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Door44 – Athlete Broken by Tickles PT1

Oriana walked through the door dressed in athletic gear, as if she could outmuscle the very idea of ticklishness. Tickling, the great equalizer, laughed in her face. With every explosion of giggles, her willpower crumbled. By the end, she laid there broken, a shell of her former self, drained of dignity and laughter.

Length: 13:30
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Athlete Broken by Tickles PT1

Door44 – Athlete Broken by Tickles PT2

Oriana, stood tall and had the feet to match, the kind that could kick a man halfway across town. But in the interview room, when asked about her ticklish spots, she kept her cards close. No mention of the feet, no hint of vulnerability. It was like she had a secret vault, and she wasn’t about to hand over the combination. But when she inked that deal, all bets were off. She went off like a firecracker, screaming, “I’m going crazy!”

Length: 17:50
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Athlete Broken by Tickles PT2

Door44 – Tickle-Torn Innocence PT1

Innocence lost, they say. Well, that’s Gabi’s story in a nutshell. She thought tickling was all sunshine and rainbows, but she learned the hard way, tickling ain’t a game you play. It’s a game that plays you. As laughter poured out of her, Gabi blushed in embarrassment. But the worst part? She couldn’t stop it, couldn’t control it, and there was no where to hide, tied down under those bright lights.

Length: 12:57
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickle-Torn Innocence PT1

Door44 – Bare and Bound!

Gina, the ebony goddess, could make a tough guy sing a love song. But she’s got a secret, see? She’s ticklish from her delicate armpits to her big soles and everywhere in between. Touch her ticklish spots and she can’t help but crack like an egg. Now, she’s stripped completely naked, dancing with the tickle devil, more vulnerable and ticklish than ever.

Length: 22:32
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Bare and Bound!