Door44 – First Tickle, Big Surprise! PT2

Valen, always the cool, confident one, thought tickles were a joke. Spent 18 years believing she was immune. But now, with her feet in the hands of a stranger, the joke’s on her. The first tickle hits, and she’s making sounds she never knew she could, laughing in ways she’d never imagined. Her feet, turns out, are the most ticklish part of her. She’s squirming, eyes wide, trying to hold onto some shred of dignity, but it’s slipping away with every giggle. Valen, always so sure, now laughing uncontrollably, embarrassed and exposed, learning that even rascals have their weak spots.

Length: 18:46
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – First Tickle, Big Surprise! PT2

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