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BleuFetishTickling – Tickle Tyler – The classic 2004 DVD Remastered & Upscaled with AI

Liz Tyler is one of the most beautiful fetish models in the world. She’s also extremely ticklish! One thing about Liz though, there isn’t a phony bone in her body. So if you want her to beg, your going to have to work for it.

Liz’s real life friend and famous bondage model Shade Paine was up to that task and takes great pleasure in giving Liz a rare bit of torment from someone who is usually on the receiving end. Our two cameras let you watch Liz sloooooowly break down to the ever increasing gradual torment, turning her into a beautiful, blonde, begging and pleading, sweaty, mess!! Oh and did we mention… Shade took advantage of some inside information and actually tickles Liz till she explodes!

Lovely Liz Tyler is just asking for trouble as she taunts her tickler in the beginning of the video with comments like “Is that all you have?”. However once Shade Paine gets her fingers under Liz’s shirt it’s all over! It seems like she’s ten times more ticklish with that little mesh top off. Liz begins to beg and plead, make threats, screams “NO” and just about anything else she can think of. She actually tries to climb the chains to get away from her tormentor and practically breaks apart the frame. When Liz’s shoes are removed we find out that her right foot is way more ticklish then her left and that again, when the stockings are taken away she starts to break down her defenses.

This entire video takes place on one deceptively innocent piece of equipment at the Excalibur Dungeon in NYC. it’s a PVC pipe frame that has chains and a sling attached to allow for a variety of interesting positions. One of the hottest parts of the video is the constant rattle of chains that resonate from the desperate gyrations of the victims. Another unique site is when Liz is tied hand and foot into the frame’s chains she was able to lay in the sling but when she was being tickled she was constantly trying to avoid the torment and would lift herself up and angle her body in the most creative ways. She continually pulls her feet back under her body to lay almost completely flat yet suspended. It’s an awesome position.

Well… at one point Shade mentioned to the videos director, Master J that she knew that Liz had a certain spot on her lower abdomen where if she was tickled in just the right way she goes crazy! One of her lovers used to love to torment her with it after finding it by accident once. Anyway… of course upon finding out about this MJ HAD to get this on tape! So during a short break we gave Liz a whole bunch of water to drink, telling her we didn’t want her to get dehydrated. It’s really wild because Liz gets really serious and actually stays pretty still. (I think she actually gets off on the feeling) But she starts calling Shade a “bitch” and is obviously very embarrassed. We get an awesome close-up of the event and a serious case of revenge lust is born. At that point, we think Shade realized she was going to be in BIG trouble when we let Liz go!

When Liz did finally finish, she was very quiet and went and cleaned up and changed into yet another sexy outfit and came back to the set and said. “It’s now her turn”. At that point we new we were going to get some really delicious revenge tickling and we were psyched. You’ll see Liz’s dominant side come out as she gives Shade a little lesson in tormenting your friends! You can see that Liz starts to scare Shade by reminding her how much trouble she is in. She tells her “you made me beg? you made me piss my pants? You didn’t think you’d have to PAY??” Liz makes her repeatedly beg and plead for relief, but of course this only makes Liz do it more. Shade is so cute as she says “she’s sorry”, “please stop”, “I don’t like it” and “I’ll never do it again!!!” Liz just laughs and tells her she’s not going to stop till Shade is crying!. Finally after going so far as making shade to make little piggy noises Liz makes Shade say “Mistress Liz is my Master and I’ll never tickle her again” over and over..

This is a HOT video that is a worthy successor to our debut release “Don’t Ticklish Me”. It is the second in our series entitled “Really Ticklish”. We call it that because so many of the tickling videos that are on the market are totally fake and a true tickling fetishist can tell immediately. We would like to think of ourselves as one of a few good small companies out there that create real tickling videos for real tickling fetishists.

Length: 47:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tyler – The classic 2004 DVD Remastered & Upscaled with AI

BleuFetishTickling – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 1- Remastered Classic

OMG Angela Ryan is a living doll and she was SO ADORABLE in 2005!

The Internationally famous & extremely beautiful model Angela Ryan is wearing black undies and bra and is on the tickling board , dreading payback. liriel is in her red panties and a leopard tank top as she begins exploring each part of Angela’s yummy body.

From off camera The Mystery Hands are their usual instigating selves as they ask Angela if she’s worried and liriel if she is interested in getting revenge? liriel reminds Angela how merciless she was and starts barely touching yet has her giggling already. liriel crawls on top of Angela and we see lots of nice shots of both girls’ feet and lots of flipping hair . Angela squeals twitches and is sexy as hell and she is Laughing continuously.

Angela says “This table sucks.” And The Mystery Hands reply from off camera, ” You didn’t think it was such a bad table when you were tickling her.” liriel tickles Angela all over in this first clip, lower body, upper body, sides, armpits and feet. Angela tries so hard to keep her composure but you can see that she can’t breathe too well and is hyperventilating. Nice butt shots and very nice foot shots. liriel is a very creative tickler. She’s all over the place.

Length: 8:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 1- Remastered Classic

BleuFetishTickling – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 2- Remastered Classic

Angela you seem to have lost your top , says The Mystery Hands as the 2nd clip begins. liriel attacks the ribs this time now that Angela is topless and we find that this is a very ticklish area. Angela laughs and rolls her head from side to side, trying to breathe. liriel laughs at her discomfort.

TMH’s mention “Revenge is good huh?” liriel agrees but Angela says “It Sucks!!” “Let’s hear you scream” says the MH’s as liriel straddles Angela and tickles her stomach, sides, ribs and armpits. Lots more nice shots of liriel climbing all over Angela and both girls’ feet. Angela’s panting is almost orgasmic as she twitches and tries to catch her breath.

Angela starts begging, she squirms saying “No no no” . TMH’s join in to up the intensity and help out under the arms and on her sides. They both start to pull her panties down so they can get at Angela’s hipbones, which induce her to begin begging immediately!

liriel goes in for the down to Angela’s feet which give us some really great reactions. This makes liriel very happy as Angela just keeps screaming for her to stop. TMH’s notice that liriel looked like she was almost going to bite Angela at one point… so they suggest liriel “go in for a bite”. liriel bites Angela’s foot and she screams like crazy. liriel likes this new technique and we hear some adorable banter: That’s my foot. You can’t have it. I can too have it.

Length: 9:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 2- Remastered Classic

BleuFetishTickling – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 3- Remastered Classic

If you are into s omeone panting and being breathless pretty much through the whole video, this is for you! Angela really looks like she’s in trouble as she cries “I need to breathe” as liriel lets her pant for a brief moment before she begins slow teasing tickles . “What’s the matter Angela? Are you having a hard time breathing? Are we hurting you? You might want to beg then.” The Mystery hands taunt from the side.

Liriel works on her upper body and then thighs and Armpits. Once again we see some really great pictures of both girls’ feet. Angela pants like she’s having an orgasm and blurts out “Poor Me!” . The intensity ramps up some more as liriel goes after Angela’s armpits and boob area. She is twitching and insists, ” she is serious”, as she begs for liriel to STOP.

“Let it out!” says TMH’s as she is hyperventilating. TMH’s come in to help under Angela’s arms and we see some great shots of four hands tickling this beauty’s upper body.

The last third of this video has an awesome twist as TMH’s decide that it would be a good idea to strap both girl’s feet together so he can tickle both of their feet while liriel remains on top of Angela tickling away. Really hot views of liriel’s butt and both girls feet for the rest of this clip. The TMH’s go after liriel’s feet, backs of thighs and butt which makes her jump around and fall forward onto Angela . Lots of great shrieking and hyperventilating finish this great clip.

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Its Payback for Angela Ryan – Part 3- Remastered Classic