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ZenTickling – Sweet Revenge

Riot finally gets some well deserved payback on Edith, who is tied spread eagle on the bed. Riot tests for tickle spots all over Edith’s body, using her natural nails to elicit great reactions. Zen offers some tips on Edith’s worst spots (much to her dismay) and Riot takes full advantage of the information. About halfway through the scene Zen comes in to assist, and two ticklers turn Edith into a giggling mess. Action moves down to Edith’s feet, with dual hairbrushes causing her to go absolutely mad. The look on her face says it all though.. she loves every minute.

Length: 6:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sweet Revenge

ZenTickling – Her Ticklish Ribs

It’s been a little while since I’ve had Edith at my mercy. She is stretched out very tightly on my new favorite toy, and I make her pay the price for making me wait. Her shirt comes up, exposing her ticklish belly to my devious fingers. I use some metal picks to simulate long fingernails, and that drives her wild. Her ribs are by far one of her most ticklish spots, and I hang out there for a bit to maximize the ticklish agony. While I am teasing her nipples with the electric toothbrush our puppies start barking, and Edith pleads for me to go make sure that nobody is at our front door. As I go to walk away, I slide the vibrating toothbrush down the front of her pants and let her squirm with pleasure for the next couple minutes.

Length: 10:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Her Ticklish Ribs

ZenTickling – Emily Tries the Stocks

It’s Emily’s turn to try out our stocks! Edith gets the ball rolling, gently tickling Emily’s bare soles. Her feet are not the most ticklish (actually I think she enjoys it a bit) but we manage to get her going. Edith and I find it effective to tag team Emily and tickle multiple places at once. Several times she bucks so hard that she nearly manages to fall out of the stocks. Her knees and sides are very ticklish and she can barely stand it as we tickle those spots as well as her soft foot bottoms.

Length: 4:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily Tries the Stocks

ZenTickling – Blaze Gets Edith

Now the tables are turned and it is Blaze’s turn as the tickler. Edith is bound on the rack and stretched out tight as can be, exposing her ticklish pits and tummy. Blaze starts off slow but begins to learn as she goes, finding the techniques that work best. Zen jumps in at several points to give Blaze tips and to provide an extra set of (experienced) hands. When there are two ticklers working Edith loses control and can barely breath between laughs.

Length: 7:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blaze Gets Edith

ZenTickling – Tickle Games Round 5

Here is the latest entry in our ongoing series of tickle games, with veteran Edith taking on newcomer Blaze. Both ladies are side by side with her arms tied up above their heads, and they are instructed to remain silent while being tickled. The first one to make a noise gets some serious tickle punishment! This round is pretty even, with both Edith and Blaze breaking a few times and getting their share of tickling. At one point they giggle at the same time and earn simultaneous tickle rewards.. hearing two girls laughing and seeing them squirm together is absolutely amazing.

Length: 6:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Games Round 5

ZenTickling – Straightjacket & Stocks

Edith went out for a bit and when she returned she found the stocks all set up and waiting. A couple months ago she bought a bright red straightjacket and I decided this would be the perfect time to try it out. Edith is locked in with nowhere to go, and couldn’t be happier. I tickle her exposed soles mostly with my fingers, but a few times I pull out the tickle tools. Edith pulls her arms helplessly as she instinctually tries to protect her feet. I find some great tickle spots just underneath her toes and on the insides of her arches. I like the look of her in that straightjacket!

Length: 8:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Straightjacket & Stocks

ZenTickling – Slippery Feet Tickled

Since I get soooo many requests I wanted to make sure we did a nice feet clip for all those fans out there. In this clip you get a close up of Edith’s soles and I give her a good dose of tickles. Before I start I cover her feet with lotion so get them nice and slick.. then I immediately jump in to some intense tickling. I mostly use my fingers but do grab the toothbrushes and feather for a bit. Anything I use seems to be effective, and Edith has many week spots.. under the toes, tops of toes, arches, heels. She is squealing like a gremlin but loving every minute of it.

Length: 6:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slippery Feet Tickled

ZenTickling – Be Nice To Me!

Edith CRAVES the gentle, light tickles and often implores me to give her more of that rather than some of the intense stuff that I tend to enjoy. In this clip she is suspended from the ceiling while I slowly explore every part of her upper body, trying to make it an enjoyable rather than torturous experience. Fingers gently probe her armpits, ribs, neck, and arms and Edith loves every minute of it. I undo her top to get better access to her entire body, and employ the use of feathers to give her different sensations. She would do these clips every day if we could.

Length: 9:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Be Nice To Me!

ZenTickling – Tickle Withdrawal

Edith and I have been away on a trip for a bit and we have not had much time to ourselves. The day we returned home I got our bedroom all set up, then surprised Edith by leading her upstairs and strapping her to our bed. This clip is a mix of sensual and extreme tickling, mostly on Edith’s upper body. Partway through the clip she decides that she is not going to audibly react to any tickling, which sends me into a tickle frenzy trying to break her. I wander down to her lower body, and you can see her react as I tickle her feet and her legs. Her inner thighs ALMOST get her, but it ends up being the knees that send her over the edge. She loses and is soon frantically begging for me to stop. We took a break after shooting and found out that I had made her pee just a little bit, it was that intense.

Length: 14:51
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickle Withdrawal

ZenTickling – Show Me Those Soles

Similar to the last clip I have Edith unbound and ready for some playful tickle games. Here she is laying on the bed with her soft soles facing the camera. I begin slowly tickling the bottoms of her feet, which Edith finds very enjoyable. Things get a little intense when I get around her toes, and when my lotion-covered fingers begin sliding between her toes she freaks out. The tops of her feet also get great reactions, though I try to be nice and give her an enjoyable tickle experience. She loves the soft, erotic tickles and would let me play with her feet for hours.

Length: 8:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Show Me Those Soles