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ArtemisFetishFilms – You Lose [Tickling]

Misa and Artemis are chilling out on the couch and wondering what to do. Misa has the bright idea to play some video games, specifically fighting games. Artemis scoffs at the idea because he is confident he will beat her but she is equally as confident. They put down a wager: whoever loses will face the humiliation and embarrassment of losing.

After a best of three, Misa finds herself on the losing end of the deal. Artemis takes full advantage of the bet, and binds Misa, putting her into a hogtie.

Lets say Misa is a bit ticklish and Artemis finds that out, using that against her, then leaving her to struggle all gagged and toe tied.

Length: 12:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – You Lose [Tickling]

ArtemisFetishFilms – New in Town (Part 2) – Tickling Reagan Lush

This is a continuation of New in Town. I didn’t post it before because I didn’t feel like it was good enough but thought I would put it out there for anyone to get it they wanted.


After Reagan has been hogtied and her feet worshipped, her date now has her face down and is ready to tickle her. She protests loudly, but her captor is having none of it. Her soft soles are tickled with fingers and brushes, much to her dismay.

Next, she is tied sitting up and gagged while her torment continues, her perfect feet with nowhere to go as he continues to tickle the hell out of her soles. After he has had his fun, he leaves her in the room and with nobody to come for her, she will be a tickle slave for a long time.

Length: 12:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – New in Town (Part 2) – Tickling Reagan Lush

ArtemisFetishFilms – Military Interrogation [ft Stormy]

Stormy is scoping out a civilian building in which she has gained intel on the location where a prisoner of war is being held. She quickly gains access and begins to make her way through the building. Little does she know she is being followed.

As she enters a room she is quickly detained by a masked figure and awakens several hours later bound and gagged to a bedframe, also with her top removed. She panics, trying to escape before her captor arrives on scene.

The masked man is in no mood, so he begins his interrogation quickly, asking her if she will release the information he requires but she denies. He quickly gauges where she is most sensitive on her body before finding that it is her feet. He performs many techniques including tickling and bastinado with a plethora of tools.

Will Stormy break? Will she escape or will she succumb to the interrogation?

Length: 21:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Military Interrogation [ft Stormy]

ArtemisFetishFilms – Clean Up Your Act [Custom – Part 2]

After teaching her roommate a lesson by tickling her helpless soles, Misa continues her search for a new tickle toy to administer on her friend. On the other hand, Artemis has escaped, and is eager to get payback.

Artemis grabs the cloth that Misa has left behind, and rushes her quickly, knocking her friend out and bringing her to the device she had been tied to previously.

Misa groggily awakens, struggling against her binds but to no avail. Artemis is in control and is ready to tickle those poor feet of Misa.

Afterwards, the tickler sits beside Misa and props up her feet with the bound girl.

Length: 12:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Clean Up Your Act [Custom – Part 2]

ArtemisFetishFilms – Captain, My Captain

Crimson has found herself in quite a pickle. A rival pirate ship has come to know that she has come into possession of a treasure chest and that she has hidden it. Little does she know, the rival pirate knows her weakness… Her ticklish feet!

The man starts to tickle her nyloned feet before ripping them away; exposing her bare soles. He splashes some salt water on them before attacking them with his fingers; she squirms uncontrollably unable to hold in her laughter. He continues with a brush and a vibrating device; sending her into a frenzy all while asking her where the treasure is.

Will she break?

Length: 8:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Captain, My Captain

ArtemisFetishFilms – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 3 ft Rina]

It is time for Rina’s final test, after being tickled and stripped she now needs to be humiliated. Artemis promises her that if she passes this test she will agree to abide by her tutors instructions from that point onwards.

Being too proud of her ability to beat any test, Rina agrees and Artemis proceeds to hogtie the tutor. What Rina doesn’t know is that Artemis has ulterior motives to this test, she finds Rina very attractive and has wanted to worship her feet for so long. Now that the tutor can’t go anywhere, Artemis indulges. Rina is disgusted and protests, but not before she is panty gagged and is fully secured with a toe tie.

After Artemis has had her fill, she leaves Rina to struggle until she comes back. But someone else comes back much sooner… Rina is completely humiliated, naked and bound to whoever is behind that door.

Length: 16:02
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 3 ft Rina]

ArtemisFetishFilms – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 2 ft Rina]

Rina is ready for part two of her tickling trial, what she isn’t ready for is all of her clothes to be shredded to pieces!

After she is brought to the bedroom, Rina continues to shame Artemis for her skill in “art” so the student decides to step up her game a notch by tearing her teachers clothes to bits, revealing the slender naked body of Rina! With nothing left to cover the bare skin, Artemis attacks Rina with her claws, tickling relentlessly. Rina is beginning to crack but will she last the trials? How embarrassed is she when every part of her is exposed?

Length: 13:58
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 2 ft Rina]

ArtemisFetishFilms – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 1 ft Rina]

Rina has been Artemis’ tutor for some time. Every time the student shows up for the private lessons the tutor consistently berates and scolds Artemis for everything from how she dresses to the effort she puts in for studying.

Artemis has had enough, concocting a devilish plan to trick his smart tutor into submission. She tells Rina that it is for an art project and that some rope is required. Rina is trying to find anything that Artemis is good at so she indulges her student.

Not long after, Rina finds herself tied up with her hands behind her back and unable to really move; she continues to berate the lack of skill Artemis has so the student plops her on a table and continues to bind the small teacher.

Now Artemis’ plan is fully in motion… they start to slowly prod at Rina, poking her sides and making her giggle ever so slightly before she moved down to her shoes, slowly peeling them off to Rina’s displeasure. One by one Rina could feel her students long fingers running up and down her stockinged feet sending the tutor into a giggling fit, continuing until she passes or fails the first trial.

Length: 17:38
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 1 ft Rina]

ArtemisFetishFilms – Tickle Warfare [ft Misa]

Misa is infiltrating enemy territory, trying to find the launch codes for the bombs that are about to be detonated. She is deep behind enemy lines, but what she doesn’t know is that she is being watched…

With her weapon drawn she traverses the forest, but suddenly she is attacked by an enemy! She is quickly subdued as the element of surprise is too much, as she’s into handcuffs and walked away, deeper into unknown land.

With a pillow case over her head, she finds herself bound to a log and feet presented. Her shoes and socks are stripped, leaving her feet exposed to a different type of interrogation: tickling. Misa tries her hardest to keep a straight face but the giggles spill out to the annoying . The enemy continues with this until she tells him what he wants to know.

After she has given him what he wants, he walks her barefoot along the forest floor until he decides to leave her alone, but not before he hogties, blindfolds and gags her, leaving the poor soldier in the middle of nowhere, left to struggle and call for help in silence.

Length: 24:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Warfare [ft Misa]

ArtemisFetishFilms – The Cult [ft Crimson, Tickling Ver]

A dark energy has lured Crimson to a undisclosed location, and as a cult hunter, she can not resist the whispers. She has finally found what she has been searching for for so long.

As she enters the cult’s lair, she finds the man she has been looking for. But its not what she expects…

As the man turns around, its a face she has seen before. Flashbacks of what she thinks is memories that she had forgotten. Her head feels as if it’s being torn apart, driving her crazy until it is too much.

Crimson awakens later to find herself strapped to the table, her shoes removed and her feet caressed. She jumps at the feeling of the man’s fingers on her soles. He begins to take off her socks and continues to stroke her soft soles, she hides her laughter, trying to show strength, and not letting the man have the satisfaction of her, but after a bit of upperbody tickling, he returns to her feet, and this time she cannot contain her giggles.

By the time he is done with her, she agrees to come back to the cult, and regretfully accepts her punishment… more tickling.

Length: 20:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Cult [ft Crimson, Tickling Ver]