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StarNine – You Never Let Me Play With Your Feet

Star’s girlfriend Jezabel has the nicest little feet & she always walks around the house in her pantyhose, showing them off. Finally unable to contain herself any longer, Star restrains Jezabel so that she can play with her feet.

Star alternates between massaging, worshipping & tickling her girlfriend’s hosed feet – turns out the reason Jezabel was so resistant was that she’s extremely ticklish!

Length: 9:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Tickled – Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is gagged & blindfolded. Her arms are pulled behind her, ziptied around a post. I (Star Nine) enter & examine her, criticizing her for leaving her shoes on and neglecting to ziptie her ankles. Girls should always be barefoot.

I lean over the correct the situation, removing Ashley’s shoes & socks and exposing her beautiful, french pedicured, bare feet. I leave her to struggle before returning with a long purple feather. I ziptie her big toes together & tickle her bare soles and run the feather between her sensitive toes. After awhile I remove her blindfold, but her eyes remain squinted in laughter as I tickle her bound feet.

Length: 15:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Tickle Slave Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is kept blindfolded & bound with zipties. She struggles against the cruel plastic bonds and wiggles her way out of her shoes. Star Nine removes her soft white jogging socks, commenting on her beautiful bare feet as she zipties her big toes together. Ashley is left to struggle until Star returns with more zipties & some tickling implements. Ashley’s bondage converts to a cruel hogtie as more zipties are added to her elbows and knees. Her immobilized feet are then tickled aggressively with a hairbrush & feathers. Ashley is being prepared for her new life as a 24/7 barefoot tickle slave.

Length: 30:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Tickle Reinforcement

I, Star Nine, come home for a confrontation with my roommate, Dalia Maroe. It’s not working out, but I have an idea for pantyhose tickling to make her remember to do her chores. She hates tickle torment, so a tickling punishment is the perfect solution.

With on screen tying, I rope bind her so she can’t hit me with tickle flailing as we deliberate her new responsibilities. She’s not thrilled about my long fingernails tickling pantyhose legs.

Bound and tickled, she squirms beneath my long nails as I tickle tease. Her red toenails point and wiggle trying to escape my foot tickle. Her laughter is muffled with a big black ballgag.

Belly tickling makes her buck wild and gives underboob flashes as her large breasts peek from her belly baring shirt. Sexy tickling on the back of her thighs makes her sigh, but she wiggles the most just anticipating tickling feet. I body tickle with legs intertwined, one foot reveals one of her big boobs while I’m sole tickling!

Length: 16:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Asshole Tickling

Candle Boxxx is rope bound with her tight ass in the air and Star Nine asks if her butthole is ticklish. She admits it is a little, but is surprised when Star’s long red fingernails start ass tickling. Candle’s bare feet start kicking in surprise when an electric toothbrush lightly grazes her ass crack. In a game of tease and denial, Star adjusts the pressure and speed between the butt crack and her asshole. Candle jokes that she has a sweaty butt hole and that may make it more sensitive. Star is ass grabbing Candle to prevent ass clenching. Immobolized and unable to escape the ass vibration, she’s squeals in laughter.

It’s Star’s turn and Candle gets a couple of ass smackings to warm her up before she receives the tease and deny games on her tight booty. Starting on the low setting gets her primed for the higher settings. Star has sexy moaning mixed with laughing as she enjoys her sensual tickle experience!

Length: 17:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Tickle Arousal Candle Boxxx Star Nine

I’m (Star Nine) leading a college seminar on proper arousal techniques with sexual tickling and my model will be Candle Boxxx. She’s a little shy but wants to be professional as she slips off her silk robe in front of the students. She lies flat with her arms overhead, stretching taut on the table. My red fingernails hover over her body like a Reikki massage and the tickling anticipation makes her shiver in excitement. Her flat belly gets concave and her ribcage expands as she tries to move away from my fingers. Realizing she’s hired for modeling, she tries not to laugh, but her wiggling toes give away her tickling tension. She’s gasping and back arching from tit tickling and the sensitive nipple tickle. In order to keep the sensation and avoid overstimulation, I go back to the belly tickle. Inner thigh tickling is a hard tickle challenge and the tickling tension causes her to have wiggling feet and wrinkling soles as she tries to maintain control. Given a break, Candle is bound in the Eiffel tower position with her arms overhead and legs spread. She’s helpless to the bondage tickling demonstration. A makeup brush is perfect for sensual tickling and Star starts with belly button tickling. The armpit tickling, breast tickles and inner thigh tickles make a dramatic arching back, but the clit tickling causes squirming. In a tease and denial game, the Professor makes her subject wait with anticipation before intense pussy tickling. Her red toenails point and flex she cums hard from the tickling orgasm.

Length: 19:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Encasement Tickling

I (Star Nine) have plans for real life pantyhose lover Serene Isley. I encase her in burgundy nylon and cut up another pair of pantyhose to bind her to the table, she loves it. Then I show her the hitatchi. Apparently vibrators are outside of her limits. I’m disappointed and consider what to do instead. Luckily Miss Isley is extremely ticklish, and the nylon makes her even more sensitive to my long nails. I tickle her all over until her squirming partially releases her from the bondage and then I leave her to enjoy the sensation of nylon all over her toned body. Includes encasement bondage, tickling

Length: 12:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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StarNine – Encased & Tickled Siren Thorn Star Nine

Star Nine encases Siren Thorn in pantyhose for the first time. She completely coats her in colorful hose, Siren comments that she feels like she’s stuck in spider webs – that gives Star an idea & she grabs a couple of more packs of pantyhose to restrain Siren. Star begins to tickle Siren’s nylon coated feet. Siren is soon breathless. Siren begs her to stop & Star decides to be nice, giving Siren hitatchi orgasms instead until her clit is super sensitive Includes encasement bondage, nylon encasement, orgasms, tickling The pantyhose worn in this clip

Length: 10:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

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