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BCTickleAndFetish – Irene’s Revenge On Gia

Gia slowly, methodically broke Irene down the last time they met. It’s Irene’s turn to give it back. Gia always seems to get it way worse then what she gave it and now is no different. Irene starts on what is probably Gia’s worst spot, her feet. She works them over with her nails and the tickle tools which makes Gia squeal and squirm. Next she moves to her upper body and tickles her armpits, stomach, ribs, and belly button. Irene slowly, methodically breaks down Gia the same way Gia did her. She’s actually a very sexy tickler as well!

Length: 8:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Irene’s Revenge On Gia

BCTickleAndFetish – The Principal Has to Pay

Principal Bannock tickled the daylights out of the bratty cheerleader Liz for smoking in the bathroom. Liz was barely able to breathe by the time the principal was done tickling her. The stern principal left Liz tied up for another round of torment, but Liz managed to escape and turn the tables on her. Liz ties her up in the exact same position and now it’s time for revenge. Liz starts on her pantyhose covered feet and discovers that principal Bannock is super ticklish as well. Liz is just as relentless with her tickling while the principal struggles and laughs. Next Liz moves up to tickle her principal’s upper body. For a mature woman, principal Bannock has a stunning body. It’s a shame that the statuesque authority figure is extremely ticklish everywhere. Liz’s fingers tickle her armpits, ribs, sides, waist, and belly button. The strong and stern principal is now cackling and breaking down. Liz makes her promise to allow her to smoke whenever she wants. Principal Bannock is totally spent and just wants the tickling to stop. Super hot clip here. Don’t miss this one!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Principal Has to Pay

BCTickleAndFetish – Tickle Cuddling An Amazon

It is a dangerous task to tickle Gia De Luca. She’s the true definition of an amazon and she’s absolutely stunning! With amazon looks comes amazon strength. Travis attempts to tickle her upper body while her hands are cuffed. He has moderate success, epescially with tickling her ribs and sides. He can’t quite get her armpits though which is clearly her worst spot. So he slides between her arms and prevents her bringing her arms down. This position yields great results! Gia’s big body starts flailing around like a fish out of water. Travis now access to her entire upper body and the powerful amazon has nowhere to go. He gets her good on her armpits, sides, ribs, and hip bone area. Doesn’t everybody love ticklish amazons?

Length: 10:53
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickle Cuddling An Amazon

BCTickleAndFetish – Bodybuilder Sheena In Stocks

Sheena is one of the hottest female bodybuilders I’ve ever seen. She’s very strong and muscular, yet very beautiful and feminine. She’s been tickled a few times and appears to be very ticklish from what we’ve seen. But her level of ticklishness even passed our expectations. She hasn’t really been restrained in too much bondage before, so we were excited to get her in our stocks. After a brief interview and a shot of her flexing her sexy biceps, we got started. Sheena is tough and you have to find the right spots and the right techniques to get the best reactions. Fingers do ok in the right spots, but the tickle tools are what drive this muscular beauty insane. The hairbrush, back scratcher, and especially the flosser work wonders on Sheena’s beautiful size 7 soles and toes. She shrieks, laughs, screams, and struggles mightily in the chair while Travis works over her soles for what feels like an eternity! We have yet another super ticklish, muscular bodybuilder in our midst! There’s more to come with Sheena too!

Length: 12:39
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bodybuilder Sheena In Stocks

BCTickleAndFetish – Cheerleader Liz Gets Punished

Liz has been a bad girl and finds herself being disciplined by her principal Mrs. Bannock yet again. But this time principal Bannock has a unique idea to punish Liz. She has Liz come to her house and ties her up for a punishment that Liz will never forget. Liz finds herself bound to a table with her feet locked in stocks. Principal Bannock walks in and starts tickling Liz’s feet. Liz immediately struggles and questions why her principal is touching her feet. Principal Bannock continues and uses her nails, feathers, and some tickle tools to make Liz howl in laughter and dismay. Liz is beyond ticklish and can’t take this type of punishment. She tries to promise that she won’t smoke on school grounds anymore through breathless fits of laughter. Principal Bannock has heard it too many times before though. She continues her tickling onslaught to Liz’s upper body. She tickles her ribs and stomach thoroughly. Every time the principal slides a finger into Liz’s belly button, the sassy cheerleader loses it. And just when you thought Liz couldn’t take anymore, principal Bannock starts tickling her armpits. Liz is damn near crying at this point. She can barely speak a word as she is so worn out. Principal Bannock is still not convinced that Liz has learned her lesson. She just keeps tickling Liz into oblivion! This clip is a little longer than usual but don’t miss out. This is a super hot clip! Not sure how Liz made it through this one.

Length: 14:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Cheerleader Liz Gets Punished

BCTickleAndFetish – Do I Hear Red

After finally getting Megan Jones to say red after all these years, Travis has become infatuated with doing it over and over again! We have her on our X frame once again wearing a sexy bikini. Her gorgeous body is on display and completely vulnerable. We start with a brief series of questions that she’s never been asked before. Afterwards, Travis lets her have it! He tickles all the usual spots like the armpits, ribs, belly button, and sides. But he wants her to say red again and won’t stop until she does. So he gets behind her and gets her 2 worst spots badly. First, he grabs both of her inner thighs and squeezes. Megan squeals and almost falls over! Despite this, she is still defiant and actually antagonizes her tickler. Then he continues tickling her thigh while reaching up and squeezing hard on her ribs. The combination of her ribs and inner thighs makes her scream the magic word!

Length: 11:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Do I Hear Red

BCTickleAndFetish – Hot, Muscular, and Ticklish

Sheena is seriously the most ticklish body builder and or muscular girl we’ve ever seen. We were able to clearly come to that conclusion after this clip. We’ve worked with some seriously ticklish muscular girls, but Sheena takes first place. She’s all laid out and spread eagle, looking amazing. In walks Travis and from the moment he touches her it’s over. He starts in her armpits and immediately Sheena is struggling, laughing, and letting out loud shrieks and screams. He moves to her abs and stomach which has her bucking against the restraints wildly. She’s proven to be extremely ticklish thus far but by far her worst spot is her hips and pelvic bone area. She loses all control and bucks like crazy as soon as Travis touches her there! He continues to tickle her there and inside her inner thighs while Sheena curses like a sailor and struggles against the restraints. To finish her off, he goes back to her armpits. Sheena is physically spent at the end of this clip. This muscular hottie has never been tickled like this before. For such a strong, dominant, athletic woman she was a great sport about this. Even though this was very tormenting for her, you can tell there’s a part of her that found this fun. In addition to being the most ticklish bodybuilder we’ve ever tickled, she’s probably also the hottest. Don’t miss this fantastic clip! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to tickle her again.

Length: 13:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Hot, Muscular, and Ticklish

BCTickleAndFetish – The Dean Likes Tickling

Gia has been a bad girl at school. She’s the typical stuck up, beautiful, and conceded bratty girl that gets what’s she wants. She’s been seducing her professors to give her good grades with her gorgeous feet. She just props her bare soles on their desk and the instructors basically fall into a trance. Word has gotten around to the dean and he is none to pleased. He invites Gia over to his house for a more personal encounter. He has an idea on how to handle Gia and her gorgeous soles. Within minutes of being at his house, Gia has her feet in the deans face. He admires them and acknowledges how pretty they are. He then runs his finger down her soles and makes Gia jump. From that point on the dean knew his plan would work. He tickles Gia’s feet nonstop one foot at a time. He uses his fingers and a few tickle tools to try to break her. Instead of begging for it to stop, Gia seems to be enjoying it to a degree. Next, the dean makes her stand up while he tickles her armpits, sides, and belly button. She quirms and struggles but now has a new way to try to seduce the dean into allowing her good grades to stick. Her and the dean come to terms on using tickle sessions as payment for her good grades. She must endure several tickle sessions from all her professors in order to pass her classes with good grades.

Length: 16:01
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Dean Likes Tickling

BCTickleAndFetish – Slyy’s Gorgeous Body

Sativa finds Slyy bound on the X frame, totally exposed for tickling. She marvels at Slyy’s slim and sexy body. She can’t wait to get her hands and long nails all over Slyy’s gorgeous body. Slyy is outrageously ticklish as we know. One nail grazing her skin is enough to make her squirm and giggle. Sativa tickle torments Slyy really good in this one. She leaves no spot untickled. Her armpits, sides, ribs, abs, nipples, and belly button all get tickled non stop. You can tell Sativa was having a great time. Can’t say the same for Slyy though. She usually takes tickling very well but looked visibly worn out after this one. Hot clip for upper body tickling fans!

Length: 8:43
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Slyy’s Gorgeous Body

BCTickleAndFetish – Misty Tickles Indica Jane

It took a long time to make it happen but we finally got to tickle the great Indica Jane. She is easily one of the all time most ticklish girls ever and a super cutie. This is her 1st time on our X frame and boy did we make the most of it. After a few introductory questions we let Misty Meaner warm her up. Or so we thought it was going to be a warm up. Misty has kind of turned into a real tickle monster. She’s usually getting the hell tickled out of her so she relishes any chance she has to tickle. She quickly has Indica in hysterics with her fast fingers. Misty doesn’t seem to have any mercy as she explores all of Indica’s spots. She even uses the flosser in her armpits which yields great results. It isn’t over yet for Indica though. Travis decides he wants a piece so he asks Misty to grab the camera. Now he unleashes a tickle on poor Indica while pretending that he’s going let her out. Misty hands him the flosser and he uses it in her belly button this time. Indica doesn’t know what to think at this point. She’s exhausted and her ticklers don’t seem like they want to stop!

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Misty Tickles Indica Jane