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TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – A Double Surprise For Macy

Lord…I don’t know why I agree to be double team tickled by bk and Myss klassie knowing I can’t handle due to me being too damn ticklish. But I’m a solider, so I wasn’t backing down. But they knew what to do when I started at my feet. I couldn’t stay still to save my life! They started teasing me with electric toothbrushes to my soles before they really went in on them. And they started working their way up with the tools.. right around my thighs, sides and belly. Then Bk was at my ribs and klassie went back at my feet and I completely lost it. Then he had the nerve to blow a raspberry on my belly, knowing that will have me screaming… then klassie blew one, and I was about exhausted at this point! But before this was over, they had some more fun for my crazy ticklish feet… HELP ME!!!

Length: 17:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Double Surprise For Macy

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Chronicles Of Doctor BK

So Nurse Macy isn’t feeling too well. Her feet and belly are really bothering her so bad she has to take a trip to Doctor BK to see what’s going on. So Nurse Macy Has To Go Through many phases to see if Doctor BK has what it takes to make her feel better. Phase 1 starts off with foot tickling of course to check her sensitivity then tickle with tools oh no lol then maybe a little worship. Then maybe back to tickling. Does Nurse Macy Pass the test?

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Chronicles Of Doctor BK

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Raven Special Interrogation Foot Tickling

Raven finds herself in a “Special” Interrogation Room and her foot are locked in stocks & she can’t move anywhere!! She’s asked where the Teen Titans are but she refusing to give their whereabouts. But Here’s the thing the interrogator has this power dampeners on leaving her powerless in the interrogation room!! This interrogator is NO JOKE!! Sheesh Does He Finally Let Her Go Or Does she finally give in?!

Length: 13:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Raven Special Interrogation Foot Tickling

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Macys Tickle Worship Experience PART 1

I’m already TIREDDD and BK hasn’t even started. So I’m back in a familiar position, and I know I’m about to be worn out.. and this is just part 1! BK gives his full focus on my right foot. Even with the light touches, it got me hysterical AF! He even tried being slick and tickled my knee.. which I forgot how ticklish I was there! He threw in some foot worship to ease the situation, I’ll admit that him sucking my toes was a real nice feeling.. but I know he’s not done just. Especially when I saw him get more tools. A prayer from you all would come in handy right now. Enjoy.

Length: 8:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macys Tickle Worship Experience PART 1

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Macys Tickle Worship Experience PART 2

Ohhh I’m definitely tired now. But I know BK wasn’t done. He wasn’t gonna stop until he gave my left foot his undivided attention. He had the nerve to use this scape massager as a tickle tool and I couldn’t believe how effective it was. And that tickle glove, mitt, whatever he wanna call it, he couldn’t help but to use it as the icing on the cake. But since he worshipped my foot, I guess I can forgive him.. do you think I should ? Check it out now!

Length: 7:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macys Tickle Worship Experience PART 2

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Debbie D Gets Revenge

Ahhhhh The Tables Turned Oh NOOOO!!!! Debbie D Couldn’t Leave Without Putting Her Fingers To The TEST!! Oh My She Didn’t Realize How Ticklish Macy Is!! & Debbie Gets The Pleasure Of Tickling Macys Whole Body lol not just her feet and we all know how Macy Goes crazy when any part of her upper body is touched. & Debbie even learned a new trick lol RASPBERRIES OH NOOOOOO LOL

Length: 4:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Debbie D Gets Revenge