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LudellaHahnsFetish – Tickle Interrogated Agent

Ludella is an FBI agent coming home after a long day of work when she's caught off guard with a can of KO spray. The man (shot POV) ties her wrists to a chair and prepares for his tickle interrogation. He needs some classified documents and he plans to TICKLE it out of her. He removes her knee high leather boots and rolls up her leather pants to her knees, revealing her black nylon knee high socks. She starts to stir, wiggling her feet. When she wakes she tries to get away but he grabs her feet and begins to tickle her. She tries to explain that she'll never talk but it's difficult to talk when she's so busy LAUGHING. He removes one of her socks revealing her bare size 7 sole and begins to administer more tickling. She wiggles and laughs, but won't talk. He goes at her for a while, but she refuses to talk, so he decides it's time for a harsher implement. He rubs oil on her bare foot and takes a hairbrush to it. The torture! She can't hold on for too much longer. She's so ticklish and he's tickling all the right spots!

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LudellaHahnsFetish – Ludella the Tickle Burglar

Ludella Hahn is a cat burglar, but of a different kind. She does her dirty work in SHINY PANTYHOSE, disco shorts, and patent pumps. She stalks her victims to make sure they live alone (FEMALE victims). Then she sneaks in, KOs them, ties them up, and then TICKLES them! All over! Neck, armpits, ribs, tummy, inner thighs, and FEET! And she TAUNTS them while she tickles. "Aw, poor baby…does this tickle?" She laughs along, enjoying it while her victims giggle and squirm all tied up with a pantyhose GAG in their mouth. Then while they're still tied up she steals their stuff, leaving them there so she can come back for more! In this clip, her victim is Nyxon…who is very TICKLISH.

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LudellaHahnsFetish – Tickled by a Traitor Agent Carter Cosplay Parody

Agent Carter has suspicions that the Colonel is a traitor to her country, so she breaks into his office to see if she can find any evidence agains him. She finds some, but he finds her before she can get out, and he sneaks up behind her and puts her to sleep with the help of a special white rag. She falls limply to the floor.
When she wakes, she finds she's been bound tightly. "Only a guilty person would do something like this. Furthe evidence!" He comes back and tries to get her to tell him what she knows. She says that unlike certain people, she is not a traitor and will not divulge any information. He decides to try a different tactic, removing her high heels for some tickling of her stocking feet. She is very ticklish and wiggles and squirms with spastic laughter, but she still doesn't talk. He even uses a pen and a hairbrush on her ticklish toes, but to no avail.
He takes it up a notch, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling up her bra to reveal her big tits. He tickles her ribs and moves to her knees before returning to her stocking feet. When he realizes he's getting nothing out of her, he tells the captain to seal his office and post a guard for 5-7 days. In her topless state, she's too humiliated to call for her help, so she's stuck struggling in her disheveled state.

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LudellaHahnsFetish – Ludella Tied Up & Tickled Live at Fetish Con as Velma – A Voyeur Experience

Something much different than my usual videos… I was a Guest of Honor at Fetish Con this past weekend, and did an impromptu video of me getting tied up as Velma at my booth by Renobinder (Find more of his work HERE.) Though the video look is HD quality, this has a more amateur in the moment feel since it was done without professional sound or equipment (outside of the camera itself), so it feels more like you're there as it's happening. Watch me get tied up, interact with fans and fellow models (Roxie Rae comes to give me a kiss!), sign magazines while bound and gagged, and then get tickled by Star Nine in front of our booths to a live audience. I writhe about trying to avoid her tickling fingers…but as you can see, I'm quite helpless, so my skirt keeps riding up and exposing my panties and my shoes come off. She tickles my socked feet, ribs, and even my tummy under the sweater. When I'm all disheveled and worn out, she cuddles me to make up. Then I hop back over, get helped into my shoes, and hop back to my booth to finish up my time…still tied up!

Because of the nature of the video being more of a voyeur experience in a public place with all the background noise and ambiance of being at the convention (though you can hear me laugh and talk through my gag…just not as clearly as shooting at home), I am listing this video at a lower price. I hope that those of you who missed meeting me can still feel like you were there! 😉

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LudellaHahnsFetish – IT Guy Fixes My Stocking Feet POV Office Foot Tickling & Sucking on Stocking Toes

Ludella calls an IT guy to come fix her computer, but he doesn't get there until the end of the workday. She asks if he can hurry because it's already 5:30. "I'm just going to finish responding to this email on my phone while you work." Unfortunately, it's difficult for POV to concentrate on her computer when she's dangling her high heels and exposing her stocking feet and wrinkled soles. When she uncrosses her legs, he gets upskirt peeks at her panties. She waves to her coworker. "Bye Danielle! See you tomorrow! Ugh…last one in the office again… So, is it bad?" He nods to buy time. "I have all my work on there. I really need you to get it fixed as I have a deadline tomorrow. Is there anything I can do to help? What? You want me to take off my shoes? That's a little out there, but my stocking feet are kllling me anyway, so sure."

She's playful about it and wiggles her toes in front of him. "My stocking feet are out. Did you notice? So, what should I do with them…should I type with my toes? Oh, you need to tickle my stocking feet? Gee, that sounds like something they'd do in the 80's to fix computers. Here, tickle my stocking feet." She puts her feet toward him on her desk and POV tickles her stocking feet. She laughs quite a bit at first, wiggling about. "How are you going to fix my computer when both of your hands are tickling me stocking feet?" She giggles, teasingly. Soon, she starts to get really into it, moaning with pleasure.

After a while she notices the time and pulls her feet back. "It's getting really late. So tell me, is it working? No? Hm, you want to come back again tomorrow? Why tomorrow…how about we fix it right now…" She unbuttons her blouse to reveal her cleavage and hikes her skirt up. "Tell me, IT Guy, if your fingers didn't do the trick, how about we try your mouth? Why don't you come over here and suck on my stocking toes?" POV sucks on her stocking feet while she caresses her tits and moans with pleasure, getting really into it. After a while she pulls her feet back again and teases. "So can you fix it?" He plugs the power cord in, showing her it was just unplugged and out of juice. "So you've known this whole time that I was just pretending…? Haha. Yes, well I had heard you had a thing for stocking feet, and maybe I do, too…so I figured I'd set this whole thing up. So there, that's the elephant in the room, and it's been said now." She unplugs the cord. "But, I don't think my computer is fixed yet…so I think we're going to have to keep trying to FIX it. You'll just have to keep coming back at the same time tomorrow when no one is here and we will keep trying and trying and trying until we get it right…" POV agrees.

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LudellaHahnsFetish – Teacher Tickling POV Tickling of Stocking Feet & Bare Soles

scr-26 scr-27 scr-28

Miss Hahn is grading papers after class when POV sneaks in to look at her feet. She's dangling her black pumps revealing her stocking feet, and POV has been dreaming tickling them. Getting closer to them, POV carefully tries to slip her hand inside Ludella's shoe and begin tickling…and once Ludella notices, she tells POV that she LOVES having her feet tickled and played with….both her stocking feet as well as bare. She lets you tickle her feet while she squirms and giggles and laughs in delight. She removes her stockings part way through so you can tickle her bare soles as well. and at the end…she gives you a grade for your tickling skills: A+++++++++! She delights, pointing her wrinkled soles and grinning at you.

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LudellaHahnsFetish – Poison Ivey and Pengwen’s Revenge! PART TWO Tickling Ivy

scr-25 scr-26 scr-27

In Part One, Poison Ivey and the Pengwen have teamed up to capture Batgurl and put an end to her! Pengwen's trap works, and they are able to lure Batgurl, gas her, and strap her to a table where a laser will inch closer and closer to her doom. But when Ivey gets full of herself, Pengwen gases her and puts her to sleep. In this clip (PART TWO), Ivey wakes to find herself handcuffed in her own lair. She tries to sweettalk Pengwen, but he pulls out a ballgag to shut her up and she gets feisty again, berating him through the gag. He decides to HUMILIATE her by pulling down her bodysuit to pop her BIG TITS out. He bounces her boobs, DEBOOT her, and TICKLES her PANTYHOSE FEET. How humiliating! A powerful villain being tickled and made to laugh? Of course she's DROOLING because of the ballgag. With drool dripping down her big boobs, he tickles her groin, having spread her legs by using zipties on her ankles. He gropes her breasts some more before he has to go take care of Batgurl. Poison Ivey is left to struggle in her compromised position muffled by her gag.

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