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TicklingParadise – Vivianna’s Ticklish Massage!

This is clip 3 from The Ultimate Massage….Now Tye wants to give a gift of one of these massages to a bitchy friend of hers… but she also wants to be there, involved in the “massage”. Let’s see… that would make 3 on 1 and this next scene will blow you away! Enter Viviana, once of the most ticklish and responsive girls we (and YOU)have ever seen!! She enters with an “attitude”. She takes her clothes off exposing her huge breasts and the cutest little panties. She is very upset when she sees Tye enter the room and wants to get out of there. Out comes the relaxation, because she’s staying!! They decide to teach her a real lesson and they attack her with a vengeance for a session of heavy and sadistic tickle . They taunt her, they tease her, they work her over like crazy… Erin sucking one foot, Avery using feathers on the other, while Tye is all over her upper body. You would think that’s enough… but oh no! Now each of the three girls gets out a vibrator… all different sizes and types. They turn them on and use them on Viviana’s feet, thighs, pussy, tummy, and nipples like you would not believe. She laughs until no more sound can come out because she can hardly breathe.

Duration: 17:53.501
Size: 140,446 Mb

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