BCTickleAndFetish – The Principal Has to Pay

Principal Bannock tickled the daylights out of the bratty cheerleader Liz for smoking in the bathroom. Liz was barely able to breathe by the time the principal was done tickling her. The stern principal left Liz tied up for another round of torment, but Liz managed to escape and turn the tables on her. Liz ties her up in the exact same position and now it’s time for revenge. Liz starts on her pantyhose covered feet and discovers that principal Bannock is super ticklish as well. Liz is just as relentless with her tickling while the principal struggles and laughs. Next Liz moves up to tickle her principal’s upper body. For a mature woman, principal Bannock has a stunning body. It’s a shame that the statuesque authority figure is extremely ticklish everywhere. Liz’s fingers tickle her armpits, ribs, sides, waist, and belly button. The strong and stern principal is now cackling and breaking down. Liz makes her promise to allow her to smoke whenever she wants. Principal Bannock is totally spent and just wants the tickling to stop. Super hot clip here. Don’t miss this one!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Principal Has to Pay

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