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ZenTickling – Turn That Ass Red

I put Edith face down on the rack with every intention of tormenting her bare ass. At first I stretch her out and slowly tickle her sides, back and armpits. She might think she is out of the woods but then I yank her pants down and tickle her rear end. She bucks and squirms while I have my way with her. After a bit of tickling I take out a paddle and give her some good whacks. Her butt turns bright red and she screams in pain, begging for me to tickle her instead. Eventually I oblige, but I start tickling her around her ears (which she hates). I grab her hair by the ponytail and ruthlessly torment her weakest spot. Soon she is begging me to smack her instead, and I do not go easy on her. The sound of her screams is even more intense as she begins to realize that there is no way out for her.

Length: 9:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Turn That Ass Red

ZenTickling – Good Girl Edith

Edith and I were having a private session but when I had her all tied up she looked too good not to share. She is totally nude and stretched out on the rack, covered in slippery body oil. Her belly shines as my fingers scramble up and down her sides, most of the attention going to her sensitive ribs. I really get her going good, to the point where she has trouble breathing. Next I move down to her feet, which are also covered in oil. Fingers work best, and Edith does a great job of not moving while I deliver the tickling. Back up to her upper body I focus on her nipples (which she absolutely hates). She refuses to admit weakness so I show no mercy. After a bunch of nipple focus I grab a flogger and snap her body a few times. A flash of defiance disappears and she breaks down in tears. Then I fuck her while she is tied up, tickling her ribs and nipples at the same time.

Length: 12:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Good Girl Edith

ZenTickling – Blaze’s First Tickling Experience

Blaze is a traveling model who does a lot of wrestling and tends to be extremely dominant. When I first reached out about a tickling shoot she was a bit hesitant, telling me that the idea of being tied down and tickled seemed like ‘absolute hell’. Eventually curiosity got the better of her and she decided that she wanted to try a bit of tickling. We start her out on the rack, and I let the eager Edith explore Blaze’s exposed body. Edith starts off slow, mapping out any spot that seems to get a good reaction. Blaze starts to realize exactly what she has signed up for, and soon Edith has her breathless from laughter. Armpits and belly are her two worst spots, and Edith takes full advantage of her new friend.

Length: 7:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blaze’s First Tickling Experience

ZenTickling – Fun Foot Tickles

Since Edith was basically begging for me to tickle her feet I decided I might as well. She is in the stocks with her toes tied back, and thought it was against my initial judgment I let her keep her wrists out of restraints. I tease her soles with my fingers, using the banjo picks to simulate long nails on her skin. Edith fights to maintain her composure, and she does a fantastic job keeping her hands to herself. The area around her ankles is especially sensitive and makes her squeal. The toothbrush and hairbrushes are also used and are very effective. You can tell she has a good time.

Length: 5:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fun Foot Tickles

ZenTickling – Emily’s Introduction to Tickling

Emily is a new model who happened to be passing through the area and thought the idea of a tickling shoot sounded exciting. She typically does glamour and lingerie modeling, so it is a bit outside of her normal comfort zone. Edith is very eager to have a fresh girl bound in the rack, and as soon as Emily is secured Edith begins exploring her exposed body. The armpits and ribs are extremely ticklish, causing Emily to trash and squeal. Raspberries are very effective, which makes Edith very happy. Emily’s hips and knees are also very sensitive. At one several spots Emily fights so hard that she is able to wiggle one of her ankles out of the stocks, and we pause to make sure she is put back where she belongs. However, I make her pay for breaking free near the end with some intense tickling.. she promises never to do it again!

Length: 5:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily’s Introduction to Tickling

ZenTickling – Edith’s Vegas Foot Tickling Fun

Now it is Edith’s turn to be wrapped up in the red suit, with her ankles bound to a bench with bondage tape. Minnie and Harley are not veteran ticklers, but it is very fun to watch them learn as different tools/techniques cause Edith to react. The find that the electric toothbrush is extremely effective, as is alternating between light/hard tickles. Edith giggles and squirms but there’s no hiding the face that she absolutely loves these two girls fondling her feet. Minnie and Harley use feathers, brushes, and fingertips all over Edith’s soles. Zen pops in at the end to cause Edith to totally lose control.

Length: 8:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith’s Vegas Foot Tickling Fun

ZenTickling – Payback in the Stocks

Emily is reeling from her very first experience being tied up and tickled, so we decide to give her a break and let her do the tickling for a bit. Edith is in the stocks with her wrists hanging from the ceiling and her soles exposed to the evil ticklers. I show Emily the best ways to tickle Edith, and soon we have her screaming. Fingers and brushes on the soles work great. When you combine feet tickles with some knee squeezes Edith really loses her mind. Her upper body is also very ticklish in this position, and Emily and I take turns tickling various spots to make sure Edith gets a good workout. At one point Edith’s squeals set off the noise alert on my Apple Watch (sounds over 90 decibels can cause hearing damage after all). Such fun with these two.

Length: 4:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Payback in the Stocks

ZenTickling – Blaze Hogtied and Tag Team Tickled

Here we have Blaze hogtied on our couch, ready to be tickled. Zen starts off with some aggressive tickling of Blaze’s soles, legs, and sides. She has gotten used to a female tickler and is totally unprepared for a different style of tickling. Pretty quickly she laughs herself breathless, especially when her sides and belly are getting attention. Edith is unable to help herself and jumps on the couch to assist in tickling our poor lee. Both Zen and Edith are expertly tickling all over Blaze’s body, leaving her squealing and babbling with laughter.

Length: 5:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blaze Hogtied and Tag Team Tickled

ZenTickling – So Many Zerberts

This is a recent custom request that we had for a clip that was very focused on zerberts. Edith is stretched out tightly on the rack, with her belly exposed to my prickly beard. I use my mouth and teeth to tickle all over her stomach, blowing zerberts and nibbling to drive her crazy. I slowly expose more of her skin (the area under her breasts is especially ticklish) and continue exploring her body with my mouth. Her nipples and armpits get a few raspberries too. I end up using my hands for a bit to really make her squeal, playing her torso like a piano. One of her favorite things is when I roughly cover her mouth while tickling her, so I happily oblige and break her down to the point of begging.

Length: 8:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – So Many Zerberts

ZenTickling – Immobile Edith Tickled

We have plenty of this cool bondage tape on hand and I decided to try something new with it. Edith rests on a bench with her arms above her head. I tightly wrap her ankles to knees against the legs of the bench, then secure her arms. This position leaves her totally immobile with little ability to squirm away from the tickling. Edith’s hips, belly, and ribs get the most attention, though I also get her armpits and thighs. Her upper ribs, just below the breasts, are especially ticklish. She starts to get a little bit worried because there is absolutely nothing she can do to break free if I decide to test her limits.

Length: 7:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Immobile Edith Tickled