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GermanJail – Uniformed doctor tickle the delinquent

Nova lies on the doctor’s couch and get cuffed and tickled. Dr Alice take a feather and tickle Nova’s cunt with it. The teethbrush on her toes does not stop, goes on and on. Dr Alice gives Nova something to drink, because she should pee for her. Minutes later she cannot hold it anymore…

Length: 14:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

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GermanJail – Tickling punishment with electric toothbrushes

Nova is locked up in the cell, gagged and handcuffed, and guard Alice appears calling her the punishment for her offense. She get bound and tormented by tickling. First Alice examine the ass, then she has to sit down and the stinking shoes are removed and held in front of her nose. Nova has to lie down on her back and is handcuffed to her feet and a large pump plug is inserted. Then she gets electric toothbrushes taped to her feet and has to endure the tickling punishment laughing loudly.

Length: 14:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

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GermanJail – Tickling In Gyn

is tied on a gyno chair by the officers. Her shirt is opened, and she has her panties and jeans down.

Nova and Alice want to her more for her pee mistake. begs again for mercy. Nova sits between her legs, and get some medical gloves on her hands, and start to finger ‘ s holes. The deal is that L shouldn’t make any sound, if she moans or talk, Alice has to whether tickle or slap her feet. So tries to hold her moans but quickly, she can’t help herself and start moaning and begging. Alice slaps and tickle her feet.

Now, it’s time for the peehole, She get her pussy spread with a speculum, and get inserted a dilator in her tight peehole while Nova hold her mouth closed with her hands. screams and begs, but Alice is mercyless, and her peehole.

Then, Nova insert the inflatable plug inside her asshole and pump it. She get more tickled and laugh and scream. Then they take a electric toothbrush and her clit with that. At least they both extremly tickle ‘s feet more.

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

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GermanJail – Tickled Until She Pee

is locked up in her cell. The warden Alice and Nova open the door and they decide to start with some tickle . So they make drink a lot of water out of a bucket. Then they tie ‘s hands and ankles with cuffs and her thighs with a belt together, take her shoes off and ballgag her. is on the bed and Nova sits behind her, opens her blouse and hold her body still while Alice tickles the stomach, tits, and feet. laughs and beg for mercy.
Then, they make her kneel on the floor. They tickle so hard that can’t help herself and must pee in her jeans. The warden are disgusted, and are really mad about that, they say that is going to be hardly punished for that pee. To be continued

Length: 09:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

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GermanJail – Extreme Tickle

is tied inside her cell, standing, back to the bars completely bound. Her arms are tied up her head, and all her body is tied to the bars : wrists, arms, upperbody, and her legs from just under the ass.

The warden Alice and Nova comes in the room and starts tickling a little ’s body. But soon, Alice decides to tickle the asshole with an electric toothbrush. So Nova is spreading ’s ass and Alice uses the toothbrush on the asshole. She laughs and begs.

Then, Alice wants to the feet so she takes a chair, and take one foot through the bars and tickle it with nails and electric toothbrush. Meanwhile Nova tickles ’s armpits, bellybutton, tits, ribs with her long nails.

To finish this cruel, the wwarden unties from the bars, and make her lay on a mattress on her stomach. Her hands and arms are tied behind her back, her thighs are tied together and her ankles too. Alice sit down on ‘s back and tickles her ribs and ass, while Nova her with a paintbrush, sometimes she takes it and pull it in her asshole.

Then they insert again the inflatable butt plug, until she screams, and to finish, they put the ballgag back, bound one of ’s shoe on her nose and mouth, so she can smell her dirty feet.

Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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GermanJail – Experiments With The Inmate

Inmate Nova lie on the bunk and has her hands tied in her back; she is ballgagged and with a hooded. Alice comes in the cell, takes off the hood, and the ballgag. Nova is afraid and very submissive. Alice tells her that she has been a bad girl because she let out, and she will be hardly punished for that. Nova begs and say she is sorry, Alice doesn’t give a damn; Nova accepts her torment but asks Alice about a favor. She will be very kind and very submissive to all the punishment, if at the end Alice can do her an orgasm . Alice accepts but warn N that she is going to be bound, ass tormented, and extremely tickled before getting pleasure.

So first, Alice takes off Nova’s flats and her to smell one. Nova’s feet are stinky and sweaty, so she smells the stink. Then, Alice makes Nova kneel on the bed, legs separated, facedown, and she takes her skirt up, and takes down her panties, and wear some medical gloves. Alice starts fingering Nova’s asshole, first one finger then 2. She ask if she prefers being ass destroyed or extremely tickle first? Nova is so submissive that she thanks and pick both.

So now, Alice inserts the inflatable butt plug in Nova’s ass. Nova is bound completely and can’t move. Alice inflate the pump plug, Nova moan. Alice starts to tickle her feet and tapes one toothbrush under each of Nova’s feet, the brushes are pointed under the toes. Alice starts the brushes, so Nova explodes into laugh. She also tickle the boobs and stomach while press the hand over her mouth. Alice is sadistic and make her prisoner scream and laugh loud.

Alice untied Nova from her bed, and puts her now on the gyno table. Nova has her top off, and her skirt is just up; she is completely bound. Alice starts with a feather and go all over Nova’s lovely tits.
She goes down to Nova’s pussy, and use the feather on it, then on the asshole. Nova starts to moan and become all wet, so Alice decides to go for more pleasure. She takes an electric toothbrush and hold it on her clit. Then, Alice takes a dildo and fuck the pussy and asshole hard until Nova cums loudly.

Now it is time for the pee pee . Alice brings some water and make Nova drinks a lot. Then, she use a speculum to spread the pussy wide. She tapes again some electric toothbrushes on Nova’s feet. Then, Alice takes 2 small paintbrushes and start using one on her asshole and the other one on her peehole. Nova laughs a lot and since she has her peehole tickled, she already feels to pee. But Alce warn her, she is the mistress and she will say when is pee pee time, not before. So Nova has to hold her pee until the mistress says so. After a long moment of tickling, Nova begs her mistress: please I have to pee, please… She wiggles and begs. Alice keeps tickling and at a moment, when she feels that Nova is really at the edge, she stops tickling her asshole and peehole and says: now is pee pee time! And Nova pees.

Length: 28:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

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