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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Autumn Tickled and Fucked

Autumn finally gets her dream to cum true!! As she is bound with her wrists to her thighs she is completely helpless as two men both tickle her. But it doesnt stop there. As one tickles her the other has his dick in her mouth. They both tickle her as she sucks on his dick and gets everyone hotter and hotter. She giggles, twists and turns and as one has his dick in her mouth the other gets behind her to fuck her. Sucking dick and getting fucked all while being tickled causes Autumn to cum hard on JRs dick.

Length: 11:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Revenge Tickle Orgasm for Autumn

Heavenly is so excited to exact revenge on Autumn Bodell. Ankles and wrists cuffed in a hogtie position. Heavenly begins with light tickling strokes on the back of Autumn’s arms. Sitting next to her on the bed still warming Autumn up with delicate tickles on her lower back and ass. The fun quickly move to Autumn’s ticklish feet. Heavenly scrabbles her long fingernails all about the bottom of Autumn’s upturned soles. After exploring all her tickle spots with an electric toothbrush and hairbrush, Heavenly turns on the hitachi vibrator. Autumn still in hogtie status, the vibrator goes between her legs and stimulates Autumn’s sensitive pussy. Squeals of delight fill the room. Heavenly interrupts this pleasure by ticking her sensitive soles. Back and forth alternating the the pleasure of the vibrator and the surprise of tickling. Will Autumn get her orgasm ?

Length: 10:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Tickle Fun with Autumn and Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan is paying a visit to Autumn Bodell to catch up on things. Autumn playfully pokes Whitney in her side and Whitney recoils. “Are you ticklish?“ Autumn continues to poke at her and what follows is a full on tickle fight between these two very ticklish ladies. Each attacks the others most ticklish spots. Tickling their feet first in socks and then removing the socks for barefoot tickling. You finally get to see two very ticklish ladies and two expert ticklers

Length: 7:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Tickle Cop

Nurse autumn Bodell called for the police to come to their office. She and nurse Kim Chi knew it would be officer Jazmine Cruz who would come. Officer Cruz Never misses an opportunity to come to that office. Showing up in a police uniform and questioning patients. The questioning became interrogation and then the tickling began. Officer Cruz had been tickling patients for quite some time but word got to Autumn and Kim. That’s when the two sexy nurses decided to turn the tables on the tickle freak. When Jazmine responded to the call, Autumn and Kim were waiting and confronted the tickle cop about her exploits. She was placed in a restraint device the held her on her hands and knees, totally vulnerable to the tickling whims of Autumn and Kim. With s variety of tickling tools, all of Jazmine’s tickle spots are stimulated. The nurses delighted to tickle her ribs and arm pits and of course those sensitive feet. But the most fun was stroking her butt and hamstrings with feathers. The Tickle Cop becomes the Ticklee Cop.

Length: 12:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Tickle Orgasm for Heavenly

Autumn Bodell is a professional tickler. And Heavenly is about to find out what a world class tickling feels like. . Autumn has her tied to the bed with all Heavenly’s ticklish areas available to her. Autumn begins by crawling on top of Heavenly and scrabbling her fingers right on her armpits. Heavenly’s laughter sounds like music as she endures the feeling on her vulnerable puts. Autumn is working her way down to Heavenly’s feet. But I’m her way she finds an incredible tickle spot on the inside of her thighs. Heavenly’s laugh alone is worth the price of this video.
She is totally hysterical as Autumn squiggles her fingers in her crotch area. Then Autumn moves to those shapely high arched feet. First starting light and sensual with two giant green ostrich feathers. Then stepping it up with her skilled fingertips and then a hairbrush tickling Heavenly’s bare soles.
As a grand finale Autumn uses a hitachi vibrator to give Heavenly pleasure while tickling her at the same

Length: 13:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Ticklefull

Miss Quinn just received her new set of restraints and is excited to try them out. She immediately texts her two besties Autumn Bodell and Morgana Soles. Autumn volunteers to be the first to try and gets on the bed. The restraints wraps around the thighs and cuffs the wrists. Miss Quinn and Morgana start to tickle Autumn’s nipples and then proceed to test out her ticklishness all over her naked body. Miss Quinn uses a vibrator to pleasure Autumn as the tickling continues. Autumn’s reactions are priceless as these two expert ticklers have their way with her. Watch as Morgana and Miss Quinn tickle Autumn’s nipples, hips ears and of course her sensitive feet. In the end Autumn receives her much anticipated ticklegasm.

Length: 6:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Uber Gamble for Tickles

Autumn Bodell grabs an Uber back to work after lunch with friends. On the way back they come to an opening draw bridge. Realizing she’ll be stuck there a while Autumn decides to get comfortable by propping her feet up between the front seats. “You don’t mind if I put my feet here do you?” Autumn asks. The driver says, “You can put your feet there but I bet you can’t leave them there.” And the bet was made. The cost of the Uber ride if Autumn keeps her feet in place. She has no idea what what the driver has in mind. Even as he unties her boot she thinks she’s going to be even more comfortable. Her boot is removed and her sock is stripped off leaving her shapely bare foot exposed. Autumn finally realizes what’s about to happen when she sees him take the feather hanging from the rear view. After removing both boots and socks, he starts lightly stroking the the feather on soles of her feet. Autumn is determined to win this bet, leaving her feet in place and laughing uncontrollably as her bare feet are tickled with feathers and fingers. Can she hold out until the draw bridge closes?

Length: 14:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Uber Gamble for Tickles

AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Foot Tickling Orgasm for Autumn

Autumn Bodell visits an expert to help her spice up her relationship with her husband. She mentions how her husband loves tickling but it’s not fun for her. The offers a solution. A process that will make her feet an erogenous zone by mesmerizing her. Autumn is exited to try. The mesmerizing begins with a series of four strokes with a feather. Three strokes the crotch then one to the feet. Repeatedly going between her crotch and her naked feet with the feather transferring those sensations. Upon arriving home Autumn is eager to try out this mesmerizing therapy. Offering her bare feet to her husband she says ” Tickle my feet “. At the very first stroke of a feather along her bare sole, Autumn experiences erotic pleasure. As the tickling continues she gets more and more turned on. When finally his tongue stimulates her sole so intensely, Autumn cums like never before.

Length: 10:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Tickling Orgasm for Autumn

AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Autumn Toe-Tied in Stocks Part 2

Autumn Bodell’s ankles are secured in the stocks and each toe is tied and held back. After a brief demonstration of how terribly ticklish she is, the tickle challenges begin. First challenge Autumn chooses a number between one and five. This choice determines what tickle tool is used on her feet. The next fun challenge is a counting game. Autumn must count from one to thirty but between each number must say “I love having my feet tickled”. The third game is the same except must count backwards from thirty. Autumn is such a great sport and suffers through this really fun tickle session.

Length: 8:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Autumn Toe-Tied in Stocks Part 2