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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – A special tickling training

Rey and Valerie are two prisoners and Ariane wants to teach them a good lesson today. She makes them undress and after removing their handcuffs she subjects them to a strange training based on tickling. She makes them plank and tickles their sides until the girls give in and fall to the floor laughing. She then continues to tickle Rey’s hips and feet who seems to be in great difficulty and then she will do the same to Valerie, she then orders Rey to tickle Valerie’s belly while she grabs her foot and tickles the sole. The exercises alternate and continue for a long time, leaving the two girls exhausted and with tears in their eyes from laughter. After which Ariane takes them back to the cell, but not before handcuffing them again.

Length: 17:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Agent Margherita surprised by two villains ( ONLY FOOT TICKLING PART – 1 PART )

Agent Margherita got overtaken on her way home by the 2 villain: Eve and Lili. She’is gagged has tied hands and barefoot with dirty soles. Margherita kneels on the floor, breast-roped and already tied legs. The villains want some important document, but Margherita says those are in the office. The girls don’t trust her and start looking for them. They put 2-3 stripes of tape over her mouth, tie her feet, put her on the floor, hogtie her, tie her wriggling dirty big toes together.

They leave her alone and search all over the apartment. They cant find them, so they start tickling her dirty soles. Margherita wriggles. Then they tickle her dirty soles with brush, feather and a pinwheel. Eve leaves and returns with a towel, cleans her dirty soles. They both take off their high heels and start to gently lick her soles and suck on her big tied toes. Margherita moans, spreads her toes. Eve grabs the pinwheel and runs it over her soles. they lick again her soles and suck on her big tied toes. Margherita can’t take it anymore or she explodes. She says that the documents are hidden outside in her car. They gag her again and leave barefoot to get the document. Margherita struggles.

CUT: Margherita got free, wants to have her revenge but Eve and just come back at the right time. They overtake Margherita. Hand over her mouth and drag her to the bedroom.
CUT: Margherita sits on the bed with already tied hands, legs and hip. They shut her up and tie her tight this time. Eve grabs a dirty sock on the floor and put it in her protesting mouth and 3-4 stripes of tape over it. They breast-rope her, tie her feet, put her on the bed, hogtie her very tight and tie her wriggling big toes also tight together. They lick her soles, sucks on her big tied toes over and over. Margherita moans. Eve says she will right be back and later she returns with more rope and the wet towel. Lili doesn’t notice that Eve sneaks up on her and overtakes her. Lili sits on the bed with already tied hands, legs and hips when Eve ties her feet. Eve puts her hand over her mouth. Eve grabs another dirty sock on the floor and put it in her very protesting mouth, puts 3-4 stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her. Puts her beside Margherita. Eve hogties Lili very tight and ties her wriggling dirty big toes tight together. Eve cleans Lili’s dirty soles and toes, starts to gently lick her soles and big tied toes. Lili moans. Eve continues with Margherita and later changes back to Lili soles and toes. Finally she leaves them alone.

Length: 19:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Agent Margherita surprised by two villains ( ONLY FOOT TICKLING PART – 1 PART )

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The code

Eleonore musts retrieve Pamela’s smartphone and the password to be able to access the informations she needs. Therefore Eleonore surprize Pamela while she is working at the desk and attacks her from behind.
Pamela finds herself tied to a chair: she is gagged, blindfolded and her big toes are tied to the foot of the chair. Eleonore comes back and she applies the oil lotion on Pamela’s soles and begins to tickle her. After a while she stops, removes the gag from Pamela and asks her for the Smartphone’s access code. Pamela refuses and acts tough, she seems to be able to manage the situation and she won’t to reveal the code. Eleonore puts the gag back on her and starts tickling her again. Eleonore tickles her feet, hips and body in many different ways using oil lotion and many tools like brushes, tootbrushes and so on, in the end Pamela can’t stand it any longer and she gives her the code to access her mobile and all the informations Eleonore was looking for. Eleonore leaves the room and contacts Gisy to tell her that she has accomplished her mission.

Length: 33:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The code

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The crafty bodyguards

– Sharon is a famous politician and is out to go to sleep, and she removes her socks and hides her feet under the covers and goes to sleep and snores loudly

She dreams about getting tickled on her feet and exposes one foot from under the covers and her sweaty bare foot starts to smell in the room. The bodyguard can smell her foot and sees her foot wiggling her toes and flexing her foot, and can’t resist to start tickling it

The bodyguard tickles the exposed sweaty foot with her fingers after a while the other foot is exposed and both feet are tickled with the fingers

The bodyguard uses different tickle tools to tickle the politicians feet while she snores loudly he talks in her sleep begging for the tickling to stop but the bodyguard continues the tickling

– The bodyguard tickles in between her toes one last time and she burst out laughing she tickles her for a while until the politician threatens that she will lose her job if she doesn’t stop the tickling The politician wants to tickle the bodyguards feet or else she will be fired and the bodyguard goes to sleep and starts to snore loudly

Once the bodyguard is in a deep sleep and snoring the politician lifts up the covers and tickles her sweaty bare soles. The politician uses different tickle tools like a light green feather to tickle the bodyguards feet and after that a brush and other tickle tools

The bodyguard snores loudly and wiggles her toes and flexes her feet, she talks in her sleep saying my feet are so ticklish, not my feet/toes, and tells her husband not to tickle her feet, the politician using tickle talk saying coochie coo, tickle tickle and who’s got ticklish feetThe feather glides in between the toes and the fingers tickles the sole

The bodyguard wakes up and tries to keep her cool but eventually starts laughing hysterically begging for the tickling to stop. She laughs hysterically until they both go back to sleep and snore loudly and have their feet sticking out from the covers and dreaming about getting tickled

Length: 40:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The crafty bodyguards

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Gisy Doctor tickling #1

Dr. Gisy is a somewhat a particular physician, she runs a medical practice, but she also specializes in alternative interrogations, that is, particular but certainly effective methods for making one’s patient talk. Today her patient is Eleonore, she was reported to her because apparently she was sticking her nose into affairs that don’t concern her and so Gisy will be able to test her methods so that she confesses! First she makes her lie down on the bed, Eleonore is only wearing underwear and Gisy immediately begins her special visit by tickling her well. Eleonore tries to rebel, but her hands are tied behind her head, so as to leave her armpits well exposed and her feet are tied to the foot of the bed: she is completely in the doctor’s hands! Gisy tickles her using only her hands, inviting her to talk, to say what her intentions are and what she was looking for. Eleonore initially pretends not to know anything, but Gisy’s tickling is truly unbearable and so, after a few minutes she confesses: she is actually a freelance journalist and was investigating to get a scoop. The doctor completed her work, the patient confessed, but Gisy does not seem satisfied. Soon Eleonore finds herself blindfolded, with a gag in her mouth and a straitjacket blocking her hands on her chest. She can’t speak, only moans come out of her mouth and the doctor explains to her that she has decided to use her as a guinea pig, she wants to test several of her tools on her. She wastes no time and after having spread plenty of oil on the soles of her feet he begins an incessant tickling using not only her hands, but a series of brushes, brushes, toothbrushes, each tool is capable of causing unbearable tickling to poor Eleonore who is trying to escape in any way, but the laces hold and the straitjacket prevents any movement: Gisy does not seem at all moved by pity and continues undaunted to tickle her feet, alternating one instrument with the next, amused by Eleonore’s desperation

Length: 32:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gisy Doctor tickling #1

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Nella casa sbagliata – In the wrong house

Daphne is a skilled thief, she has already stolen from several apartments and has always managed to escape without being seen, but this time it won’t go like this: Madeline awaits her hidden near the entrance door and so, as soon as the thief goes out with an envelope full of cash, Madeline attacks her. Daphne finds herself gagged, tied on her stomach on a cot. Next to her, Valerie and Madeline have devised the right revenge: a very long tickling session everywhere: hips, armpits, feet, thighs… everywhere. Until the thief decides to speak up and return all the stolen goods! Daphne initially pretends not to know, not to have anything to do with the previous robberies and so the two continue to tickle her, tickling her hips, then her thighs. Valerie takes some oil and sprinkles the soles of her feet, then with different brushes and objects she continues to tickle her there too. Daphne struggles to resist, but when they remove the gag, she doesn’t want to talk and so the two resume their tickling all over her body. They also take electric toothbrushes to tickle Daphne’s soles with. At this point the thief gives in and reveals where she hid the stolen goods, but despite asking the two to be released, Valerie tells her that now there are others waiting to take their revenge and so she announces that their friends, other rich women, will soon arrive. whom Daphne stole money and possessions by robbing their homes. Here they ring at the door, Daphne asks for mercy but the two leave the room leaving her gagged and tied to the cot, so that the others can tickle her again!

Length: 32:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nella casa sbagliata – In the wrong house

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Una distrazione sotto la scrivania – A distraction under the desk

Eleonore is sitting at a desk reading a book aloud with her legs crossed.While reading, she receives a call on the phone, answers and talks for 5 minutes. At that point Alba, who was there with her, goes down under the desk and starts to distract her by tickling her. Eleonore must try to keep herself as serious as possible, trying not to laugh and continuing to talk on the phone without making it clear what is happening to her.

The tickle must be done with the fingers gradually, starting slowly and then intensifying.Throughout the video the shoes must not be taken off, the tickle must be done through the space between the foot and the shoe sideways.

Length: 21:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Una distrazione sotto la scrivania – A distraction under the desk

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Valerie’s embarrassing humiliation

Valerie and Eleonore are colleagues, they are alone in the office, their boss is not there today. He has always favored Valerie having a soft spot for her and being sensitive to her provocative attitude.

Eleonore takes the opportunity to face her colleague, but Valerie replies rudly, Eleonore pinches her on the hip and immediately discovers how sensitive she is to tickling, seeing how she snaps, takes advantage of it and insists by targeting her thighs, here Valerie snaps a lot, she suffers particularly there, Eleonore lifts her skirt, Valerie instinctively prevents it and so Eleonore goes back to tickling her hips, the more the girl wriggles and the more she continues alternating on several points, choosing the ones she leaves uncovered. Impatient Valerie fucks her off and goes back to work at the desk. Eleonore, amused, anticipates her revenge, comes up behind her, puts a handkerchief over her mouth and then ties her to her chair, blocking her hands. She begins to tickle her hips, takes off her shoes and tickles her feet to then get to her highlight … her thighs her helpless her, she sadistically she slowly lifts her skirt her taunting while she Valerie tries to oppose. Eleonore takes off her pantyhose and leaves her with only her panties, bare thighs and skirt up to her waist. At that point the real lesson begins… she begins to tickle her thighs more and more intensely from the knees to the groin, she alternates caresses and humiliations with moments of very intense tickling on poor Valerie who cannot rebel in any way. The girl is embarrassed and Eleonore takes advantage of it by taking off her bra. Valerie protests, then begs her and finally lets it go, embarrassed and won. Eleonore is thrilled, she takes some pictures of her to remember this humiliation and revenge. She takes a video of her telling her to swear that from now on she will come to the office dressed like a nerd loser and she will never try to have those sexy attitudes with her boss again. Furthermore, she will do everything that she asks from bringing her coffee to her desk to carrying out tasks that would not be up to her if Eleonore wants it. Valerie is obliged to swear all this, very embarrassed and submissive. Eleonore makes her stand up, always keeping her hands tied behind her back and comments on her beautiful ass, she has now won, she has humiliated her as she has dreamed of for a long time!

Length: 33:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valerie’s embarrassing humiliation

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Foot tickling fantasies about the suburban moms

Ariane and Valentina find themselves napping in a room unknown to them, they have been kidnped and when Valentina wakes up she starts to open the door, but sees that it is closed from the outside, so she decides to wake up her friend by tickling her feet. Ariane initially laughs, but continues to rest and so Valentina has to tickle her well along the soles to wake her up. When Ariane also understands the situation, she goes out of her way to open the door, but without getting anything. The two feel footsteps approaching so they jump into bed pretending to rest. Eleonore enters, she is the one who planning this and kidnped the two … the girl approaches the foot of the bed while the two pretend to rest and immediately begins to tickle their feet. She loves those sweaty and smooth soles perfect for good tickling… she will use her fingers to drive them crazy, but Ariane and Valentina will try desperately to pretend to rest and try to laugh as little as possible. Eleonore is more and more excited and also uses feathers to tickle their sweaty feet … Ariane’s are so big and her hands slide to tickle them well, as well as her tongue to lick them …

in the end the two girls are no longer able and give in to a hysterical laugh, then begging Eleonore to stop and leave them alone. Eleonore seems satisfied and wishes them a good night… but soon we see her coming back, excited and with feathers in her hands… the tickling session doesn’t seem to be over!

Length: 35:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot tickling fantasies about the suburban moms