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GoddessNika – Tickle Feet Torment

GoddessNika - Tickle Feet TormentGoddessNika GoddessNika - Tickle Feet TormentGoddessNika

I would love to see a video involving you tickling a restrained woman’s feet using your long nails, more torturous than playful. Start the video with you walking into camera range, toward the woman, and you intimidate her by showing your nails to her.
As for outfit, I am hoping for somewhat of a 70’s Charlie’s angels-like theme, button down shirt/blouse, maybe bell bottom pants, and a plain neck chain.

Duration: 11:06.258
Size: 719,992 Mb

Download – Tickle Feet Torment

GoddessNika – Tickle Pointed Fingers

GoddessNika - Tickle Pointed FingersGoddessNika GoddessNika - Tickle Pointed FingersGoddessNika

This time, would like to see the other woman, restrained and facing down, first with her feet in your lap, as you tickle her feet very lightly with your two pointer fingers only. Second half of the video, you switch to sitting on her legs/ankles as she is still facing down. Continue with just your pointer fingers, very lightly. Like I said, it’s like a sequel to my first video, You wear the same outfit, same shirt and pants, same neck chain.

Duration: 10:06.845
Size: 655,804 Mb

Download – Tickle Pointed Fingers