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UKTickling – Linda, Cherry, Storm Who Has The Most Ticklish Feet

A trio of FF/F tickling and super-ticklish nylon feet as Cherry, her step-mother Linda and Storm each take it in turns to get bound and punished by the other two! All three have very sensitive feet but who is the most ticklish…read on to find out! Linda goes first and she is soon laughing her head off as Cherry and Storm begin teasing her feet with their nails. The heels come off and Linda laughs until she is breathless as the younger ladies tickle her amazing nylon soles! Storm is definitely the meaner tickler (she can afford to be since it’s not her mother after all!) and she enjoys making Linda jump and squeal! It being the hottest day of the year, poor Linda is struggling to catch her breath within a couple of minutes – and so it’s time to switch places. Cherry goes next and she fares even worse…Linda and Storm have her shrieking and squealing as they pull off her heels and attack her nylon soles! They both go to town on her feet as Cherry laughs like crazy and once again, Storm shows that she is a seriously mean tickler (though Linda doesn’t go easy on her either!) Cherry laughs until she is completely exhausted and they have to stop to let her catch her breath. It’s only a brief respite though and they have Cherry squealing for mercy once more before her time is up. Storm determines that Cherry’s toes are her worst spot and they get some mean tickling in the final moments! Then it’s Storm’s turn and Cherry is in the mood for some payback. She and Linda tickle her out of her mind, which is not difficult since Storm’s feet are ridiculously ticklish! She shrieks and jerks around as stepmother and stepdaughter team up to get their own back. Their nails really drive her crazy and it’s clear who’s the most ticklish in this instance. She gets a slightly longer tickle session as we felt she deserved it…Storm may have regretted going last!

Length: 9:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Linda, Cherry, Storm Who Has The Most Ticklish Feet

UKTickling – Ultimate Punishment For Rachelle’s Bare Feet – Custom

Rachelle Summers is unbearably ticklish everywhere and her feet are certainly no exception. Her sensitive soles are really put to the test in this hot custom clip, as they are subjected to nearly 30 minutes of merciless tickling! Wearing the red catsuit, Rachelle starts off with her cute little (UK size 3) bare feet in the stocks – and she is quite nervous as she knows what’s coming up! After some initial light tickles, she has her bare soles written on with a pen. It tickles like crazy and Rachelle squeals, squirms, laughs and pulls some extreme faces as the pen runs over her soles and toes! It’s a struggle to write as her feet are scrunching and shaking so badly but after a few minutes she has some nice artwork on her soles and even on the tops of her feet (which tickles even more!)…only to have it washed off again! Now, her feet are covered with soap, making them super slippery. Once again, Rachelle goes nuts as her soapy soles are now scrubbed with a scouring pad! Unfortunately for her, her toes are scrubbed too until every trace of the pen is gone. It’s already too much, but it’s far from over and after drying her feet, Rachelle realises the worst is yet to come! Her feet are oiled up, making them slippery once more before a little challenge: she has to count down from sixty to zero, whilst enduring a merciless tickling with fingers and the hairbrush that has Rachelle nearly breaking out as she tries to count through squeals of laughter. It takes several attempts (as she has to return to the start each time) but a breathless Rachelle eventually gets through it, only to discover she’s only halfway through her ordeal! Now she comes out of the stocks to be tied face-down on the bed with her soles up for another round of punishment. For the second half, Rachelle’s helpless soles are tickled relentlessly with everything: fingers, feather, comb, brushes, all the while, shrieking and struggling hopelessly. Baby lotion is rubbed into her soles before punishing them with the brush again. It’s the worst punishment for her, yet not quite as the electric toothbrush proves to be the most unbearable of all. Unable to see it, Rachelle goes crazy every time it touches her feet – especially when it goes in between her toes! She’s completely hysterical before the end of this one and when it’s finally over she is totally ruined. There’s a little BTS at the end as a shell-shocked Rachelle tries to regain her composure and gives some feedback on the experience. A very intense clip!

Length: 28:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ultimate Punishment For Rachelle’s Bare Feet – Custom

UKTickling – Ellie Gets Mummified & Tickled Crazy!

Super-cute and super-ticklish Ellie Mae finds herself on the receiving end once again as she is mummified for an intense tickle session! Naked except for sheer pantyhose, Ellie is tightly wrapped and strapped to the bull with only her head, feet and boobs exposed. She jumps, squirms and laughs as her sheer soles are tickled with fingers, and later the hairbrush – which drives her nuts! Her exposed boobs get some tickling too, along with her sides and ribs which are poked and teased underneath the wrapping as Ellie squeals and struggles furiously. Her nylon feet are extremely ticklish in this position and the brush has her trying to break free as she laughs and kicks frantically! Later, the nylons are ripped and her soft bare soles get plenty of tickling too as she laughs and protests. The brush is unbearable on her bare feet but the toothbrush takes her by surprise. Jumping and giggling, she can’t decided whether or not she likes it – until it goes in between her bare toes! Ellie thrashes so much that her hands start to rip through the plastic. Nevertheless, we finish up with some body tickles, focusing on her pert breasts and nipples which are very ticklish! She goes crazy all over again, almost breaking out in the last few minutes! A very cute and crazy scene!

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ellie Gets Mummified & Tickled Crazy!