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MAFFetishStudio – Victoria bondage, tickle and sensual domination (FULL VIDEO)

Victoria’s mistake was believing it would be a romantic night. F was waiting for the girl with the ropes ready and eager to use her perfect soles!
She is tied to the sofa with her wrists and feet bound, assuming her submission.
F doesn’t just tickle, he also stimulates Victoria with a massager, which makes her shudder in high pleasure without being able to move.

Length: 19:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Victoria bondage, tickle and sensual domination (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Mummification and tickling (FULL VIDEO)

If you’ve watched any other Sol movies, you know how sensitive she is on the soles of her feet. She totally loses control when tickled!
In this video Sol was mummified with white tape. Completely bound and with only the soles showing, Mrs “A” and I began to tickle her. But she’s too sensitive! Even mummified, Sol struggled in despair, and that increased my will to continue even more. Neither eating Mrs. “A” sitting on her face, or sticking her feet in her mouth managed to avoid the scandal that Sol caused by having her feet tickled! And this is so exciting!

Length: 20:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mummification and tickling (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Flavia in Bondage, tickling and spanking tits (FULL VIDEO)

Flavia will be stimulated by tickling the soles of her feet, armpits and belly. Her slender body squirms gracefully as our hands explore and encourage Flavia to respond.
She is tied to the stretcher with plastic wrap, completely limiting her movements.
Flavia’s breasts draw my attention, and I end up putting the tickling aside to explore the pain in Flavia’s breasts. I hit her nipples with the whip and she squirms gracefully. She has a good relationship with pain, and I gradually increase the intensity of the blows. Flavia is whipped across the breasts non-stop while M2 continues to tickle her.

Length: 20:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Flavia in Bondage, tickling and spanking tits (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Bondage and tickling a girl with braces (FULL VIDEO)

Kel is a thin girl, soft, silky body, small and hard breasts. She is extremely attractive to us, because in addition to her perfect body, she is a mixture of oriental and Brazilian, and that gives her a unique exotic beauty.
Her delicate appearance immediately awakened in Mrs “A” a desire to submit her to her whims.
We laid Kel down on a couch and tied her up by tying her ankles and wrists so she couldn’t get away. From that moment on, Mrs “A” and I began very slowly to explore this girl’s soft body by gently tickling her. That way we discovered her most sensitive points.
Gradually we intensify the tickling and Kel begins to respond gracefully with laughter and frustrated attempts to react. It doesn’t take long for us to be at the peak of tickling, with the beautiful Kel mixing moments of laughter and agony while our hands don’t stop stimulating her.
I haven’t said anything about Kel’s feet in this text so far, but those of you who will watch this video will be able to see that the soles are beautiful and inviting. A small, delicate and soft foot totally at our disposal.

Length: 20:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bondage and tickling a girl with braces (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Sandy – Bondage, tickling, bastinado and sensual domination

In this first experience, sandy has her ankles and wrists tied, and her sexy body offers a sensational view! From this, I start the actions starting with the soles. They are big and beautiful soles, I touch and she responds with small contractions to my tickling. So I decide to explore other regions and discover that her ticklish sensitive spot is her thighs. Occasionally I bastinado on her soles, which seems to have positive effects on Sandy.
I discover Sandy little by little, and I masturbate her with my fingers, and I realize that she is in extreme despair of pleasure with this. I then punish her breasts with my whip and also slap her face several times, including making her lick and suck my toes.
A perfect session of domination that mixes sensuality and severity.

Length: 19:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sandy – Bondage, tickling, bastinado and sensual domination

MAFFetishStudio – Tickling and agony until Larissa urinates (FULL VIDEO)

Larissa is normally a pretty, self-assured girl with her big breasts, and sensual body. Today we are going to break that security and leave it in a position of extreme submission. We will tie her wrists and legs, making it impossible for Larissa to react physically to our stimuli. Then we will start tickling their soles, abdomen and armpits. We’re also going to cause agony and despair by scratching her soles with our spur and metal nails, and we’re going to do the same thing to her breasts. As time goes by, Larissa’s bladder fills up, and between the agony and the tickling, she can’t hold it in anymore, and pees in her own panties, giving us the outcome we wanted for this action!

Length: 20:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling and agony until Larissa urinates (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Tickling the hypersensitive Sol (FULL VIDEO)

Sol is tied up on the couch, her hands and ankles bound, and her beautiful soles seem to be crying out to be touched! My partner and I first enjoyed this beautiful sight of a girl squirming. Then we started tickling the girl’s soles. She screams, squirms and tries to escape our hands.
With a little more exploration, “M” realizes that the most sensitive spot on Sol’s body is her thighs. From that point on, we began to feel real despair, which intensified when I used kitchen gadgets for the tickles! This video is perfect for those who love to see a girl tickled, appreciate beautiful soles, and of course, Bondage!

Length: 21:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the hypersensitive Sol (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Ingrid in tickles and lashes on the soles (FULL VIDEO)

Ingrid is on the stretcher with her wrists and feet bound and bound together. She has cute soles that invite tickling and she reacts strongly to the touch of our fingers.
They like to harass Ingrid, F squeezes her breasts with all her strength, getting some screams from the bitch.
We discipline her with some lashes on the soles, because just as they are irresistible for tickling, they are also irresistible for F and M to use the lash on her.
Ingrid is constantly touched and humiliated, most notably her breasts which are squeezed very tightly by the boys.

Length: 15:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ingrid in tickles and lashes on the soles (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Six hands Scratching, tickling and exploring Anny’s body (FULL VIDEO)

Anny got a little sloppy this week, and didn’t take care of her feet like she should have. This really pissed off Akemy, who like a good sub told us what was going on.
We immediately went to punish Anny for her neglect. She was properly bound at the wrists and ankles, stark naked. Akemi starts scratching her body while we tickle her soles, but Anny doesn’t seem sensitive to our advances. This was getting on our nerves, and we decided to punish her in other ways, with whipping her breasts, bastinado, and a lot of body exploration. Anny is a beautiful girl, and provided a sensual domination that was very pleasant to watch.

Length: 25:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Six hands Scratching, tickling and exploring Anny’s body (FULL VIDEO)