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WorshipTheWolfe – Do I Tickle Better Than Your Brother

Sometimes, girls just want to have fun.  But I, honestly, don't generally like to have fun in the same ways as most people.  I'd rather do things, like, tie up pretty young girls and tickle them.  I know, bet you didn't know we had that in common 😉 Well guess what?  It gets better.  Today, I have a new pretty young girl, Ashley, who has just told me that her last experience of being tickled was by her brother when she was younger.  And, well, first of all, that's hot.  Second, that means poor Ashley has no idea what she's in for, because there is absolutely no way her brother was as good a tickler as I am.  I mean, seriously, nothing is more ticklish than these perfectly french manicured stiletto nails… and then when I get the oil on those soles?  HAHA! Oh, it is just so FUN… for me… and for you of course 😉

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WorshipTheWolfe – Captured For Her Big Feet

Goddess Janira Wolfe is a slave owner who takes very good care of Her slaves of all genders, that are kept for all different purposes.  One of Goddess Wolfe's male slaves, slave number 7, has been particularly attentive to his Goddess' needs, and constantly going above and beyond to make Her happy.  Of course such excellent service should be rewarded.  number 7 has a particular proclivity for tall beautiful women with big feet with natural toenails, so Goddess Wolfe has gone out to bring back exactly that for his reward.  

Capturing new slaves is one task Goddess Wolfe does for Herself, as She very much enjoys the process, which is always the same.  She gets dressed up in Her catsuit, breaks into the target's home, and effortlessly subdues them with Her large, powerful hands.  Once She's had Her fun taunting Her feisty new slave, vika, showing her how easily She could take the girl's breath away completely if She wanted to, Goddess Wolfe uses those big hands to put her out and brings her to her new home.

Upon returning home, Goddess Wolfe ties up and gags Her new slave, and calls in number 7 for his reward (POV).  The girl begins to wake up as number 7 is on his knees, out of chastity, and very excited by the big bound feet in front of him.  Horrified, she struggles and whines through the gag, but Goddess Wolfe ignores her and begins administering number 7's reward: jerk off instruction to vika's feet!  Of course number 7 does not need nor deserve much time for pleasure, so after a few minutes, he blows his load and is sent from the room to go get locked back up.

Goddess Wolfe is aware of how traumatizing it is for anyone to witness a slave jerk off for the first time… especially to their feet (which is obviously why Goddess Wolfe's own feet remain covered at all times) so She stays with Her new female slave for some after-care: tickling of the feet! before leaving Her to get used to Her new home.  Laughter is, of course, the best medicine.

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira Wolfe Tickled By JD In Her Nightmare – Part 3 – The Other Foot

Following the hard tickling to my upper body in Part 2, James Darke now moves back down to get the other foot that was not tickled in Part 1.  Starting with hands, he tickles me while I remain in my dream (or nightmare)-like-state.  JD then gets out the oil and oils up my restrained foot to then use the hair brush to tickle those perfect soles hard!  After some torturous hand, hair brush, and mouth tickling, JD has had his fun.  He removes my arms and legs from the bed restraints and sneaks out.  I wake up, completely confused and disoriented, and recall the very realistic nightmare I just had.  I call up JD and tell him about my nightmare, but he denies that this could have happened in real life, as he lives all the way on the other side of the country.  I apologize for waking him and hang up the phone.  Of course, I don't believe him for one second!

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira Wolfe Tickled By JD In Her Nightmare- Part 2 – Hard Tickling

James Darke moves up to get me harder.  He removed the blanked from my body and starts out lightly tickling my stomach, neck and armpits.  And then he gets in there, causing me to absolutely lose my mind!  I laugh and thrash uncontrollably against the bed restraints.  A nightmare indeed!  Stay tuned for the 3rd and final part coming soon!

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira Wolfe Tickled By JD In Her Nightmare- Part 1 – Sleepy Feet

Janira Wolfe is peacefully lying in her bed in a dream-like state when a dark figure, appearing to be James Darke, sneaks in.  Janira stirs, but does not wake up as JD carefully locks her wrists and ankles into bed restraints.  Once restrained, JD starts softly tickling Janira's foot with his hands, and she twitches and pulls it away in her dream-like state.  Part 1 ends with a little mouth tickling before JD moves up to tickle Janira's upper body in part 2.

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WorshipTheWolfe – Tied and Tickled By My Sister!

I know you like seeing me be tickled by girls, but it's hard to find girls to trust these days, so I brought in my sister, who I know would never go too hard on me!  So get ready, sit back, and watch while my sexy sister tickled the fuck out of me!  She DOES NOT go easy on me like a good sister should.  In fact, she gets all my worst spots; my armpits, my neck, my legs, my feet, and worst of all…she blows raspberries on my tummy!! Ugh, that one drive me crazy!  And THEN, because she knows she was such a bitch, she just leaves me there without un-tying me!  Girls…they just CANNOT be trusted, can they!?

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira’s Tickle Revenge on Her Sister

In "Tied and Tickled By My Sister", Izzy just leaves me after tickling the fuck out of me!  Here, I get her back!  Watch while Izzy is tied down and tickled in her most sensitive spots: armpits, belly and feet.  The revenge was sweet, and you can see how thoroughly I enjoyed it!

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira, You Can’t Wear My Shoes

Janira and Izzy Wolfe have just finished getting ready to go out for the night, and meet in their living room.  Izzy sees that Janira is wearing her shoes, and tells her she is not allowed to wear them.  Janira is annoyed, because she always lets Izzy borrow her things, and refuses to take off the shoes.  Izzy REALLY does not like it when other people wear her shoes…especially her SISTER, so she grabs Janira's arm, pulls it behind her back, and won't let go!  Janira struggles, surprised by her sister's erratic behavior, but cannot get free of Izzy's grip.  Izzy throws Janira to the floor, and again grabs her arm and twists it behind her back, demanding she take off the shoes.  Finally, Janira gives in, and removes the shoes.  But Izzy is still not over it.  She wants to make sure Janira learns never to wear her things again, so she does the one thing she knows will teach her sister that lesson…tickles her feet!  Janira hysterically laughs and begs her sister to stop tickling her feet, promising never to wear her shoes again.  Izzy tricks Janira into thinking she's finished with her, but instead ties Janira's ankles together, and continues tickling her feet while holding her arms behind her back until she is 100% certain that Janira has learned her lesson.

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira Wolfe Trapped and Tickled!

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*Enjoy one of my first videos ever! Shot over a year ago before I had a website or any clip stores!* Janira wakes up to find her arms tied to the bed, her feet tied together, and blindfolded. She begins to struggle, and quickly pulls her foot away when the tickler first touches it. Janira squirms and laughs while her feet are tickled, and even harder when the tickling moves up to her legs and torso. Janira giggles, laughs, and struggles through the tickle torture with hands, a glove, and a hairbrush before the tickler finally leaves her to calm down.

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WorshipTheWolfe – Janira Fulfills Friend’s Tickle Fantasy Part 1

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Janira's friend comes over, as Janira finally agreed to fulfill his fantasy of restraining her and massaging and tickling her extremely sensitive body. Goddess Wolfes friend is finishing securing her in her bed restraints at the start of the video. He starts by massing her ribs and chest, relaxing her before tickling her. He alternates between an oil massage and tickle torture, the change in sensation enhancing the sensitivity of Janira's already sensitive body. Mm but the Goddess looks so hot in pleasure and struggle 🙂

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