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TickleFantasy – Ola Topless And Beyond Horny

For those who are into intense extreme tickle this is not one of those clips. This is a very sensual tickling clip. The reason that this clips happened is because Ola really enjoyed being tickled. She was getting off on it, and she said she wanted to feel nice. So this one really isn’t extreme but more sensual. I focus on mainly on gently and lightly tickling her upper body and her nipples after massaging them with oil. She is really enjoying it and can’t help but to moan throughout this clip.

Length: 11:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ola Topless And Beyond Horny

TickleFantasy – Robin Hood’s Lesson

Robin Hood has been sneaking into my house, not only stealing my money but eating my food and my drink as well. Instead of donating to the poor, she has been using my money to party and go clubbing with her spoiled friends. I place a little rest potion in a bottle of water knowing she was going to drink it. After she knocks out, I tie her up to my bed, blindfold her, gag her, and then tickle her. She screams, begs, and pleads through her gag but she must be taught a lesson.

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Robin Hood’s Lesson

TickleFantasy – The Neighbors Revenge Tickle

Sydney is a woman with a huge tickle fetish. She infamous for luring men into her apartment and tickling them. One of her neighbors has gotten fed up with her tactics and decides that it’s time to get revenge and tickle her. Her neighbor willingly knocks on her door and tells her that he knows what she’s been up too. She tries to deny it but he mentions how he is willingly there and wants to be tied up and by her. So she let’s him in. Before she knows it, shes tied up to the bed herself. Her neighbor tickles her from her ears to her toes. Sydney is extremely ticklish and cannot stop laughing. He tells her that its what she gets and she teases him saying that she actually enjoys it. So he turns it up and tickles her worst spots even more!

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Neighbors Revenge Tickle

TickleFantasy – Tigress Blindfolded And Tickled By Two In The Stocks

Here we have Tigress who is extremely ticklish and she really loves it!!! Tigress has a tickle fetish herself so for her you can say this was a pleasurable . Claire Coda who also has a fetish decided to join me in tickling her! Now Tigress doesn’t show her face so she was blindfolded which made the tickling more intense!!! We start off on her feet and tickle her in nylons but we soon rip them off. She laughs and giggles as we tickle her feet and use a variety of tickle tools on her toes and soles. I decide to go to her upper body while Claire focuses on her feet. Once I get to her upper body and her neck, she screams, thrashes, and goes ballistic!!! I had too much fun tickling her and I’m sure Claire did as well!

Length: 12:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tigress Blindfolded And Tickled By Two In The Stocks

TickleFantasy – Robin Hood’s Cries Go Unheard

Robin Hood was just caught and tickled for breaking in, and stealing money among other things. She thinks that her previous tickling was it, but little does she know, shes about to get tickled once more and face down. She even breaks one of her arms out of the restraints at one point.

Length: 6:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Robin Hood’s Cries Go Unheard

TickleFantasy – Joeys Face Down Tickle

Here we have Joey, who came by for a tickle session. She warned that she is crazy ticklish and be loud. She was so loud that I had to make sure she got more breaks than usual. She was going so crazy and so loud that I thought we were going to get kicked out of the hotel. I was so nervous and hoping no one would call the cops. You would’ve thought a was taking place. She even called out a safeword that was never given to her, but that had to be respected. Joey is so ticklish that its unbelievable. Enjoy this clips of the extremely ticklish Joey.

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Joeys Face Down Tickle

TickleFantasy – Alaia Meets The Serial Tickler!

Alaia is at home relaxing when she gets a call from her friend, warning her about a serial tickler. Her friend tells her that there is a serial tickler knocking on peoples doors, breaking into their homes, tying them up and tickling them. Alaia thinks her friend is crazy and that is has to be a joke. While she is on the phone, she hears a knock at the door. When she opens it, its the serial tickler. He grabs her by the neck and makes her . When she wakes up, she’s tied to the bed. The serial tickler completely tickles her all over from head to toe, removing and smelling her sweaty shoes and socks. He thoroughly ticklers her making her laugh, scream, and beg for it to stop. The serial tickler wont stop until he feels he’s tickled her enough.

Length: 12:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alaia Meets The Serial Tickler!

TickleFantasy – Sabrina’s Sweet Revenge On Ola

After being ruthlessly tickled by Ola. Sabrina was itching for a chance to get some payback. This was Sabrina’s first time tickling someone tied up but she really knew how to get Ola going. She searches all over her body and has Ola laughing non stop. I love Sabrina a lot more as a lee, but it was sure fun to see her as a ler!

Length: 11:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sabrina’s Sweet Revenge On Ola

TickleFantasy – Sabrina Topless and Broken

So out of the time that Sabrina was here for the shoot, this was here most intense tickling yet. Sabrina is extremely ticklish and she for sure did not know how much being tied up could make it much worse. But she definitely learned. To make herself more vulnerable, Sabrina is topless and in her underwear exposing all her ticklish spots. As we both tickle her, she loses it. She jumps, gyrates, thrashes, screams, and laughs uncontrollably. She’s so lucky Ola was there because if there was another vicious tickler like me she probably would’ve been in hysterical tears. I didn’t go as extreme as I usually would because Ola seemed nervous, but this wont be the last of Sabrina!

Length: 11:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sabrina Topless and Broken