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BCTickleAndFetish – The Dean Likes Tickling

Gia has been a bad girl at school. She’s the typical stuck up, beautiful, and conceded bratty girl that gets what’s she wants. She’s been seducing her professors to give her good grades with her gorgeous feet. She just props her bare soles on their desk and the instructors basically fall into a trance. Word has gotten around to the dean and he is none to pleased. He invites Gia over to his house for a more personal encounter. He has an idea on how to handle Gia and her gorgeous soles. Within minutes of being at his house, Gia has her feet in the deans face. He admires them and acknowledges how pretty they are. He then runs his finger down her soles and makes Gia jump. From that point on the dean knew his plan would work. He tickles Gia’s feet nonstop one foot at a time. He uses his fingers and a few tickle tools to try to break her. Instead of begging for it to stop, Gia seems to be enjoying it to a degree. Next, the dean makes her stand up while he tickles her armpits, sides, and belly button. She quirms and struggles but now has a new way to try to seduce the dean into allowing her good grades to stick. Her and the dean come to terms on using tickle sessions as payment for her good grades. She must endure several tickle sessions from all her professors in order to pass her classes with good grades.

Length: 16:01
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Dean Likes Tickling

BCTickleAndFetish – Slyy’s Gorgeous Body

Sativa finds Slyy bound on the X frame, totally exposed for tickling. She marvels at Slyy’s slim and sexy body. She can’t wait to get her hands and long nails all over Slyy’s gorgeous body. Slyy is outrageously ticklish as we know. One nail grazing her skin is enough to make her squirm and giggle. Sativa tickle torments Slyy really good in this one. She leaves no spot untickled. Her armpits, sides, ribs, abs, nipples, and belly button all get tickled non stop. You can tell Sativa was having a great time. Can’t say the same for Slyy though. She usually takes tickling very well but looked visibly worn out after this one. Hot clip for upper body tickling fans!

Length: 8:43
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Slyy’s Gorgeous Body

BCTickleAndFetish – Misty Tickles Indica Jane

It took a long time to make it happen but we finally got to tickle the great Indica Jane. She is easily one of the all time most ticklish girls ever and a super cutie. This is her 1st time on our X frame and boy did we make the most of it. After a few introductory questions we let Misty Meaner warm her up. Or so we thought it was going to be a warm up. Misty has kind of turned into a real tickle monster. She’s usually getting the hell tickled out of her so she relishes any chance she has to tickle. She quickly has Indica in hysterics with her fast fingers. Misty doesn’t seem to have any mercy as she explores all of Indica’s spots. She even uses the flosser in her armpits which yields great results. It isn’t over yet for Indica though. Travis decides he wants a piece so he asks Misty to grab the camera. Now he unleashes a tickle on poor Indica while pretending that he’s going let her out. Misty hands him the flosser and he uses it in her belly button this time. Indica doesn’t know what to think at this point. She’s exhausted and her ticklers don’t seem like they want to stop!

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Misty Tickles Indica Jane

BCTickleAndFetish – Miss Allura On The X

Miss Allura has been around the fetish scene for a long time. Some of you may know her as Allura Skye. If you remember her, you know that she is one of the most ticklish girls ever! We’ve been wanting to work with her for a while and finally got the chance. It has been a very long time since she’s been tickled. She’s mostly a dominatrix these days so we were lucky to get her to do this. The clip starts with a brief interview then the tickling commences. Travis tickles her upper body thoroughly. Her worst spot is her armpits followed by her belly button, abdomen, and hips. It’s been so long since she’s been tickled so it’s very hard for her to take. She called her safe word several times throughout this clip. This isn’t constant, torturous tickling because of it. She still got the hell tickled out of her and is visibly worn out by the end of this clip. If you like seeing mature and dominant women tickled, you’ll like this clip.

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Miss Allura On The X

BCTickleAndFetish – 60 Tickles Per Second

Bella and Riot have been roommates for a long time. They also work at the same job. The too are very close and never let anything come in between them. That is, until now. Money causes rifts in many relationships and this situation is no different. They were both in the running for a promotion at work with Bella eventually getting it. Riot feels more qualified and feels that Bella didn’t give her any credit for helping her throughout her career. Snide Bella casually brushes off Riot and dismisses her efforts. Well, Riot knows one giant secret of Bella’s and it’s something Bella can’t stand. She knocks out Bella when she comes home from work and subdues her in some foot stocks. Bella wakes up to find herself in her most feared predicament. Riot has medium length, natural nails that tickle the heck out of Bella’s nylon covered soles. Just the slightest touch has Bella jumping out of the chair. The two go back and forth about who really deserves the promotion. Riot is not going to stop tickling the heck out of her roommate until she declines the promotion. Despite clearly suffering, Bella is resilient. So Riot ups the anti next. She rips open her nylons and tickles Bella’s bare feet. Bella’s feet are long, slender, and sensitive! She tries to remain tough but Riot brings out a back scratcher and electronic flosser to tickle her with. The devices in conjunction with her nails are too much for Bella to handle. She eventually forfeits the position to Riot. After getting what she wants, Riot leaves her in the stocks. A defeated, sweaty, and pissed off Bella vows revenge! We’ve rarely seen Bella this ticklish before. Her feet were very responsive on this day and this was hard for her to go through. Don’t miss this video if you are a fan of foot tickling and a fan of Bellas!

Length: 12:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – 60 Tickles Per Second

BCTickleAndFetish – Bella’s Face Down Destruction Part 1

Bella got Macy really good previously. However, Macy is about to get revenge in a big way! The face down position is proving to be an effective one. Bella is put in this position and boy did we get some great reactions out of her. We’re actually releasing these clips out of order but we wanted to drop this one first because it’s a doozy. Macy is also a really good tickler and she pushed Bella over the edge in this one. She starts on Bella’s thighs and ass. She gets deep in the muscle on her inner thighs and uses her long nails under her butt cheeks. Bella is bucking and already struggling but the worst is yet to come. Macy moves her long nails to Bella’s armpits and immediately gets results. Bella starts bucking, cursing and panicking like never before. Macy applies more pressure and digs in a little more and it’s all over for her. Bella starts jerking at her restraints so hard that she pulls an arm free. She desperately begs for a break with tears in her eyes! Macy continues to focus on her armpits and ribs. Every time Macy invades her armpits Bella freaks out. For whatever reason Macy’s technique and this bondage position is driving her insane! Her hair is a mess, she’s sweating profusely, and she’s struggling unlike ever before in this clip.

Length: 6:26
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Face Down Destruction Part 1

BCTickleAndFetish – You Lost Fair And Square Part 1

Megan has found herself in yet another precarious position. She lost her recent wrestling match due to her opponent illegally tickling her. She reported the referee to the referees association for negligence and not paying attention. Outraged by this, her referee, Travis, decided to do something about it. Megan wakes up tied in bondage and asking for help. In walks Travis as he explains why she’s tied up. She lost due to being tickled so Travis wants to find out just how ticklish she is. He starts on her big feet and boy are they ticklish! Her soft, gorgeous feet are very sensitive and he tickles them nonstop with fingers and tickle tools. She struggles mightily and her feet are super responsive to every technique. She demands to be set free but Travis has some demands of his own. It’s going to be a long day for Megan as the tickling has only just begun. This clip is foot tickling only.

Length: 11:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – You Lost Fair And Square Part 1

BCTickleAndFetish – You Lost Fair And Square Part 2

Megan has found herself in yet another precarious position. She lost her recent wrestling match due to her opponent illegally tickling her. She reported the referee to the referees association for negligence and not paying attention. Outraged by this, her referee, Travis, decided to do something about it. Megan wakes up tied in bondage and asking for help. In walks Travis as he explains why she’s tied up. She lost due to being tickled so Travis wants to find out just how ticklish she is. He starts on her big feet and boy are they ticklish! Now it’s time to test her upper body. Megan still won’t reveal where she got tickled by her opponent. She’s still complaining about Travis not paying attention to her match. So he continues his tickling onslaught on her ribs, armpits, sides, hips, and inner thighs. He drives her into fits of breathless, silent laughter. He finds spots on her ribs and inner thighs that make her say mercy twice. In order to get him to stop, she has to agree to his terms and whatever he wants. Will she give in? This is the upper body tickling portion of this series.

Length: 8:42
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – You Lost Fair And Square Part 2

BCTickleAndFetish – That Tax Return Ain’t Happening!

Sativa tickled the hell out of her accountants big feet for her negligence. Well Slyy managed to get free and has turned the tables on her. Sativa finds herself bound to a table unable to move. In walks Slyy who is eager for revenge. She starts tickling Sativa’s big socked feet and Sativa is already squirming. Eventually the socks come off and Slyy unleashes a full tickle on her gorgeous soles. She uses her nails and all the tools to drive Sativa mad. Sativa tries to reason with Slyy and agree to a much smaller tax return. But Slyy has her right where she wants her and isn’t done just yet. She moves to Sativa’s upper body and tickles her stomach, ribs, inner thighs, and armpits. Sativa continues driving her price down as she struggles and howls in laughter. Slyy doesn’t stop until she comes all the way down to a more than reason tax return that won’t get her audited. When she finally stops tickling her, Slyy leaves Sativa a worn out, sweaty mess.

Length: 11:45
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – That Tax Return Ain’t Happening!

BCTickleAndFetish – I’m The Top Bitch

The promotion rivalry between roommates and colleagues continues. Riot tickled the hell out of Bella’s feet previously. She was determined to break Bella and get her to turn down the promotion she just got. After getting Bella to agree, she left her in bondage in an attempt to punish her further. Well Bella found a way to free herself and now it’s time for revenge. She subdues Riot and puts her in the same predicament that she was previously in. Bella has wicked nails that are even longer than Riot’s. She uses them as tickle weapons against Riot’s nylon covered feet. Riot is just as ticklish as Bella and can’t stand it. Eventually the nylons come off to reveal her beautiful bare feet. Bella applies oil and starts using the same tools her roommate used on her. Riot is pissed off, cursing, laughing, yelling, and struggling mightily in the stocks. No matter what she does, she can’t get away. Bella gets her revenge and then some on her roommate. Foot tickling fans need not miss this one!

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – I’m The Top Bitch