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SMWife – Great laughing for nightmare full body tickling

Arianna, the milf blonde spy, shows a good resistance to a full body tickling interrogation. The evil old Mao Ping torments every inch of her naked body, from the neck down to the feet. Great laughing! Great in vain struggling because she is securely bound in a sitting arms over head position that leaves her body completely exposed to the feathers touches…

Length: 9:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – So helpless, so naked, so ticklish!

This time the sexy blonde spy milf Arianna is bound with her feet tied up to the bedpost. Completely naked. Mao Ping starts his “interrogation” tickling her beautiful bound little helpless feet. Arianna can only struggle, laugh, moan and beg for mercy. Then, the expert fingers of the old man begin to explore all the other ticklish spots. He smears some baby oil on her naked body and starts to tickle her thighs, asshole, pussy, sides, ribs and obviously….armpits! At last, his lustful finger probes Arianna’s bellybutton, and for her it is the final ticklish nightmare…..

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – Superfox and Mao Ping’s second weekly session

The secret organization leaded by Mao Ping has engaged to work for him the secret agent Superfox, a blonde attractive milf skilled in thefts and spying. Mao Ping is a dirty, filthy, pervert, sadist old man. His agreement with Superfox provides that, if she wants to work for him, when he desires, but not much more than 1 time each week and for not more of 10 minutes each time, she must satisfy his lustful perverted desires. One week has passed quickly so Superfox, for the second time is alone with Mao Ping in his “games room”. This time she must undress herself and then let the old man tie her to a bed, spreadeagled, completely naked! Then, when she is bound and available, Mao Ping begins first of all to tickle her helpless naked feet. And then, after some minutes, Mao Ping comes closer and tickles her whole upperbody, from the thighs to the armpits. Slowly and softly, so he can feed his need of lust with every moan, laugh, scream and sexy struggling moves of her gorgeous naked body. Finally, excited, Mao Ping touches her sensually and gives her an orgasm! Oh, why 10 minutes can sometimes seem 1 hour or more?

Length: 11:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Superfox and Mao Ping’s second weekly session

SMWife – Full body naked bound tickling

Another sexy spy adventure for the milf Arianna. Captured by her enemy organization Arianna is sent again to the pervert Mao Ping’s fun room for obtaining informations. She, like always, bravely refuse to talk so the pervert chinese this time tickles her! Sadly for her she is very ticklish. She is for long time tickled while tied naked on a table. Armpits, sides, belly, pussy, ass, thighs and feet are the targets of the villain. In vain she struggles, screams, laughs and begs for stop the intense tickling. How much can she resist without talking? Let’s see and have fun!

Length: 9:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – Bedpost bound nightmare

The sexy blonde milf spy Arianna is on her knees, arms bound spread wide to the bedpost. Completely naked. Mao Ping begins to play with her….he massages her with baby oil and then he can’t resist to start to tickle her everywhere….every inch of her body is available…armpits, sides, ribs, belly and navel. His expert mercyless hands explore her where he desires. Arianna struggles, laughs, moans and begs! A lustful fun for Mao Ping….!

Length: 10:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – Spreadeagled on the bed bound oiled tickling massage

Arianna, the blonde milf spy, wakes up bound spreadeagled naked on a bed. The evil old villain Mao Ping comes to her. As she refuses to talk, he starts to oil, massage and tickle her until she will talk. So she begins to struggle, moan and laugh. She is like a musical instrument played by her tormentor….

Length: 15:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – Bound tickling massage interrogation

Again at the mercy of Mao Ping for interrogation, Arianna is tied arms over head to a chair attached to a pole. As she refuses to talk, she is first of all smeared with baby oil by the expert old villain. Then, she must endure a devilish tickling massage. The targets of her tormentor are: armpits, sides, nipples, belly, thighs and pussy. Arianna can only laugh, moan and struggle. And beg for mercy. Will she resist to the sadistic attention of Mao Ping….?

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SMWife – At the mercy of Mao Ping

“Spreadeagled at Mao Ping’s mercy!”
Once again the sweet blonde MILF spy Arianna is captured by her enemy organization and left at the mercy of the “expert” in interrogations, the old Mao Ping.
She wakes up helpless and when she refuses to talk she must endure slow and soft tickling, masturbation, electricity. Will she resist to this all without talking? Let’ see…..
18 minutes of exciting sexy adventure…

Length: 17:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – At the mercy of Mao Ping