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BleuFetishTickling – Ballerina Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

Growing up as professional dancer, our cute Ballerina danced to Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and more ballets then she cares to remember for over 12 years! She was a Prima ballerina before she was old enough to watch a fetish video let alone be in one! The long hours of practice, the exhaustion, the injuries, IT SUCKED! So when her parents asked her “What are you rebelling against?” , she answered with the famous reply “What have you got?” and promptly traded in her prim and proper lifestyle to Drink, Smoke, Party, Pierce and Tattoo herself into a whole new person! Now making a living as a Fetish Model, Professional Piercer and Pro Domme our “little ballerina” is only a few years removed from her pristine past and still has the unbelievably muscular feet and callused big toes to prove it!

As usual, Domina Skye enjoys every minute of her job as Tickle as she pokes and prods this petite little ballerina into a frenzy. Mostly Belly, some underarms and LOTS OF FOOT TICKLING in this one. Amazingly, with all that muscle ballerina is still very ticklish on her feet and Skye finds all kinds of interesting ways to make her shriek. Sticking her fingers into her shoes, scraping her fingers over cute pink fishnet stockings.

There is a LOT of really cute dialog between these 2 girls and some help from the Mystery Hands in parts as well. Eventually she goes face down in the tickling board where she’s seems to be even more ticklish than before! A-LOT of Begging for Domina Skye to please stop the Torment, but it just wouldn’t be great tickling if She stopped, now would it? 😉

Length: 26:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ballerina Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

BleuFetishTickling – Poor Isobel Tickled by Corri

Isobel is such an adorable victim… Pale white skin, thin with great hipbones, really nice feet, a tiny little voice with a great sense of humor; she is a great sport throughout this video. She squeals and pleads and is generally hysterical with her comments throughout. Corri is a really attractive model who has an unbelievable ass and beautiful feet! (that we show as much as possible 😉 ) Isobel also informed us that her cousins used to torment her by rubbing their hands and knuckles along her ribs when she was young, so you’ll see Corri try to reproduce those sensations. A lot of intensity and suffering from someone who tries to use humor and concentration to distract herself from the torment. Both girls are truly adorable, a lot of great shots of both girls’ GREAT FEET! You’ll enjoy the great vibe the girls have together.

Isobel starts off in a cute top and lacy bottom and is bound to our tickling board. “So you want to be tickled? I think you told me you want to be tickled,” Corri coos as she taunts Isobel. Isobel has this cute little voice and although she’s a bit hard to hear sometimes, she is very vocal in her own way, squealing and pleading throughout. Corri starts with Isobel’s feet and then goes to her sides and armpits. Isobel gives us some nice facial reactions and squirming. We see some great shots of Corri’s beautiful feet and ass as she tickles Isobel. At the end of the clip Isobel’s top comes off exposing her nice pale skin. Her body becomes more sensitive, especially her sides and stomach.

Isobel is then naked except for her little cute lacy undies. We get a close up of Corri’s beautiful feet as she works on Isobel’s ribs. The banter between them is cute as Isobel alternates between cursing and pleading. The light fingers on her sides and stomach are making her squeal and flop her feet around in their bonds. Threats of biting and pleading are really cute. There is a nice moment when an off-camera Friend coaches Corri to scrape Isobel’s feet with her fingernails. Her laughter changes to moans and then cute high pitched shrieks! Corri, digs into Isobel’s sides and hipbones and the girl is apologizing, moaning, whimpering, and shaking her hips back and forth. You can see her starting to get worn down, and delightfully growling! Corri straddles Isobel, and we see her nice ass in their tight little shorts. Isobel tries to deny that she is ticklish. Reaching behind her, Corri playfully gets her feet flopping around in spite of her exhaustion. Isobel is giggling adorably, begging, panting and whimpering like a puppy.

Earlier, Isobel revealed that she hates to be tickled under her armpits, so of course we had to make sure we did some extra armpit tickling! This clip begins with Corri sitting with her legs spread just above Isobels’ head, where she has clear access to those cute pits. This is a really sexy position because we see Crori’s cute feet and Isobel’s upper body at the same time. Poor Isobel is frustrated and she squirms around and wants to bite Corri. By this point, Isobel’s reactions are becoming more internalized as she is becoming really tired and trying to “turn it off”. Corri mentions that she has a friend who would LOVE to help tickle Isobel… Isobel definitely is not too happy about this possibility…

In comes The Mystery Hands! A Topless Isobel is about to get punished for calling Corri a bitch and she is really exhausted from the first part of her ordeal and is reduced to a weak little, pleading and whimpering mess. Both Corri and TMH attack Isobel all over her body in this clip and get every last ounce of her energy. Plenty more awesome shots of Corris beautiful butt and feet while she crawls around tickling Isobel. TMH sticks his fingers between Isobels toes, which she really hates! Isobel describes it as feeling like “worms” and being really gross. Moving up to her sides and armpits, Isobel tries humming to distract herself! . When they focus on her stomach and inner thighs she says this is the ” worst game ever.” She has trouble speaking with all the attention to her thighs and cant manage to get the word STOP out. The Mystery Hands taunt her until she finally manages to blurt it out. One of the best moments starts with TMH playfully taunting Isobel, alternating between tickling her under the arms and putting his fingers in her face, just out of reach of where she could bite him. He then starts rubbing his knuckles on Isobels ribs, which she had earlier told us was the way her family would tickle her as a oon she is crying like a little puppy and completely out of breath. This is some GREAT as finally both tormenters stop and we see her gasping for air. Then just for fun we put Isobel on her knees so we could get at some more great spots and see her cute ass wiggle in the air! TMH attack Isobels soles and squeeze her inner thighs. Isobel is adorable, acting extremely cute and squirming all over the place. They attack her ribs and she collapses, growling, humming, screaming and making little puppy sounds. There is nowhere for her to go and they keep rubbing, til she is whining, very irritated and demanding to go home. She tries the “I’m not ticklish” statement and they keep poking her and amazingly she still is. Worn out and almost completely desensitized Isobel is completely used up by the end! Really fun one folks, check it out 😉

Length: 32:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Poor Isobel Tickled by Corri

BleuFetishTickling – Alexa Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP- Remastered & Upscaled with AI

Every once and a while when your shooting these things there is a feeling in the studio that the stars were all aligned and your making something really cool… This is one of those times!! Alexa is a truly exotic, petite working model with a crazy combination of French, East Indian and Malaysian nationality. She’s down to earth, extremely sweet, a dream to work with and EXTREMELY TICKLISH.

and then there’s Domina Skye, one of the most infamous Pro Dommes in NYC during her time, who just happens to have a vicious Tickling Fetish and LOVES to use it to her victims. Put it all together and we have one heck of a HOT VIDEO. Both women are extremely responsive! Alexa is a begging ball of energy with a really sexy laugh who is reduced to an incoherent mess by Skye, who is her usual evil and amused self, experimenting and playing with her victim like a cat with a mouse. Domina Skye and even a brief appearance by the Mystery Hands later, really give this girl an amazing physical and mental workout!

Alexa is strapped to our Tickling Board and we have just an amazing scene between her and Domina Skye. She has so much fun tickling her ribs, her armpits, her feet, the suffering for this cute model is just intense. begging “STOP STOP PLEASE!” SO much begging especially when Skye gets down to her adorable feet, at one point Skye gives her a choice between the feet and her hipbone, Alexa wants her to stick to the feet! With more taunting and tickling, we get alot of armpit action, Lots of “I can’t Breath!” and “Please STOP!” as Domina Skye just laughs and taunts and has so much fun with her cute little victim.

At one point the Armpit tickling is so intense that they actually get Alexa to beg to have her feet tickled, which brings some great dialogue from Domina Skye, “Yes, You said you wanted me to tickle these little feet. These little wrinkled soles, I haven’t really started and you’re already saying stop. You wanted this …You asked for this. You said please tickle my feet, please play with my peds.” Well Alexa gets exactly what she asked for! 5 straight minutes of intense tickling, nails on soles, between toes, holding back toes and more!

Then comes the part where Alexa gets put on her knees and we get alot of feet and and hip tickling, with Skye absolutely making that adorable ASS wiggle while up in the air, and Thrashing her feet as she tickles her into a complete delirium! at one point we hear Alexa say “I want to go home, let me go home!” Sorry hun, not just yet!

Finally, we get The Mystery Hands himself in on the action! The ending of this video is a good 5 minutes of non stop tickling from Domina Skye and TMH as the torment for poor Alexa is now doubled! This is one of The Mystery Hand’s favorite scenes of all time, and Alexa is such a great model, so sexy, so sweet, so TICKLISH! We think it just might be your favorites too!

Length: 37:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexa Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP- Remastered & Upscaled with AI

BleuFetishTickling – Corri Tickled- Topless Isobel’s Revenge

When we last left Isobel she was being tormented by the very sexy Corri (Yes, the one with the amazing ass!) Well Isobel wanted some revenge and we were just too happy to oblige her. Of course we insisted that she not put any of her clothes back on. We were enjoying her extremely perky naked breasts and her bare feet and figured they’d only look better crawling around tickling a hot girl! Some really great views of the super cute Isobel’s body while she teases and tickles Corri and the always dependable Mystery Hands providing some very good intensity as well 😉

We start off with Corri in a tiny tank top and panties, tied to the tickling board with Isobel wearing only black lace panties. The beginning of this clip has mostly playful and sensual tickling. Corri actually states “I’m sorry this actually feels good” in the beginning and we watch Isobel increase the intensity. Lots of cute giggling as Corri moves her hips erotically as Isobel tickles armpits and sides. Isobel seems like she might just be enjoying having her hands all over this beautiful model a little too much 😉 Great shots of the mostly naked Isobel crawling around including lots of nice views of her feet while she’s tickling Corri. Of course we couldn’t let Corri off the hook with just a sensuous tickling so the Mystery Hands come in to up the intensity. Then we have a very hot double team effort with Corri really starting to react. The Mystery hands focus on her stomach, underarms and under her breasts. You can tell this definitely no longer “feels good” as her discomfort builds and suffering begins.

Isobel is then lying down next to Corri stroking her foot. Corri is squirming sensually and you can tell that Isobel is really enjoying playing with her feet. It’s a very sexy image as we watch the topless Isobel’s beautiful breasts right next to Corri’s adorable feet. But “nice” must come to an end and the Mystery Hands come in and up the intensity again. Both feet are getting it at this point and a little inner thigh and hips as well. One person is being nice and the other is being mean, as Corri puts it: “she doesn’t know whether to laugh or moan.” Nice sensual Foot tickling with some good intense moments mixed in. Next, another very sexy position as Isobel straddles Corri’s head so we can see Isobel’s face, breasts, crotch and feet while she tickles Corri’s body. The rest of the clip is all upper bodywork with Isobel and the Mystery Hands, double teaming Corri’s ribs, sides and armpits. She is moaning and crying out and there are nice stretches of real torment mixed with sensual stroking.

Length: 16:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Corri Tickled- Topless Isobel’s Revenge

BleuFetishTickling – Miss Vivian Dares to be Tickled! – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

Yep… another Fem Domme gets tickled! Here is the story so far. Recently the beautiful and wonderfully endowed Mistress Vivian stopped at BleuFetish Videos to do some Fem Domme work. During the shoot she was amused by one of our cameramen and wound up tickling him until he was a screaming, begging, pile of mush. Afterwards, the sexy Mistress had a little chat with The Mystery Hands where he teased her about being able to ” dish it out” but not ever “taking it”.

She must have been feeling pretty confident and foolishly accepted the dare by agreeing to be tickled by TMH’s. Mistress Vivian turns out to be a delicious victim . She has such a pretty face and those massive breasts… sigh… we love our job! The first half of this clip is mostly FOOT Tickling, Where we while the second half gets this beauty topless and makes her crazy with upper body and inner thigh!

Length: 18:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Miss Vivian Dares to be Tickled! – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

BleuFetishTickling – Sativa and Brandy – Sativa worships, Teases and Tickles Brandy’s Feet – Remastered & Upscaled

Our young 20 year old cutie, Sativa Verte, is back and worshiping Brandy’s cute little feet. Petting, Kissing, Licking, Sucking, Massaging and even Blowing on them. Sativa rubs them all over and then rests them on her perky young breasts. Brandy is quietly enjoying the attention till Sativa begins to Slap and Bite and Tickle her feet and then the reactions start. As soon as she finds out Brandy is so ticklish and sensitive Sativa is filled with Glee! Sativa bends down and licks each one of Brandy’s toes as we circle Sativa to get a nice shot of her beautiful ass and feet.

This foot worship was the warm up for the tickling though , as Sativa tickles the feet of Brandy. Adorable Sativa Verte begins by kissing Brandy’s feet before picking them up and tickling them! And what a great she is! Sativa is practically giddy with delight as she tickles, bites and licks Brandy’s helpless little feet. You can tell that Sativa is just in love with Brandy’s reactions and giggles and smiles so wide you think her face is going to break! She looks like a on X-mas opening her presents. Lot’s of begging, whimpering and whining from the always fantastic Brandy . These 2 just have a great time, Sativa taunts Brandy, laughing at her, telling her she has “slutty little feet”, and keeps her even though Brandy begs her to stop because she says; “it turns me on” 😉 This clip is lot’s of fun!

Length: 13:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sativa and Brandy – Sativa worships, Teases and Tickles Brandy’s Feet – Remastered & Upscaled

BleuFetishTickling – Shauna can’t believe she’s getting tickled! – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

At FetishCon in 2004 we had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely Shauna. UNFORTUNATELY I can’t say it was a pleasure for her as well. As a matter of fact, she disappeared after our shoot for hours (recovery?) and then pretty much didn’t want anything to do with us for the rest of the conference. The few words she would say to us included her making the sign of the cross and telling us we were evil!

We start with a quick interview with Shauna, who is lying on a bed in a t-shirt and a short skirt, telling us how she hates being tickled. Looking very cute and very worried, she tries to hold onto the headboard while The Tickle Queen is trying to figure out her best spots for tickling, the Camera Man says “I love the way she is trying to hold it in” You can tell she’s apprehensive and afraid to let it all out, TQ points out how she might be very stubborn, to which Shauna replies “VERY.”

Eventually the top and the skirt come off and she is strapped into the bed straps and TQ has her way with her. Tickling along her sides, armpits, feet, chest, belly, all over! Shauna really gets it good in this one folks, and she is completely beside herself the whole time. If you like girls trying to hold themselves back, this is the clip for you.

This is an interesting video; Shauna obviously is a control freak and tries desperately to hide that fact. She whimpers, yelps and begs and at first glance seems like any other delightful tickling victim. But there is something darker here… you can take this video on face value and enjoy her reactions and adorable body HOWEVER if you look closely, you’ll see this is extreme for her!

She looks like someone who is trying to “ just make it through” a terrible ordeal. She hates this… pure and simple but she doesn’t want to give us the satisfaction of knowing it. Make no mistake; this video was traumatic for Shauna and by the end of the video , you’ll really enjoy watching TQ and the cameraman break her down and get her begging! She’s so beside herself by the end, she actually THANKS US! This is a really great clip for you fans of girls trying to hold in her reactions and under incredible torment!

Length: 25:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shauna can’t believe she’s getting tickled! – Remastered & Upscaled with AI

BleuFetishTickling – Don’t Ticklsh Me – Full DVD – Restored Classic!


OUR VERY FIRST VIDEO FROM 2001! A true classic from 20+ years ago when there were very few tickling producers and even less that did intense scenes. Originally only available as a VHS tape & then a DVD and NEVER available in full as a clip anywhere. Only a few scenes were available here back in 2003. TO CELEBRATE you get 47 minutes for only $29.99

Here is the description from the VHS/DVD box! (By the way, ask your step-dad what a VHS was ????) – What really gets us excited us begging and pleading. Without it, a tickling video just doesn’t seem the same… and this video has CONSTANT BEGGING AND PLEADING. Not to mention some truly amusing tickle torment induced threats like “I’m going to kick you!”, “I would like to spit in your face” and “Your friend is a bitch just like you”!! The final scene in this video is still one of our favorites ever!

The adorable Lilith, is tied down to a bondage bed and tickled till she is practically insane! For you fans of extreme torment, you will be happy! In the video’s last few minutes Lilith’s genuine please for mercy are ignored by mistress Julia and her “friend” Grace. Lilith begs and pleads, shouts “Mercy”, whines that she “can’t breath” threatens their life and begs… .you get the picture!!! Dressed in a little pink skirt with her hair in pigtails, Lilith jumps, writhes and begs so much it’s almost not fair…ALMOST! Mistress Julia takes it nice and slow and builds up to some really intense torment. Another really cool part of this video is the cute giggle that Mistress Julia has throughout the video, it’s obvious that she’s enjoying every minute of torment Lilith. You have to check out our split screen action which allows you to see feet and facial reactions at the same time!!

After over 20 years Lilith is still probably the funniest LEE we ever had? She is hilariously matter-of-fact while threatening her tormenters. In a side note, this video was shot at the famous “The Chateau” in Los Angeles CA. All three girls worked there and did sessions. It’s been closed for many years but was one of the most famous Dungeons in the world run by our old friend Master Jim

Length: 47:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Don’t Ticklsh Me – Full DVD – Restored Classic!

BleuFetishTickling – Mini Mura Surus Hot Feet Tickled and Displayed!

get ready you feet fans! Mini Mura has such sexy feet, and they look great up in the air suspended from the bar as Mystery Hands Junior starts to spread some lube on her foot, The Mystery Hands does add ” oh she feels nice now!” Then MHJr goes to town tickling her right foot, as she squirms and giggles, Jr. asks her “Do you like it?” as she laughs and squirms!

Then Mystery Hands and Jr. Swap places, we get a really sexy shot of Mura suspended showing off her adorable feet ( as well as a great shot of her spread eagle) He goes to town on her left foot, getting her in the inner thigh as well so she really starts to beg for him to stop!

She kicks at TMH and tries to get away, but when TMH wants you, there is no escape! “what are you doing?” TMH asks her as he fixes her and attack her other foot. She is very kicky in this, a lot of great squirming and wriggling!

TMH gets on top of her and tickles her inner thigh, we get a lot of “Please stooooop” out of her in this part.

we cut to her feet up in the air while TMH is lubing her feet up saying how tiny they are “What shoe size are you?” “six or seven” she whimpers out, she’s not liking this so far. He tickles between her toes and then out comes the power drill. We werent sure if this was tickling or Bastinado! TMH drills her feet and toes with a small brush attached to a power drill , TMH is trying out something new to have extra fun!

Very fun video with lots of shots of Mura’s ADORABLE Feet!

Length: 8:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mini Mura Surus Hot Feet Tickled and Displayed!

BleuFetishTickling – Sativa Tickled by Mystery Hands – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled

The lovely Sativa is tickled all over in this video by everyone’s favorite Mystery Hands! In this Video MH tickles her amazingly cute ass, along with her Feet, Belly, Sides, Knees and Armpits! Did we mention armpits? Because she certainly did… About 12 times, before, during and after the shoot!! Evidently this girl HATES having her armpits touched… You can see in these clips that not only is she plenty ticklish under her arms, she’s just plain grossed out about being touched there. Our Mystery Hands go to work on this cute little 20 year old, slowly removing her clothes and alternating between her feet and upper body. sativa jokes around throughout the clips calling the MH a ” Masked Weirdo ” and other interesting comments but it’s clear she was a bit freaked out by the whole ordeal!

Starting behind her he tickles her stomach and sides before removing her sneakers and white sweat socks one at a time so he can tickle her adorable feet. Next the MH’s remove Sativa’s top revealing her cute super-perky breasts. It’s here that we first get to see Sativa’s great reaction to underarm tickling.

“Let go of my foot, you masked weirdo!” sativa begs as this clips opens to a lot of great foot tickling! She tries to fight against his fingers and implores the Mystery Hands to ” Slow down! Since her soles are getting sensitive” . Sativa yells at the Mystery Hands “your fingers are wet… now my chest smells like FOOT!”

The Mystery hands continues tormenting sativa on her sides and underarms . We see some really great aggressive tickling of the sides of her breasts and underarms as sativa continues to shriek. The next transition is really cute as sativa thinks that the MH’s are letting her go as they undo the straps holding her legs down. Unfortunately for her, the only reason for undoing the straps is so that the MH’s can pull off her sweat pants leaving her with just a little pair of pink undies. “YOU SUCK” she says as the MH’s now begin some great underarm/sides tickling while holding her arms over her head so she can’t move at all and he can really get her good!

at the end of the video, we change things around and put our victim in a very helpless position on all fours with her extremely beautiful ass high up in the air wiggling for our delight! Both of her cute little feet are helplessly tied with the undersides exposed and the Mystery Hands go to town on them. sativa keeps looking back at her tormentor on each side trying to see what’s coming next! This is one hot video!

Length: 23:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sativa Tickled by Mystery Hands – Full Clip – Remastered & Upscaled