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RoxieRaeFetish – The Quiver Factor 3

Girlfriends, Roxie Rae and Dava Foxx are in their sexy bikinis, chatting, when Roxie asks Dava if she’s ever heard of the quiver factor. Roxie explains how play and slight tickling and rubbing on her tummy can cause it to quiver. Roxie invites Dava to try it on her as Dava runs her nails on Roxie’s tummy and she shakes from it, enjoying t and Dava does it more laying Roxie back and kissing and licking Roxie’s bellybutton and belly too. Roxie is curious if Dava has the quiver factor and tells Dava she has to find out, doing the same thing back on Dava’s belly. Dav does have the quiver factor and Roxie enjoys watching as she worships and rubs Dava’s belly.

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RoxieRaeFetish – Roxie Tickles & Lickles Krissy’s Armpits

Roxie Rae is so excited because she’s never shot with Krissy Koven yet and she’s ready to tickle Krissy and her armpits. Krissy is next to Roxie in her bra and panties as Roxie asks her some questions about being tickled under her arms in a short interview. Next Roxie wants to give Krissy some tickle tests under her its to see how long it takes before Krissy breaks. Roxie has Krissy raise her arms and Roxie sits behind her tickling and lickling her pits as Krissy laughs until she can’t take it anymore and breaks her pose. Next Roxie has Krissy put her arms down and slides hr fingers between Krissy’s pits and arms, wiggling them and tickling Krissy as she falls forward from the tickling. Roxie tells Krissy put her hands behind her head exposing those pretty unshaved armpits as she licks and tickles more, with Krissy laughing until her hands fall. Roxie has the perfect resolution to fix this problem and lays Krissy down in a Y shape, restraining her wrists and arms stretched. Now Roxie can tickle Krissy under her armpits and she will be helpless to it. Roxie loves tickling and Krissy is very sensitive and ticklish to Roxie’s fingers and nails under her armpits.

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RoxieRaeFetish – Roxie Tickles & Lickles Dava’s Armpits

Roxie Rae has Dave restrained at her arms only, Dava agreed so quickly as Roxie is still deciding what to do to her. Dava is expecting something hot as Roxie runs her fingers and nails up and down Dava’s body. Roxie was thinking she wanted to get extra kinky with Dava but seeing the way she twitches and giggles under Roxie’s fingers as she slides them up to Dava’s arms and pits makes Roxie think of something else as she starts to tickle. Dava laughs, she was not expecting Roxie to start tickling her and not stop. Roxie uses her fingers and her tongue under Dava’s armpits as the brunettes struggles to get away from her. Dava isn’t going anywhere! Roxie sits on her tickling Dava’s pits and listening to Dava laugh which is only more encouragement for Roxie to keep going. Dava is helpless until Roxie decides she’s had her fun, but Roxie leaves with Dava still restrained, hoping to come back and play more later.

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RoxieRaeFetish – Maria Tickles Nika’s Armpits

Nika standing with her hands on her hips in her bedroom when Maria walks up to her takes one of her arms and lifts it up and inspects her armpit. Nika asks what are you doing. Maria, just checking. Maria lets NIka’s arm go and walks behind Nika. Nika puts her hands back on her hips ignoring Maria but Maria thrusts both hands into Nika’s armpits and starts to tickle her. Nika laughs so much and Maria says I was checking to see if you looked ticklish and then Nika tries to tickle Maria back starting a tickle fight, she can’t win. Maria and Nika break out into a tickle fight with a focusing on armpit tickling but Maria gets Nika to the bed quickly restraining her and having her way tickling Nika’s armpits as Nika laughs and struggles. Maria lickles and tickles more one armpit, the other, then both. Maria has an idea and gets some lube pouring it on Nika’s armpits and making them the most sensitive for tickling.

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RoxieRaeFetish – Maria & Reagan Armpit Tickling Full Clip

Reagan Lush is bound at her arms, in bed and victim to Maria Marley, helpless to the brunette as a damsel. Maria runs her fingers up Reagan’s arms right t her pits as she starts to tickle. Reagan laughs and giggles, struggling some while Maria tickles. This blonde isn’t going anywhere, as Maria tickles her one armpit, and then the other, and then both, loving hearing Regan laugh from the sensitivity. Maria is going to sensually tickle torture the tied up and restrained Reagan Lush under her armpits, and in her bra and panties, as she watches & enjoys every minute of how ticklish her sexy victim is. Reagan just got out of having her armpits tickled by Maria and now she is seeing revenge. Reagan has Maria restrained in the bed, just like Maria did to her. Instead of sexy play like Reagan thought was going down, she got tickled under her armpits and now she is going to do the same to Maria. Reagan teases Mari with her nails as Maria struggles, but she can’t get free. Reagan start to tickle Maria under one pit, then the other, and then both as Maria laughs and tries to thrash around. Too bad for Maria she can’t protect her pits, Reagan has full access to tickling them.

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RoxieRaeFetish – Macy Cartel Tickles Zoe Rae

Macy Cartel heard a little rumor about Zoe Rae, that she is super ticklish. Macy is going to find out! This blonde has Zoe restrained down to the bed and she is going to take full advantage of Zoe’s sensitive body with her long nails. Macy runs her nails over Zoe’s body and Zoe wiggles a little, then more when Macy really starts to tickle. Zoe laughs and struggles as Macy tickles her armpits, belly legs, feet, and more. Macy isn’t letting Zoe free anytime soon, Zoe will just have to keep struggling and laughing under Macy’s finger nails as Macy finds out where her helpless victim is most ticklish.

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Duration: 9:23.663

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RoxieRaeFetish – Honey Dew’s Armpit Tickle Revenge On Meiko Jane

Honey Dew may have just gotten tickle tortured by Meiko Jane but now she’s got her bestie all restrained and helpless in the same bed where Meiko tickled her and apparently tons of other girls. Honey isn’t going to take it easy on Meiko, she’s ready for her tickle revenge. Honey runs her long nails up Meiko’s stomach right to her armpit, tickling. Meiko struggles laughing, trying to resist but can’t. Honey has helpless Meiko tied down by her arms and when the tickling is too much for Meiko, Honey restrains her ankles too (off camera). Now Meiko is 100% at the mercy of her best friend Honey Dew’s tickling fingers headed straight for MEiko’s pits. Honey tickles Meiko as she laughs and begs for the tickling to stop but Honey won’t stop until she gets sufficient armpit tickle revenge.

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