst, the ticklers keep going. Eventually, she can’t hold it anymore and releases her pee all over the floor but the tickling doesn’t stop. Eventually when she’s all spent. Giving OLefia a few seconds to breathe, the ticklers keep tickling her until she pees again for a second time. As she begins to regret her choice, they begin to give her an orgasm with a vibrator. After she orgasms and is all spent from the torment, the ticklers tickle her one more time until she pees herself for a third time. After the third time, her ticklers leave her in her bondage and the puddles she created.

Length: 41:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – My yoga teacher has a tickling fetish

After her first yoga lesson that has ended up with a pleasant belly button worship, Samantha has been extremely excited to proceed her exercises with Olivia. She wonders what surprises await her at their second meeting. It all starts in quite an innocent way: Olivia shows some poses to Samantha and asks her student to repeat them. However, her task contains a spicy detail: she wants to test Samantha’s ability to hold these poses while being tickled. Samantha is a bit amazed but at the same time aroused so she agrees to try. Firstly, she does a downward-facing doggy position. Olivia begins to gently tickle her student’s sides and armpits. Although her movements are quite sensual, Samantha still can’t manage to hold the pose. Olivia acts like she is disappointed. On the contrary, she gets happy that she has a chance to tickle Samantha more. The teacher then commands the girl to lay down on her belly and arch her back so that her torso is above the ground. Olivia’s fingers tenderly run all over Samantha’s sides, ribs and armpits. She even touches Samantha’s tits paying attention to her nipples that playfully poke through the fabric of the student’s top. Samantha gets pleasantly surprised. She starts to breathe heavily but succeeds to hold the position. Satisfied, Olivia asks the girl to stand up with her hands above her head and one leg bend at a knee and held up. That done, Samantha’s sides get attacked by Olivia’s fingers again. It’s hard for the student to balance on one leg and she almost falls down leaning on the teacher. Olivia tells her that the following exercise should be performed on a bed and to complete it she should strip herself. Despite the shock, Samantha agrees. Once the naked girl is on the bed, Olivia suddenly starts fixing her hands and legs with ropes. The teacher convinces her student that she can hold the position easier with the help of restraints. After that, all the body of the naked Samantha gets sensually tickled. Armpits and sides, breasts and nipples, arms belly, legs and, of course, soles – Olivia pays attention to every little spot. Samantha wriggles and laughs adorably. The lesson definitely brings excellent results!

Length: 24:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Push the tickling limit

Polly is extremely ticklish, which is why Sonya loves to tickle her so much. She is stronger, so she is able to overcome Polly, fixing her in various positions. This time Sonya securely tied Polly to the cross, then on all fours to the wooden stuff, and to the bed in the spread eagle pose. In each of these positions, she will find all of Polly’s most sensitive spots, even using oil, which will make Polly even more sensitive. Sonya will squeeze all the juices out of her friend! The girls speak Russian, but English subtitles are included in the video.

Length: 44:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Tickling of the Tight hogtied girl

Sangini loves to be tied up, and Kalahari does it best of all. He is her partner, in His ropes she becomes incredibly receptive, sensual. It excites her to be at His mercy. This time He will not only bind her tightly, placing her in the most helpless position, but will also tickle her, trying to find her most sensitive places. Feet, soles, ribs, armpits, nipples… Sangini can’t resist in any way – it excites her wildly!

Length: 21:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Tickling weekend for 3 best friends

This clip is in Russian and contains English subtitles.

Three friends – Eeona, Ofelia and Jessy – gather at home to spend a lovely weeekend together. It is worth noting that all three have a tickling fetish. While drinking tea, Eeona colourfully tells Jessy and Ofelia how much fun she has experienced recently when tickling their old fellow Yasha. The girls listen to her with a lot of interest. Suddenly, Eeona asks Ofelia if she wants to repeat Yasha’s fate. Ofelia playfully rejects her offer but Eeona isn’t joking and Jessy seems to support her idea. Ofelia tries to resist and hides in another room but friends quickly reach her and lead her to the floor holding her arms and legs. The playtime begins. The girls put Ofelia’s blouse up and attack her armpits and sides with their fingers, also not forgetting about the breasts and nipples. Eeona then suggests to move to the bedroom. Here, they fix poor Ofelia to the bed in a spread eagle position. Ofelia lays on her stomach so her back and ass are exposed to the ticklers. Jessy and Eeona mercilessly tickle every inch of their friend’s body. Ofelia is extremely ticklish, she twitches and wriggles, laughs loudly and even roars. After some time, Jessy appears to be at her place. She is also restrained in the same position but with her belly and tits up. Ofelia and Eeona have wild fun tickling Jessy’s sensitive body. The girl’s reaction is explosive, she aggresively wriggles in her bonds and laugh adorably. At some moment, Eeona suggests Ofelia to add some oil that will make Jessy more vulnerable. Ofelia willingly agrees and they spread oil all over their friend’s naked body. The girls carefully explore all the Jessy’s tickling spots paying attention to her breasts, crotch, sides, ribs and legs. Jessy almost loses her breath and asks for mercy. Then, Eeona’s turn comes. After tying her up in a spread eagle position, Ofelia and Jessy pour some oil to Eeona’s skin and start tickling her upper body. Although Eeona laughs, this doesn not seem to be really ticklish for her. However, the girls manage to find her ticklish spots while intensively tickling her soles, boobs and crotch zone. When having a small break, friends share their opinions on this experience. All three find it quite amusing and interesting. Suddenly, Eeona’s and Jessy’s eyes get crossed. The genius idea blows Eeona’s mind: they haven’t tickled Ofelia with oil yet! Ofelia wants to refuse explaining that she has already gone through tickling today. Nevertheless, the girls remain relentless. They fix Ofelia to the bed in a spread eagle position again but now she lays on her back so her breasts and tummy are vulnerable. Eeona and Jessy add some oil and start having fun with helpless Ofelia. While Eeona explores her feet, Jessy focuses on the girl’s upper body. Oil causes Ofelia to react more wildly and laugh and roar more loudly. Tickling definitely gives wonderful sensations!

Length: 57:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – This is an office retribution, btch

Olivia did it again. Last time she was punished for her bad work ( Office lesbian girls play with bondaged Olivia ), but seems like she loved it. It is few months and she still do not respect her colleagues.

Now girls brought her in dungeon. They tie her up- her feet to the bondage device and her arms lifted up in strappado. They dominate her, spank her ass and tights, tickle her feet and upper body, pinch her hipples. They use a lot of oil. They ballgagg and blindfold her for a while. They make her cum after long teasing. She will learn the lesson this time.

All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. These fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect.

Length: 32:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Memorable date for Olivia sensual tickling and belly button worship

Bramble has prepared an unusual date for her girlfriend Olivia who adores surprises. Well, today she is definitely going to be amazed. Firstly, we observe Olivia in a red tank top and mini denim shorts standing with her hands up and securely tied to the ceiling. Bramble approaches her and starts caressing Olivia’s body with all her love and tenderness. Then, she unbuttons Olivia’s shorts and lowers them to reveal the girl’s sexy fit tummy. The top is also pulled up so we can admire Olivia’s perfect breasts. Bramble gently tickles her girlfriend’s armpits and sides making Olivia laugh adorably. Of course, she pays special attention to boobs and nipples tickling them sensually. The camera shoots the girlfriends from different angles so the viewers are able to fully enjoy Olivia’s beautiful reactions. The girl twitches and wriggles playfully, Bramble’s actions arouse her a lot, especially when some oil is poured on her belly and boobs. When oily, Olivia’s body becomes more sensitive to tickling and it is exactly what Bramble needs. After a while, we see Olivia laying on a sofa with her hands bend at the elbows and restrained with ropes. Her legs are also bound in a frog tie. Bramble gently touches her tummy, then begins to slowly lick it causing Olivia to moan sweetly. Gradually increasing her movements, Bramble then penetrates the girl’s navel with her tongue. Later on, she changes her tongue to her fingers sticking them deeply inside Olivia’s belly button. And then paytime becomes absolutely hot: Bramble takes a vibrator and starts working on her girlfriend’s belly. The moans get louder and louder. Moving on to Olivia’s pussy, Bramble assists herself by fucking the girl’s navel with her tongue. Finally, Olivia explodes from an intense orgasm. She will remember this date forever.

Length: 21:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Full body tickling of Sangini, no mercy!

This time, Sangins tied and firmly fixed in the most open position so that all the most sensitive parts of her body were accessible. Toes firmly pull her feet, securely fixing them in one place. There is no way to resist tickling.
Kalahari begins to barely touch her ribs and chest, which has a strong effect and causes a reaction. Her body is twitching – it’s both pleasant and ticklish. Gradually, he increases the intensity, plunging his fingers deeper into her skin. He uses a rope to work between her toes, this also causes a noticeable reaction. He tightens her waist with a rope tightly, fixing her even more to the wall. Finally, he covers her body with oil, which makes all the effects even more sensitive. With a toothbrush, he searches for her most sensitive places and tickles them. He gets to her crotch, tickling the inside of her thighs, pubis and anus. Then it moves to the armpits, ribs, breasts and nipples, squeezing all the strength out of her. And only after that comes the turn of the feet, toes and between them, heels. He won’t stay until he tickles her whole body!

Length: 47:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Full body tickling of Sangini, no mercy!